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1 / Unable to find uploaded files in manage your images
« on: November 04, 2016, 08:45 »
I started uploading to alamy today. I uploaded my images through ftp. When I go to my alamy nad then manage your images I can't find my images. I do not know what's the problem. Any help. Thanks  in Advance.

how you guys are uploading to istockphoto???

I am currently uploading images to fotolia and shutterstock so I would be earning some more money by uploading to istock

I am using multcloud so if any one know how to submit images to istock through ftp, webdav

But is it possible to upload through ftp

Hi guys,
I am starting to upload my images to istockphoto but the problem is that they do not allow ftp. Is there is any free service through which I could submit my images to istock through ftp. Thanks in advance.

General Stock Discussion / Re: NO SALES OF FOTOLIA
« on: July 06, 2016, 00:50 »
Thanks everyone for giving me these suggestions, but the point is that there are some people like they are creating only these texts and they are emerald contributors and have many images gone to the best seller of the week.

General Stock Discussion / NO SALES OF FOTOLIA
« on: July 04, 2016, 22:31 »
Hi  guys,
I wanted to ask about my sales on fotolia, thanks in advance for help.
I got more than 520 images on fotolia and not even got 100 sales. Only $26.14 earned. I am online for more than 6 months. I think the problem is that i got no views on my images. I keyword my vectors by searching for that image and then copying the keywords from that image information. Fotolia images are valued on the order of keywording.While the keywords for the image are in the alphabetical order. May be that's the reason.

Please help me if you have any suggestions.

When i started to upload on shutterstock from One file of 700kb takes about one time. is there is any fast and free service

Is it possible to upload to the microstock websites for free
otixo do not let you upload vectors for free. Is there any free service :P

HI I am an illustrator vector artist and I created accounts on fotolia,shutterstock,dreamstime,123rd. I wanted to ask how to upload my vectors to all of them by just uploading once. I got a slow connection so I do not wanted to upload to each one.

I used dropbox with dropstock but it could only upload photos and not the vectors. So how I could do it.

Hi I am unable to find the option where I could submit my identity to fotolia. Please tell me where it is.

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