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General Stock Discussion / Re: Sick of getting crumbs
« on: April 01, 2016, 11:41 »
I don't know about anyone else here but I am sick of earning crumbs from under the table from the feast that the fat cats are getting from our images. Piddling little sales of a few cents (converted to UK pounds spells even less) I didn't study photography for 4 years as a student to be one day being reduced to earning a pittance from my images. As a student we were told of the lucrative career we could make from photography.

It's like everything online that has been devalued. Music, video footage and photography. Rant over.

Photography school for 4 years? Of course they will tell you how lucrative a career in photography could be. They were making money off you.
Having a photography studio is alot of hard work and can be some good money but there are alot of draw backs these days with all the "Moms with camera's" running around saying they are professional and charging peanuts and the public really does not know what good images are anymore so that is your competition like it or not. So, when you do have a business and winter months are harder to stay busy... These stock agencies that give you "Piddling little sales of a few cents" sometimes help you pay your bills. So in the hard knocks of life, we sometimes do things we dont like or lower our objective so we can keep the money flowing.
What stock will teach you.. is to be a better photographer and editor as well. The more you have up online, the more you will sell. This business being in the microstock industry.. is not a get rich quick, but makes you quite a bit over time.  Maybe you need to find yourself a niche and stick with it like weddings to make more money.

Off Topic / Re: Image Editor (re-toucher) position available
« on: March 31, 2016, 15:47 »
Thank you everyone for applying. We have had an awesome response from this forum for both positions. :) I believe we have all our positions covered for remote editors and photographers. However if any international photographers want to apply, they are welcome to send resume and samples of their work.

Off Topic / Re: OMG America!!!
« on: March 24, 2016, 09:54 »
Its pretty bad when your own party does not want you in there. Trump can buy anything he wants.. I think it is another thing he wants to buy. He has been a politician type of person all his life. I think Hilary will make him look bad in the debates. Will be interesting and the entire thing has been a circus. How embarrassing for the USA. SMH

Off Topic / Image Editor (re-toucher) position available
« on: March 07, 2016, 16:40 »
PhotowebUSA is a premier hotel image service, providing the hospitality industry worldwide ​by ​distributing images to over 30,000 travel and booking websites.​
PhotoWebUSA is ​based out of ​Southern Colorado.

We are now hiring (USA only) Remote Image Retouchers. ​There are several positions open that will begin in May and end between November/December..

​-Extensive experience in image processing
-Proficient in ​Photoshop and Lightroom​ ​
-Detail oriented, self motivated,  able to produce high-quality work under strict deadlines

Equipment Requirements for Remote Editors;
-PC or MAC ​(​fast enough to run​ high volumes of images through​ Photoshop & Lightroo​m; ​​S​yste​m must be​ able to edit 20 mp RAWS quickly​)​
- Adobe Suite (Photoshop and Lightroom)
-​1 TB hard drive
 ​(must ​store copy of finished TIFS ​for 1 year from start date​)​

Each property of 16 images from RAW to TiFF pays $65

Please send Resume and a couple of samples of before/after images to;
[email protected]

We will be taking resume's for 2-3 weeks.

Hi, I am interested if you have hotels in Mallorca / Spain. Where would I need to send my information to?

I do believe we do. Send your resume and portfolio and I will send it in the right direction to be considered.

OK.. Any photographers that are European... if you have experience in Real Estate or Hotel Photography and you would be interested in this position.. you can send me your resume with your gear listed and your portfolio and I will get it to our European office for review. 

This is my last day reviewing photographers for this position. I want to thank everyone. We have had a enormous amount of photographers interested. I will be in the coming weeks looking for a few new remote editors, so I will be back to post for those positions. So despite some negative members, this was a success. Thanks to some of the members for your support.

