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Pond5 was a standout for me performing well until the take over. Now down over 2/3's.
I designed my whole life around stock. It's beyond discouraging and clearly the bottom has not arrived. Yet one company treats us well. Why don't the rest?


Hey Mat, is this a one time thing or will you ask for more later? I missed it!

Well, I could not sleep, got back up and got it working. Sorry for the multiple posts...

Again, amazing work! Thanks!

Do I have to delete Current SymbioStock theme to add new uploader fix properly?

Will I lose all my current Settings and Work or is it like a skin?

Ok, forcing myself to go to bed....

This is maddening, it was working so well, whatever was in the update that came into my dashboard automatically blocked the uploader! I've tried everything I can think of and I've been computing for 26 years since DOS on a Tandy 1000!

Uploader now shows up after trying to install fix but ADD FILES button is dead....

Oh Boy, I spoke too soon! Window is there but the add files button is not working???

I'm giving up for tonight!!!

 8) Now I can get some sleep! Thanks again!

Amazing Work Leo and Everyone! After three days of hard but smooth work with the help of the tutorial and threads, I had updated late tonight and uploader crashed just before bed, got her fixed again with the threads!

Leo you are a mountain mover!  Amazing!

PS, can anyone tell me how to get my sig line to show up here?

Hello SymbioStock People!

Christopher Boswell here!

Love the site, idea, and functionality.

I've just taken the plunge and joined you, much work to do. It took some doing as it seems I'd rather lurk around in obscurity,

Ajotte instructed me to come in and say hello.


I'll be adding many images in the coming days/weeks.

Can I interest any of you in site promotion trading as suggested by your creator?

Thanks in advance, and good luck!


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