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General - Stock Video / How about clipcanvas?
« on: April 22, 2020, 01:48 »
I have about 1K clips on clipcanvas and I never sold one!
I was trying to upload something more (I stopped submitting to them some time ago) but I experience a lot of speed issues, even on the site. And ftp issues using stocksubmitter.
Anyone has experience about clipcanvas?
Any advice?


Hi to all of you.
I'm in the same situation as wollwerth, I'm in the microstock market since 2009 and I decided last month to create a youtube channel just to see if it could improve my earnings by promoting my work.
Here is my channel:

After some weeks I still see just a small number of visitors and just 5 subscribers.
I think I'm doing something wrong, or simply my work has no interest for the people on YT.
I'm doing it because I wanted to try, but of course I hope to have some kind of improvement about my sales (YT and microstock).
I would appreciate very much any advice from you!

Great tool!
I will try to use it instead of the SS one.
I think the first keywords should be the purple ones, then the blue ones, regardless of the number of appearances.Thanks and I hope you'll further develop this tool!

I hope I can make it.
I'd prefer to shoot on Monday, for work issues...
I can't stay so many days!

Ciao Giovanni

I'm using Final Cut Pro and its wonderful smoothcam stabilization video filter.
But I need some advice from you.
After I stabilize my clip I don't know what it the right way to export it in order to sell on microstock.
I tried to export with cmd-E but the exported videos are much worse that they were on the timeline and when I have a pan the situation is even worse.

I hope someone can help me!


Yaymicro / Re: Who has had sales at YayMicro ?
« on: March 03, 2010, 04:03 »
I have over 1200 images on yaymicro since september and I'm still waiting for my first sale!
What a waste of time!


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