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General Photography Discussion / Re: Advice Needed
« on: June 17, 2023, 05:20 »
Thank you for your answers.

I work without a contract because here everybody laughs when i did that and did not want to work with signed contract, then found out its only mouth to mouth contract. I do pay taxes as i issue invoices and money goes directly into bank and i declare them.

This is not necessary money issue to me as i would of thought the same if it was 1$. Its the principle, who i care about as i am a trusty man or word.

The photos took so much to edit as really i take them 1 by one and make them magazine style, turn a dark and ugly apartment into something bright and clear. Its my passion and want to do something different.

General Photography Discussion / Advice Needed
« on: June 16, 2023, 16:43 »
Hello, I would like an advice since I really don't know what to do. I will try to keep it very short, although the story is a long one to tell fully.

Moved recently in a very rich part of the world and started a photography business in real estate. Very hard to get clients as market is oversaturated, at least here with i am sorry to say - bad photographers. I come with new and modern refreshed look which is over what is here and i was really recognized this. But i dont want to fall appart from the subject.

I recently had a client (a big real estate agency) who wanted an apartment to shoot for them to sell. Its a 500k apartment. The agent was really happy the apartment was an expensive one because of course he would get a larger cut.

He said to me that the shooting is on a Saturday and that he wants the photos ready monday morning that he would post the ad faster. I went there on the Saturday took all the photos in about 1h and with editing by the way i do them so the result would be perfect it took me around 9 more hours. The price i charged was so low i can't even tell the price here. I sent the invoice before the shooting. On Monday, the agent received the photos and thanked me saying that the result is absolutley amazing and he will surely sell the apartment fast and with even more money that he would of wanted to post. Well.....2 weeks past and the agent DID NOT sent me the money (i repeat i am ashamed to say the price i asked and i promissed myself that i would not be doing that again with nobody - i would rather stay home and do nothing than that.)

How would you react to this? What would you do?

Should i lower myself and send messages for him to send me the money? Or should i let it go and never ever have to deal with them?

I really would need an advice and if you need other info please let me know.

Every advice is really appreciated. Thank you.

General Photography Discussion / Real Estate Photography
« on: April 25, 2023, 11:22 »
Guys i have somewhat of a problem and want some advice maybe?

I recently moved on the French Riviera and opened a business in photography for real estate. I am no beginner as i do photography for 20 years, so things like editing, cameras etc. are nothing new at all to me.

For starters, because i did not had a real estate portfolio i posted a facebook message for me willing to do free shootings in order to get my portfolio up and running faster. I had a real estate agent that was ok with me shooting a few apartments and villas for free for him so we both benefit: me i get photos for portfolio, him getting photos for free.

In the end i made my website, made the photos. He was very happy with the results. His own words: your photos are very top notch like for a magazine. He then asked me the prices that i would charge if we were to be working from now on for money. I told him 100$ a studio, 120$ 2 rooms apartment, 140$ 3 rooms, 200$ villa, 250-300$ villa + aerial photos. He said to me that these prices are very high, his photographer or the ones before made a villa with 150$ and apartment with 70$. He said that the results with them were very lower than mine, that their photos are not at all comparing to mine in terms of quality, but apartments and villas sells anyways with that low photos so why pay more?

I left disappointed and created flyers, business cards and started going thorugh agencies, entering saying hello and tell them about my services and left them a card. Some were just "ok, thank you" some were willing to find out more, but in the end the prices are too high for them. You are selling 10 million dollar villa and 250$ for shooting is high? I mean come on. All are saying that they find photographers way cheaper than me.

My question is...how can i start making a living with this attitude? I am i doing something wrong (also how could photographers do this for such low prices in one of the most expensive areas of the world where with 100$ you get a meal at a not so fancy restaurant, why sell yourself so cheap???) ? I would really appreciate some advices and can offer more info if i maybe missed something.

When i started doing stock photography 11 years ago i took a year before that and studied, learned and practice so i would get good results. There was not so much info online and i am a book guy anyway so i started with some good nice lecture. After a while of uploading and reaching 10000 online files the cash flowing from stock agencies was really good 2-3 salaries in a really good country. Somewhere around the road i started checking some stock forums and different websites where people were actually telling newbies what to do and how to jump over some extremely important steps that took me a lot longer to learn by my own. Everybody started doing stock photo, agencies were flooded and now with over 20k photos online the monthly paycheck cant even cover a low rent. This is the fault of everybody not caring for his business and teaching others = competition tips and tricks. In no business  you tell others secrets. Or you encourage them to do something what you do. This friendliness act got us where we are today as stock photography and thats a hole with no future. Hope everybody learned something from this for the next business they may have

General - Top Sites / Canstock Payment
« on: April 09, 2021, 05:55 »
Any one else has issues with can stock photo payments? I made withdraw 3 weeks ago and nothing, contacted them one week ago, they answered saying that they will investigate. Contacted again 3 times and no answer anymore.

General Stock Discussion / Creative Commons
« on: July 08, 2020, 06:35 »
Hello, could anyone help me with telling me what is the proper Creative Commons license i can apply to my stock photos? Which would be the equivalent of the license the stock agencies sell the photos? Thank you.

Shutterstock.com / Re: Let's hit SS where it hurts
« on: June 02, 2020, 07:12 »
Hey i am on level 5 on photos and today only 0.1 sales. WHAT??????????

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