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Adobe Stock / Re: Adobe Stock took my money away
« on: February 21, 2019, 15:43 »
Mat, this evening I was credited with a subscription sale at $66. Is that a recurrence of the error or a valid royalty amount?

Also, I do not see adjusted amounts in the Adobe Stock contributor interface. The original sales show with their higher (unadjusted) royalties and there is no entry for an adjustment amount. The adjustments do show up in the Fotolia contributor interface.

That is a valid royalty amount Jo Ann.


That is a valid royalty amount Jo Ann.

Hello Mat, I also got similar royalties, could you tell us what kind of license is that? Is it from new customers? It's very unusual, looks great but unreal. Is this extended license? I am not able to see anything there, on my Adobe dashboard. Are we going to be getting such royalties more often now?

Also, is there still any chance to access my Fotolia account after joining Adobe? I miss my old dashboard really much but cannot go there anymore even if it was promised it would be possible.

Adobe Stock / Re: Adobe Stock took my money away
« on: February 21, 2019, 14:51 »
This is an accounting nightmare.

I am also affected, BUT I cannot see the deductions in my Adobe Stock backend. Only on the Fotolia backend, but even there I cannot see the images affected.
I need to share revenues with my team, so this is terrible.

Do you still have access to your Fotolia account? Since I did what Adobe asked with signing in to their website, even if they promised my account with Fotolia would be still there, I cannot access it anymore. And the dashboard on Adobe is horrible, very hard to find any info at all.  Not to mention royalties down of course. I want my Fotolia account back. Very disappointed.

Image Sleuth / Youtube channel teaches how to steal photos
« on: September 07, 2018, 19:08 »
Hello, I have just found this youtube channel where that person is teaching people how to steal photos from Getty and 500px! This is disgusting and shocking. If this is just one channel like this, how many more teach how to steal from other websites like shutterstock etc? I sent a message to youtube but don't know if they are going to stop it. No wonder that sales fall down so badly. It's unbelievable how people dare to steal like that, check the comments how all the watchers express their gratitude and happiness to be able to steal, wow! And there are still websites that show photos without any watermarks! I wonder what you think about it, fellow photographers.

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General Stock Discussion / Re: GraphicStock are you Insane?
« on: October 01, 2015, 12:03 »
Just to add to it, I got an email from them last week and I couldn't believe my eyes, they are giving away for free thousands of images just to attract customers and they do not care about contributors as they make money on subscriptions, this is insane. And the same owners have videoblocks, that's why I gave up on submitting videos as it works the same way. Thousands of videos given away almost for free in subscription mode plus another part of videos that must be paid separately. Video contributors were approached and attracted by big money, they agreed to sell all portfolios for substantial amount to video blocks and get rid of all the rights. Now, videblocks owns the huge library of videos that are given away almost for free ( subscription is very cheap)so, the company makes lots of money but at the same time it cuts the branch on which contributors sit, which is wicked and wrong. This is a model to get rich quickly for the owners and contributors are getting less and less. I have no idea if the second option when the contributors get paid 100% is really working for contributors, but if a customer needs to buy a video with beautiful mountains and he has an option to get the video for free, he would be foolish to pay for the one that has high price. So, this website is truly destroying stock industry, it' should be stopped and forbidden. Is any shop giving away products for free? Do you get free milk, free bread, free wine in any shop? Or do you get a big box of milk for 2 pennies if you pay 20 pounds for a year in advance? This is crazy and unacceptable for all contributors. At least, I see it this way.

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