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I like your photographs very much, but I believe you'll need to change your mindset to do well at stock.  I went through just that sort of adjustment since I started doing this, beginning by shooting and submitting most everything and seeing what stuck.  Beyond getting the technical aspects right (looking for flaws at 100%, small apertures to put most everything in focus, not overdoing the saturation and contrast in post-processing), think commercial use.  Stay away from trademarked products; concentrate on photos that can help tell a story, or at least be an element in a work that will tell one.


General - Stock Video / Re: Motion graphics stock
« on: November 11, 2013, 11:14 »
EditAbleae.com offers a growing library of conformable motion graphics for use in film, television, commercials, interactive web sites, and other multimedia productions.   http://www.editableae.com

General - Stock Video / Re: editable After Effects Projects
« on: October 09, 2013, 00:18 »
I've poured through the 80 million after effects posts and still have not found my answer, and I feel that the question is relatively straight forward. Here is the situation:

I currently am editing a project using media composer 6. All footage has been transcoded to  DNxHD 115. The project is finished. I simply want to add some lower thirds using after effects. My question is what is the best export format for me to send to after effects. Essentially, I dont want to lose quality after compressing and sending to after effects.

After I add the lower thirds in after effects the project is finished, and I will be converting it to a quicktime h264 for vimeo.

Now I am aware of Boris Transfer AE and Automatic duck, however I feel those are for much more involved projects. I simply have two instances in my sequence where I want to add a lower third. I feel like there must just be an easy way to export and finish in AE. www.editableae.com

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