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Alamy.com / Re: New at macrostock
« on: January 22, 2017, 11:15 »

I'm entering Macro this year and very curious about what people have to say.

There are of course special circumstances and exceptions everywhere, but I would not buy a $1000 dollar coffeemaker when a similar thing of perhaps slightly inferior quality is sold for $25 everywhere.

The question is why the coffeemaker makers starting to sell their coffeemakers at $25 (or rather 25 cents) instead of $1000.

Alamy.com / Re: New at macrostock
« on: January 22, 2017, 08:44 »
Not much really, except they don't take everything you throw at them.

Do you mean even on earnings? I knew on microstock....cents for images...while in macrostock even thousand for one image. So in microstock many sales instead on mAcrostock few sales. Am I wrong???

Stop dreaming about earning a thousand for an image. While it is not completely impossible, it is very improbable. Macrostock license prices collapsed the last decade, IMO mainly due to the advent of microstock agencies.

Alamy.com / Re: Do food photos sell on Alamy?
« on: December 26, 2016, 03:52 »
I am good at shooting travel photos but I am not going anywhere on holidays in the near future. When weather is bad I do food photography . However, the few travel photos I shot are selling well on microstock but no sale on Alamy.

You don't need to be a tourist yourself to shoot travel photos. Think of your own place as a travel destination for others.

Alamy.com / Re: Keywording system not changed
« on: December 26, 2016, 02:32 »
So commas or no commas, I keyword in Lightroom so when it imports into Alamy now all the spaces have been taken out so its keyword,keyword,keyword,keyword - either way I have to now put a space in between the words which is a pain when you upload 100 images with 50 keywords for each image. Adobe Stock just made it easier and Alamy Harder.

Why are you manually adding spaces? I don't see the point of it.

Alamy.com / Re: Do food photos sell on Alamy?
« on: December 26, 2016, 02:28 »
Do food photos sell on Alamy? I have uploaded the same images I sell on microstock to Alamy but have not had one sale yet. My portfolio is small with about 220 images. I also uploaded editorial images but no sale. It seems such a waste of my time. I am doing perfectly fine on microstock even though I uploaded only 290 images so far.

There's probably nothing wrong with your images or what you're shooting, but 220 images is a tiny portfolio on Alamy. In order to have regular sales you'll need a few thousand images.

Given you think uploading on Alamy is a waste of time, how much do you make with 290 images on microstock? a few dollars a month? maybe less? isn't that a waste of time? remember, Alamy is not microstock. The sales volume is less, but the average price per image is much higher.

Alamy.com / Re: Alamy 6th? Surely this is a joke..
« on: December 17, 2016, 05:54 »
alamy 6th, possible, envato 4th, no way jose, impossible, these polls are manipulated for sure

It's quite ridiculous to claim that the poll is manipulated just because you don't like it.

What I'm wondering about though is whether the poll is statistically relevant. E.g., if only successful Envato users report earnings, then they will be pushed up too far. Same in the other direction. A mass of unsuccessful microstockers reporting low earnings on Alamy might push them down in the stats, while many who are successful don't participate because they're not in this microstock forum.

Alamy.com / Re: Awaiting QC
« on: December 17, 2016, 05:45 »
What are the steps that Alamy QC goes through?  I'm wondering if there is another stage between processing and awaiting QC. 

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There's no stage between processing and QC.

Alamy.com / Re: Alamy LR Plugin
« on: December 17, 2016, 02:47 »
Do any of the Alamy LR plugins allow you manage the 3 categories of keywords or are you back in your browser to adjust them?   

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You might want to try the Alamy Lightroom plugin at http://www.lightroom-plugins.com/AlamyIndex.php. It's free to try out.

Besides Google image search and tineye I think Pixsy should also be mentioned.

Alamy.com / Re: Payment date changed
« on: December 03, 2016, 04:25 »
That's a usual glitch on the first of the month, nothing to worry about.

Alamy.com / Re: 2986 View but No Sales
« on: November 14, 2016, 15:23 »

Many say that for every 1000 files you get one sale?
Per day? Per month? Per year?
Someone posted on the October sales thread that they'd got a sale with a port of <50. It's just if you happen to have what a buyer needs. Generally different buyers from micro. My best selling genre on iS doesn't sell at all (for me) on Alamy (different images, obviously), which is a great pity.

