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As a buyer, I am happy to go to ExcitingStock for all my unusually sized artboard vectors and blurry photos of dead flowers.   They have everything I need, including out of focus ducks!
i have pleanty of them.i mean out of focus i know where to send the ducks :D

General Stock Discussion / Re: Twenty20 tax update
« on: May 02, 2019, 18:33 »
i just received a mail that i needed to comfirm my personal info to them give my full  name and home address.has anyone else got this mail from twenty20? sorry but there are many scams out there thats why i am asking

General Stock Discussion / Re: Mostphotos--Is it working.
« on: April 28, 2019, 18:30 »
unfo mine portfolio GONE 2 >:( i can see the number of images i have and the likes in each image but when i click on my page it says server error  somethin like that

General Stock Discussion / Re: Mostphotos--Is it working.
« on: April 28, 2019, 18:29 »
unfo mine portfolio i can see the number of images i have and the likes in each image but when i click on my page it says server error  somethin like that

General Stock Discussion / Re: Twenty20
« on: April 26, 2019, 17:45 »
so if i now keep using twenty20 the images  that i upload them i cant put them anywhere else?

General Stock Discussion / UFOS on stock???
« on: April 19, 2019, 08:57 »
ok this is is gonna sound super moronic but do you have pics of ufos in stock sites??? i mean if you do they go as editorial? LOL i doupt you can get model  release from alf lol
i have a picture of a Big ufo over new york.ofcourse is photoshoped but can i post it on adobe for instance?

Also like in FAA you dont have to sell your pictures for pennies like in stock that is  a must regardless of low or zero sales
Because zero sales of files of $XXX is better than 1000 sales of $X.
i was just saying that is another option and if you get a sale you wont get 25 p or 38 p or whatever p lol
the no rejections and the set up your own price that may attract some users out i said i dont have sales on picfair so i dont care anymore.   

i have zero sales too for 2 years now .i tweeted my portfolio many times on twitter  and i got some likes and last night a follow from picfair lol but unfo its been dead for me .and i didnt even  bother to check it for few months now.last night was the only time i uploaded something after a while .
The only good thing about picfair and mostphotos is the no rejection thing yes it can be a bad thing some times when the site is flooded with crappy photos,but its easy to upload set the price and hit the button and dont need to wait for aproval or rejections for silly tecnical problems.The site is just another solution to storage somewhere your photos and sell them.
Also like in FAA you dont have to sell your pictures for pennies like in stock that is  a must regardless of low or zero sales

General Stock Discussion / Re: Colourbox - Unprofessional
« on: February 23, 2019, 18:46 »
you know if we were talkin about 50 100 dollars yes they wanted to keep in anyway couse thats what greedy people do .but 20 CENTS? 20 CENTS?and not to mention this the person who bought this pic and he is gonna use it somewhere he or she will make more money thanks to this picture than the photographer who only sold it for 20 cents. :-*
i wanna believe that they were just bored to ad you 20 cents to your pp account couse well 20 cents is a joke amound of money,and now they dont care.
thats why is best to stay with the top agencies out there regardless of their dumb rejections at times than wasting your time and energy on these small agencies.when you are not getting many sales from ss or adobe maybe these sites are another option but unfo this kind of thing happens and you lose your sleep over it.
just think that you posted your pic somewhere someone stole it and move on.i was close to join them after i signed up but when i read so many negative reviews about cb i am glad now i didnt put not even a single photo on them
good luck rippin of their top contributors.

Mobile Stock Photogrpahy - General Discussion / Re: Foap
« on: February 15, 2019, 19:27 »
actually foap now partners with getty but they want ecxlusivity so i dont bother upload there any more.also i think they give more emphasis to their differect contests run by different brands.i send some pics into their contests in the past but none of them was accepted couse  the brands review the its difficult to win the big bucks unless someone here won their challenges
i had a sale of 5 dollars and that was in 2013 and unfo my only sale
they changed their review policy and you dont get dumb rejections from dumb users.the pic i sold there it was rejected back then. some idiot rated my pic   2 while it was a good was a picture of flags in london during their olympic games and i forgot it and then i posted again and voila got high ratings and sold in 2 days.I couldnt sell anythin else there unfo through the years
on the positive side i got over 7000 followers lol that is somethin i guess   

xaxaxaxa so let me get this straight your photo was in the book cover of a book that became a worldwide  success more than the twilight crap series and it made millions and you only god 400????? ARE WE SERIOUS HERE??????
and the most pathetic lets put the money aside here  of all, where is the credit for the photographer?Photo by michael something
welcome to microstock

