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Yaymicro / Re: Not getting verification e-mail
« on: July 22, 2013, 17:51 »
I've been trying to register at Yaymicro for over a month. I keep getting the message saying that the e-mail has been sent for verification, but I never receive the e-mail. This has happened several times over the last month.

I see someone at Yaymicro responded to similar topic, but this has not resolved itself by waiting like in the other thread. Any ideas?

Hi! It happened to me too when I needed to create an account. What if you log in without waiting for the verification mail? Does it work?
If not, it's better to send an email. You can find the addresses here:

Good luck in your work!


Yaymicro / The image of the week is almost chromotherapy!
« on: July 22, 2013, 17:46 »
The image of the week is almost chromotherapy! And it's also a free lesson about how to use colors!

Sylvia - Yay Team

Yaymicro / The image of the week is based on a metaphor!
« on: July 01, 2013, 00:26 »

In simpler terms, a metaphor compares two objects or things without using the words like or as. But how can we use it in photography?

p.s.: Have a good week! :)


"Enjoying your photography and earning a living at the same time!" Find out more from the photographer himself:  Peter Titmuss, featured in the British Press Photographer of the Year award and World Press Photo Exhibitions!

Sylvia - Yay Team  ;)


I am glad you like it.

There isn't any direct connection between the proverbs and the image. But starting from the image, I was just thinking what other proverbs/sayings could be illustrated in pictures.  ;)


More, it shows how we can have a group image with paying only one person! :)

What do you think?


Different opinions, funny comments... I think it's actually a good thing that there are many various points of view about it. A bad image doesn't let space for thinking and comments.

I like the image and I could imagine it as a successful outdoor advert and not only...

Of course, we can find some elements that could have been done differently, depending on our particular vision about it. But take a look in the archive of any agency searching for "couple" and "disagreement"... Many of the models seem quite fake. It's actually a challenge to build a picture on topics like human feelings...

p.s.: I would say she just complained about his insufficient salary but he also noticed the label on her jeans: Secret Circus (they are just $1.3 million)... To be continued...  ;D


Beside all technical requirements, shooting with models is not easy at all! The image of the week comes to help us with a great and simple example of how to do it right.

Hope it helps,
Sylvia - Yay Team

Hi, everybody!

You had good observations! That's why I love this forum; we can continuously learn from each other and for free!  :D

Have a good week!

Sylvia - Yay Team

The simpler, the better!

Beside the questions regarding war and violence, the image of the week is a lesson about what a good image could and should be!


Thanks, CD123!  :D


This actually reminds me of a method in psychoanalysis, probably well known.
The therapist shows an image to the patient and asks him to imagine the story behind the picture. :) It happens that different people find totally different interpretations reflecting their own thoughts and feelings.

First when I saw the picture I thought he tries to poison her!  ;D


Good thinking, ShadySue!  ;D

p.s.: what if she just told him "Drink till you find me attractive!"  ;D


Hi, rubyroo!

Don't worry! We just make some fun about a funny image!  ;D

We didn't talk really seriously about it! :)


Hi!  ;D

You made me laugh! Maybe we should start like this every week!  :)

NOT in the UK, where our ASA states that:
...alcohol ads must not ... link... alcohol with irresponsible behaviour, social success or sexual attractiveness

So, ShadySue, we'll have to remove Uk from our favorite destinations list!  :D

And CD123, I actually know many elderly people with much more interesting daily lives than myself!  ;D


Yes, I found this image impressing too...

So, we have a new image of the week! About animal rights...

Sylvia - Yay Team  ::)

Yaymicro / A new post about vectors on our blog!
« on: March 31, 2013, 15:42 »
Hi, everybody!

We plan to dedicate a special space to vectors on our blog. So, we have a new post meant to explain to our customers what's so great about vectors:

p.s.: We are also waiting for any questions/suggestions! :)

Hi, everybody!

Guess who's back?! Our blog! And it's here to stay and answer to any question/topic photographers and designers might have!

We don't want to have a blog but a place for meeting each other and for finding answers to questions in order to grow together.

Microstock is indeed a dynamic environment and the way to success is a two-sided road. So, let's meet!

Do you have questions regarding pictures/vectors? Do you need a direction in your work? Or do you want to know what sells best and how? Here's the place:

Sylvia - Yay Team  ::)

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