This is one step behind being a wedding photographer. Sorry but it sounds like hell. Would you really give up the freedom of stock photography to go out onto a conveyor belt churning out hotel pictures. One grotty room after the other speaking to bossy managers asking to take it this way and that... OMG stay away people!!!
The GM normally is there but they can't tell the photographer how to shoot the rooms because the company who is our client handles their image and websites and has a required shot list. Anything beyond that, that a GM wants done... Bonus! That means that particular owner wants to pay out of their pocket and you get a commission to do that shot along with their required shot list. 
I guess architecture or hospitality images may not be something you yourself do not want on your portfolio but there are many photographers that welcome this because it's a great way to add to your website to have another niche to make more money in your future. Architecture photography is in high demand in this day and age.

this if from a friend who has worked for this company...

I have done business with this company in the past. They are legitimate in the aspect of being an actual company who will pay you the amount stated for the work described. On the other hand, you will mostly shoot very low end properties and you have to constantly badger them to get paid (they promise 30 days but average 120+ days). The photographer turnover rate is very high due to the way they run their business (which is probably why they have resorted to recruiting on a micro stock site). I would describe my experience with them as negative.

Should you work with them? As long as you never give them priority over any other job on your calendar (they cancel/reschedule a lot), you don't take any job that is more than a couple of hours away from you (reduces out of pocket gas & food expenses where you wait forever for reimbursement), and you absolutely would not have to depend on this income to pay your bills (because you won't get paid on time).

We are actually turning to the microstock group because we are looking for high standard photographers to cover more areas. We had several photographers last year who got delayed payments .. but it was because those photographers failed to supply us with the correct number of images and / or went way beyond their deadline to turn in the images. Paying our photographers on time is a major priority for our staff .. however when a photographer goes a month or two without handing in their RAWs .. yes their payments will be delayed. Also .. if you are being paid to shoot 16 images of a hotel and you turn in 4 images that will delay payment until the job is finished.

Rescheduling is quite the opposite. A reschedule or cancellation can potentially cost the hotel thousands of dollars in preparation costs, etc. So, if you are a person who cannot commit to a shoot then this will not be a good fit for you. However, if you are a photographer who is organized, on time and likes to travel -- this is definitely a gig you will be interested in.

Our top photographer last season shot between May - October and earned $90,000 - and nearly everyone who shot for us last year is coming back this season.

With that said, we have received an amazing response from many photographers here on MSG with absolutely beautiful portfolios. We will be scheduling the entire season very soon so if you'd like us to review your portfolio ... better now than later. :)

Is the training free? Given the level of equipment and quality of portfolio you are asking what does it consist Of?
Yes it is a 3 day workshop all expenses paid (hotel, flight, food)
One class day, One day at Full Service hotel with breakdown of required shots and how brand would like it shot
One day at Limited Service Hotel learning their required shot lists and their preferences on how it is shot.

that day rate is very low. does it include just shooting days or shot and post processing days? how much are you charging the client for a shoot? how long is a typical shot list. you really should put a FAQ on your site

It's not low if you get enough days booked. My daily rate is about the same with a company I contract with, but I book about 200 days a year with them every year. And I don't get my hotels paid for or per diem. It still ends up being a good living, making up about 60 percent of my income. It gels well with stock photography, which I can do at my own pace and schedule when I'm not booked.

And I have to do a whole lot more than 16 photos. Usually end up with 8-12 hour days when you include travel.

I would apply, but I haven't done a lot of architectural photography, and I'm only really available in the summers.

Yes I have seen one of our photographers make over $9000 in one month. Not bad even though they were on the road most of the entire month. But if you think about it.. alot of our photographers choose to work alot for 6 months

that day rate is very low. does it include just shooting days or shot and post processing days? how much are you charging the client for a shoot? how long is a typical shot list. you really should put a FAQ on your site
For this project, we do all the post processing. You shoot and upload your RAWS by FTP. We are not charging for individual clients. This is a single project that includes over 5000 properties. The shot list depends on that particular brand of hotel between 16-36 required shots. Most fall in the 16 range.

