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Hmmm There seems to be some basic misunderstandings here... :-)

First, as a newbe in MS I am still learning its specifics. I come here to learn from guys more experienced in MS than myself.

Second, to apply no sharping for your MS exclusive work makes sense due to the downscaling as argued by Mr Alias.

I do not wish to argue anyone to do anything. However, it seems that the basic understanding of professional sharpening techniques among many posters is severely lacking. Some seem to believe that output sharpening = capture sharpening = sharpening = BAD.

I come from a more general school of photography. And in all commercial productions (outside MS) I've been involved in, capture sharpening for ALL digital media (scans, digital cameras...) is a natural part of all professional workflows. I can educate people in sharpening skills, techniques, algorithms and applications. And I have... BUT sharpening applied to the specific arera of MS is still new to me.

So, I thank all for giving me a chance to learn!


Veer / Unsharpened images rejected due to over-sharpening
« on: May 04, 2010, 14:26 »
Please, see my thread:'over-sharpening'!/


PS. Sorry for double posting. DS.

I think you are missing my point. Capture sharpening is very different from, say, creative/local sharpening, or output sharpening (which is causing most over-sharpening).

It's not very different. It's just typically very slight. It's the same sharpening algorithms.

Oh, hold your horses now, my friend :-)  They are very different, and here's how. The two have different aims and different input parameters. That is, both input and intent differ vastly. And, my friend, you typically do NOT use the same sharpening algorithms. There is a bunch of sharpening algorithms available. Many have their particlular use in their respective field of sharpening. For more information on professional sharpening, see for example

Best regards,

"Capture sharpening" would be done with a very small radius setting - maybe 1-3 pixels - is that correct?

Not really... Professional sharpening techniques differ somewhat, but most include the same basic steps:
1. Capture sharpening. Settings depend on AA-filter, sensor resolution, and image content (i.e. detail),
2. Creative/local sharpening. Settings arbitrary/artistic/personal. Here's where we e.g. sharpen the models eyes, and
3. Output sharpening. Settings depend on output media only.

For good information on professional sharpening (among other things), checkout .


Thanks all for your feedback!

Alias: You are right that all sharpening, regardless of aim and name, is still sharpening. However, I think you are missing my point. Capture sharpening is very different from, say, creative/local sharpening, or output sharpening (which is causing most over-sharpening).

When I say it is undetectable, I mean that it is virtually impossible to view the file and determine whether it is sharpened (if you do not compare directly to the unsharpened file). A small amount of capture sharpening leaves no artifacts, it only compensates for the AA filter. That's what I mean.

Whitechild: Good point, but I shoot RAW (so camera sharpening settings are irrelevant).

Thanks again, all! Now I await the reply from VEER, as in VEERy strange, or perhaps very VEERd :-)


When you say your images were unsharpened, do you mean that you processed the raw files and set sharpening to 0, or that you didn't adjust the default settings?

Good question! Here's what I do. To compensate for the AA filter on the EOS 1Ds Mk III, I apply a small amount of capture sharpening in Adobe Camera Raw. Note, however, that this sharpening is virtually undetectable as it does NOT leave any artifacts. After that, the image is loaded into PS as a 16-bit file and retouched. NO additional sharpening is done.

I apologize for not mentioning this.


Hi all,

My first thread!

Well, after my initial ten images was approved by VEER, I have submitted about 40 more. These 40 have been accepted with a rate of about 90% by my other channels. Now, yesterday, I got a "bulk rejection" on all these images. The reason was they were "over-sharpened". That is weird, because they are all UNSHARPENED.

I have sent them a polite email and still awaiting their reply. I just wanted to see if there was anyone here with similar experiences with VEER and are willing to share some recommendations.


Newbie Discussion / Re: why can't I start a new thread?
« on: May 04, 2010, 04:22 »
Hi all,

Me too... (want to start a new thread, that is...)


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