Flickr / Re: Flickr pro accounts
« on: February 06, 2019, 19:11 »
well as for exposure you can always try instagram you get more views there than fliqr.and when you decide to sell on microstock then i dont know but its not very safe to have these sold images on this site.unless you have your own site and you wanna promote your work.for instance one of my pics was sold last night and it was also  to some silly iphone app photosharing app and i went and removed it the next day.the theft is a big issue with these so called photo sharing sites.

great is it? NASA here i come .litrerally ;D

Adobe Stock / Re: How to Delete uploaded files on Adobestock
« on: November 26, 2018, 19:05 »
Deleting images will have a detrimental effect on your Acceptance rate, just something to think about before you press delete.
yes but didnt you read? he put ed files.adobe doesnt do ed for now.what if he sells a file for commercial use and there are recognizable logos on buildings or cars, or trade marks or people?

General - Top Sites / Re: Thanksgiving 2018
« on: November 21, 2018, 19:13 »
yes but still buyers can buy old thanksgiving photos like christmas .i mean thanksgiving is like a mini christmas holiday in the us so who says you arent gonna get sales of that dumn turkey?   :Pso peeps have your turkey ready and out of the oven for a PHOTOSHOOT and the luckiest wins 24 p yay

17 / Re: ISTOCK why my batches rejected ?
« on: November 20, 2018, 18:53 »
Istock is right now the best of agencies! and inspite of their low commission. Give them the right stuff and it will sell. Conceptual photography, studio, people, technology, industry,  lifestyles are among their best sellers.
Dont think in terms of SS! thats where the floodgates are more then wide open collecting tons and tons of utter garbage.That snot the way to do it!
yeah i agree no reason to leave them personally so far i only got rejections for copywright and trademarks.when i first started on them i remember i got a rejection for oof well i was surprised couse that image sold on 500px for 250 dollars but anyhow who cares? But they are not so picky anymore like Adobe. The only thing i dont like is that they dont accept many editorial images.for instance photos with people in the background even if they are unricognizable,or photos with buildings .how can you have legal issues if there are no logos or trademarks in that building?so just like adobe is difficult for me to choose what photos to send as i am doin alot of editorial
Also  DT  accepts celebrity events photos.i was at the film festival last week,took nice shots of some of the guests at the QaA but only DT accepted one of them so far and DT sux at sales lol
so even if istock gives the editorial option compare to Adobe they reject editorial images for the things i wrote so how can you send cityscape photos for instance without the buildings in the background or the people?

you cant even buy a * gum with that money :D

19 / Re: SS worst Spammed Portfolios
« on: October 19, 2018, 17:45 »
This is, what SS is accepting now.

I wouldn't keep that kind of blurred photo not even on my CPU.
lol funny thing is i shot some images with my telefoto lens but days earlier it fell down on the floor really hard so it coused the lack of sharpness and the images looked like this i didnt realize at that time couse it was still working and when i send a picture to dreamstime it was rejected for that maybe i dont need to throw my lens couse ss will accept it????????

General Stock Discussion / Re: Video for beginners
« on: October 08, 2018, 17:53 »
i tell you to first beggin with timelapses specially  sunsets couse i see people getting sales with this theme.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Eyeem
« on: October 08, 2018, 17:49 »
the the best solution is to choose a series of pics to eeyem only and if they go through their premioum collections dont upload the same images to other agencies only in ss.or stop uploadin to eyeem and you are done.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Eyeem
« on: October 07, 2018, 17:38 »
thing with eeyem is it pays good compare to istock and other agencies.i ve had some sales with them thats why i keep maybe you can choose some photos for eyeem only and if they go to premioum collection ,you dont need to put them to istock for instance.if they go to their  market place then you can  put them  to istock couse. the market place has nothin to do with getty.
thats what i am doing.eyeem works if you wanna contribute to getty without the exclusivity

General Stock Discussion / Re: German agencies
« on: October 01, 2018, 17:49 »
or you can try eyeem which pays best than all

24 / Re: Video sale for $1.50?
« on: September 03, 2018, 18:38 »
iStock is worse: i have one video for 0.82$ thats just loool
spend the money too....on gums :-*

25 / Upload problem
« on: August 21, 2018, 08:39 »
today and yesterday i tried to upload an image to DT but it wont go through the anyone else have this problem?

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