The day rate sounds good to me too, especially with the extras.
Have you applied? We are looking for photographers throughout USA and Canada to cover their areas. We have over 5000 hotels to shoot for this project and we will have more the following year. Its a great way of adding to your portfolio and makes you more in demand for your skills. Every thing is a stepping stone

i live in Atlanta and this looks like a good deal, don't understand the negativity that's coming with it, how can I find out more about this?
Email me at [email protected] and include a resume and samples in a drop box or a link to your portfolio.
Thank you for your reply. :)

Is that US only or worldwide?
This particular position, we are hiring about 25 additional photographers to our team USA and Canada.
Although if we find someone exceptional, we do some amazing hotels in Europe and I am told we can pass any resume's on to the CEO as that is where he is in charge of our European accounts.

Your grammar is much better than many native English speakers'. ;)
  LOL  Thank you.

This is a good opportunity for someone to make some money that needs it

that day rate is very low. does it include just shooting days or shot and post processing days? how much are you charging the client for a shoot? how long is a typical shot list. you really should put a FAQ on your site
Our photographers do not process the images, they turn them in Raw and our editors finish the images. So less work for the photographer. Most hotels required shots are 16 images.

PhotoWeb provides five-star quality in everything we do. ...
We are currently excepting resumes for sub-contract photographers.
The second statement negates the first.
That is why we screen our photographers reviewing their work before contacting them They have training to make sure they are doing the finest job possible. I figured stock photographers would be a great choice to find someone. But thank you for your input.

Per diem is food only? What about lodging? At the site? What about lodging between home and site?
If you require a hotel stay, it will be at the hotel you are shooting from and we pay for this. Your shoots scheduled will not be far enough apart to need a in between hotel.

excluding the 6d? better cam than 5d3
6D is close enough

If you are required to stay longer than that day, Hotel is paid for and you get per diem for food during shoot days - based on receipts up to $35 day.

Our company is looking to hire some additional photographers. We have 2000 well known brand hotels needing shot. Email and send Portfolio link to [email protected] if interested.

We will contact you if we are interested in your work and tell you more about us. PhotoWeb the premier hotel image service, providing the hospitality industry worldwide with the finest in video, photography and virtual tours, as well as a syndication service distributing images to over 30,000 travel and booking websites.
PhotoWeb provides five-star quality in everything we do. We only use our own hotel photographers and the very best equipment and we make sure our clients receive the highest-quality imagery.

We are currently looking for sub-contract photographers to join our growing team.

You must have experience with hospitality, real estate, commercial or architecture photography and able to provide samples of your work.

You must be available to travel extensively from May through October.
You must have a eye for detail and be well organized. 

Equipment Requirements:
- Full frame DSLR
- Wireless remote trigger
- Minimum 21 mp
- Wide angle (non fisheye) zoom that is at least 17 mm at widest  (16-35 or 17-40 most common)
- Telephoto lens capable of at least 200 mm
- Minimum 3 full-power wireless flashes on stands (power of the Canon 580 EX or Nikon SB910 at minimum)

Photo fee (Range: $350 per day)
Per diem (Maximum: $35 p/d)
Mileage for personal car (IRS rate is 54 cents p/m)

Photographers hired are required to attend our 3-day photographer workshop in either Denver/Atlanta to have hands on training. Food, lodging, travel expenses paid.

Dreamstime.com / Re: DT Review Madness
« on: December 05, 2014, 15:32 »
Did you know, maybe you've experienced it... If you go to Dreamstime forum and ask why something was rejected with out good reason, they will delete your post? Not sure how that is helping anyone if you can not ask anything about it....

Dreamstime.com / Re: DT Review Madness
« on: December 05, 2014, 13:00 »
Dear Dreamstime reviewers, I too was a reviewer for several years and do know what it's like to review pictures all day long. I know you get tired and sometimes hangry. Please don't take it out on us submitting images. Similarities means images alike. Not that you have fall leaves on a tree an another in studio on white background. I'm really not sure how you felt about my fall leaves because I have two images not alike at all and are sellable.

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