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Sorry, FD, but it is most definitely not a fact.  Facts are verifiable; what you have here is a speculation based on a premise.  That premise may indeed be based on experience, which is based on facts.  But claiming that a future action will have a particular outcome, unless based on something immutable like the laws of physics, is not and never will be a fact.  No matter how good your reasoning ability, no matter how likely your claim is to be true, it's not a fact.  It's your belief, and it may be mine as well, but that's all it is.

Exactly. To illustrate with an example easy to understand:

FACT: Although FT has lowered one or two times (ranks changes, commissions change... even,  in some way subs introduction) the royalties for contributors, many of them, no matter if grumbling a bit, are staying an go on uploading there. Including, as it seems, Flemish Dreams who is doing a FT what he says with some contempt exclusives would do at IS. For me it's ok, I'm not on Fotolia and it's not my worry. But it is a Fact.

Not me. I stopped uploading, I probably will delete my portfolio there.

Photo Critique / Re: Is this any good?
« on: March 29, 2009, 13:48 »
its not a bad shot, just a little busy and the cropping could be better.

Yes, the concept should be clearer. It's a bit confusing, you have to look at it two times to undestand what it is. And that is bad in stock photography.

Canon 450. I will have a 5dII in June.

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