The consensus on the Alamy forums is that, on average, people there get one sale per month per 1000 images. Some do better, some do worse. Just like comparing yourself to the averages in the poll here. I average more than one sale per month per 1000 images. Sorry I wasn't clear before.

Surprisingly, sales from my small portfolio are in rough agreement with that figure.   And I had to stop and reflect on this for a minute because producing 1,000 quality stock photos is a huge amount of work - unless they're dead simple, no-brainer shots.  And the return you can expect on that work is pitiful, even from an honest agency like Alamy.

Right and that's why people who quote downloads per thousand are not using their brains. No-brainer shots, no download shots and no number for downloads per unknown photos or 1000 common ordinary shots. There is no expected download per shot number when we are all different and so are our photos. Why do people insist on making up these statitistics with no value or meaning and promoting them?

I don't get 1 sale per month for each 1000 photos. Some people will get many more, if they have better pictures. Anything micro has never sold for me on Alamy. I think buyers are smart enough to search for a $10 download instead of $48 download for the same picture?

Yes, $20 is average now for a download on Alamy. And better words first that match the photo subject exact will get better sales. Views for a mismatch don't mean any sales ever.

I don't agree with your general objection that "1 sale per month per 1000 pictures" is a figure without value. For sure it is true that some people will have more and some will have less. Don't read "1 sale per 1000" as "1.00". It could easily be double or half that figure. The main benefit of this 1 per 1000 statement is that it shows newbies what they can expect. The forum is full of newbies who complain that they have no sales with a portfolio of 100 pictures.

Also, on a further note, your absolute statement that "$20 is average now on Alamy" is on the same level as "1 sale per 1000 images per month". How can you condemn one and promote another? The average sale price is depending on many factors, including if a contributor signed up for the UK newspaper deal (with very low payout rates), and of course, to which market their pictures appeal.

I don't believe this theory that pictures which are on micros don't sell on Alamy. Don't get me wrong, I don't like the microstock concept, and I'm not submitting to any such agency. But I repeatedly sell licenses for absolutely trivial images (e.g., banknotes) for three digit values on Alamy, although essentially the same images are available on micros. Apparently, not all customers compare prices.

Alamy.com / Re: 2986 View but No Sales
« on: November 12, 2016, 02:12 »
I hate their time consuming 3 tier keywording because I know that however many images I upload, it makes no difference as I still get zero sales.

I'm sorry if I'm too direct, but if you get no sales no matter how many images you upload, then something is wrong on your side.

Maybe your keywording isn't accurate, or your images are just not what sells on Alamy (probably mainly editorial, not stocky looking concepts/creative). Or your postprocessing might not be up to par. Post a link to your portfolio and I'm sure people here will give you constructive feedback why you don't have sales yet.

My portfolio on Alamy is quite small; a bit more than 1000 images. My CTR (zooms vs views) is consistently above 1%, and I make regular sales (4 in the last 30 days).

Alamy.com / Re: 2986 View but No Sales
« on: November 06, 2016, 16:27 »
Hi All,
I've about 600 images on alamy and I've received 2986 views - 6 zoom but never got any sale, Is it still keywords fault or just the Alamy slow sales?


6 zooms out of 3000 views equals a click thru ratio of only 0.2%, while the Alamy contributor average is usually around 0.6%. This means your pictures are thee times less likely to be clicked on than average.

This is a strong indicator that there's something wrong. Maybe you added too many irrelevant keywords, so your images show up in searches they shouldn't. Remember to keyword only what the image is of, not everything that's in the image. Or maybe your images just can't compete with other similar images on Alamy. Professional postprocessing is a must.

In the end, without a link to your Alamy portfolio, or without knowing your Alamy contributor name, it is impossible to tell what's wrong.

While I agree that it is probably not wise to have the same pictures on Alamy and on microstock agencies, I don't think this is the main problem in your case. After all, potential customers don't even click on your images to zoom them (I assume a customer zooms an image before trying to get it cheaper somewhere else).

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