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After Storyblocks's dead i decided to subscribe another site.
What's the best site for videos sellers in your opinion?
I like Adobe to, but i've a lot of editorials so it is quite limited for me. ::)

I've done 'the math' and I make an average $17 per video, per month. That doesn't include any After Effects templates. I see what you're saying about the render times and the time that goes into motion graphics... but once you've planned, shot, edited and hired a bunch of people/props for a fancy shoot... that can be more time-consuming/costly than whipping up some planets bumming about in the solar system.

Although I'd like to hope that some fancy custom shoot setup would result in a lot more per month than filming toast popping up from the toaster while you're making your breakfast, your tap running, or some clouds shot from your back garden.

It 's true, do shot footage that are not trivial cheaply / media is difficult.
I think we must focus on what we have available, or have a lot of imagination.
I have access to a pharmacy and a laboratory, for example.
However, once prepared the day of shooting you can shot successful 100 clips in a day that you are able to post produce two / three days.
Making animations is definately more beneficial if you are able (as you are).
But if you are not at a high level is worse, you spend a lot of time to create something that will sell very little then.

Hello, I'm beginning recently with Fotolia (I make videos).
In what language should I index the videos for inserting tags?
On other sites I insert the keywords in English, but in Fotolia I can use my language. What do you think is better? Some of you have done some tests?

I didn't include those in my figures. I get up to $350 a month for one of those, so theyre a bit different. I was talking about video only. And I really don't think buyers take render time into account when it comes to perceived value.

There are many considerations to make.
The first is that Increasingdifficulty is right, there is less competition.
In addition to this you must consider that your work can be inserted anywhere where servant, customer choice will be based only on the quality of work.
Example: I need the videoof the world that revolves around the sun, I will choose the most beautiful videos (and yours are fantastic)
If, however, I need a woman drinking a glass of wine, perhaps, I will not buy "the most beautiful video", but what is best suited to my project.
In fact I have some terrible animations that I think I'll never sell, while the equivalent shot video could also sell enough.
Some time ago I needed the video of a rabbit on a white background.
I did not choose "the better" but what is best inserted in the film.
This definitely creates more "volatility" of the shot video footage sales, rather than the animations ((The good ones, of course).

$1 per clip, per month? I don't think I'd get out of bed knowing I was only going to get $60 for a clip over a five year period.

Good for you if you do better  ;).
I thought it was not bad reading this post:

Some people even get to $ 3 per clip, but also who is 0,2.

Sure makes me glad the advice to improve.
But I'm new in stockfootage only as a seller, because, instead, I bought  for a very long time.
So I simply follow the criteria by which I buy.
For example, many European productions make me deliver jobs with lights under 80 in YCbCr Parade, I will never buy a clip that goes above this.
Americans are demanding more high, in fact, my sales are concentrated in Europe and Africa.
But while a clip is simple "lift it" it is difficult to lower it.
This is faulty reasoning? Maybe, I'll try in different way in future.
The fact is that, right now, is not what I need to know because it does not represent THE problem for me.
I certainly do not throw a year of uploads  because, MAYBE, I could do more,  even to think about it is absurd.

Right.  I guess if the occasional sale makes you happy, keep on doing what 'works'.
No need to be polemical.
I will see for the next few things that I will upload and I will make an idea about it. But if you suggest me to re-upload hundreds of videos (that now I'm selling well), rather than focus on what I need to do in the future to "get better", it is normal that your suggestion does not interest me (because it doesn't make sense). Should I lose months and months to re-upload  old stuff instead of new, I don't think so.
That is why I created the post: I have to concentrate on what to do next.
Sorry if I seemed rude in my previous message, it was not my intention, I do not speak English well.

Here are my thoughts:

1. There is a lot of drone footage these days, so you have to really get unique, well shot footage to get repeatable sales. 

2. Diversify your drone footage

3. Do your homework.  Research what sells, create your own style (seems you have done some of this already).

4. Sales for videos is not the same as stills, so you really must have volume in most cases.  Shooters like spacestockfootage have fairly unique stuff.  When you shoot competitive compositions it will be exponentially more difficult to gain sales as the competitive landscape toughens.  For example, there are a lot of beach shots on Pond 5. I have a lot of beach shots. Only a couple of my beach shots do well because they are more unique and well shot.  The rest just allow me to claim I have 1300 videos, more or less.

In conclusion, diversification, quality, uniqueness and volume will help differentiate your work and probably lead to more sales.  Sales on one site will be different than on others.  That is something you simply must accept.

Some of your clips are pretty cool.  I would make sure, as others have said, that your key wording is top notch.  Research key words for your subject matter.  It can really help, but does consume a lot of time to die a good job. Key wording is an art, more or less.  Some are very good at it and can plop 30 words that are spot on. Others put in c r a p and never get found.  Others take their time and make sure their key words are relevant and researched. 

That's my 2 cents.

<3 Thanks, good and useful.


Check Stocksubmitter forum here soon, they are about to release new cloud service version. It might be good for you since you only have to upload once and the program will distribute content to many stock sites.
Yeah, I know, I am following their "evolution." Would be great. ;)

Thank you all for the suggestions, but, to be honest, I did not write the post to have a report on my videos.
Generally they sell all (especially those in the pharmacy) with an average of $ 1 / clips per month.
I do not change what already works for me.
My question concerns some aerial video that I added in the last four months, which, however, have an average sales of 0.5 / clips per month.
What I want to find out is if it is still too early to judge the yield, or if it is just the kind of video that sells less.
When and if I serve suggestions for everything else, I will be delighted to create a separate post.

Of course this depends on what type of internet access you have at the moment.
The very slow type  :'(


If you had a library of 3000 quality stills vs. 3000 quality clips,  how would the income streams compare?

I really do not know because I have always worked in video (I'm a director), I never made photography.
For me it is much easier (and convenient) to make a good video that a good still.

Overall, your lighting looks very drab and the colors are murky and not white balanced correctly.  That may be a result of vintage filtering you're adding.

Hi, It depends on which clips you saw.
Generally I use a "vintage effect" only when I have same problems with the original clip (noise, wrong exposure, etc) but I think the clip may still sell.
Example of color "vintage" made out of necessity:

Example of "normal" color correction:

Honestly, there are no differences between the number of sales vintage/no vintage clips,  indeed, some of the "vintage" sell well.

Why not upload to all agencies at same time? For previous uploads you can use CSV file from pond5 for example and Stocksubmitter program.

I tried it, but I still loaded separately on each ftp. Am I wrong?
My problem is not individually insert tags and descriptions, the problem is precisely the time to upload the files because they weigh a lot.

You have good stuff.  Spot-checking, you have good keywords.  Just give it time and don't stop.  Stuff will sell in time.

You may want to add a few more agencies once you feel comfortable adding to your upload workload.

Thanks so much.
Yes you are right. I also just started with Fotolia now.
But I have another 700 clips to be uploaded on the top 3 agencies before dedicate myself more seriously to other agencies.
The problem for me is just the "upload time" which forces me to make a choice.

Its hard to tell without seeing your clips, keywords and titles. Please post a link to your public portfolio and and we can offer more insight other than just general opinion.


You probably need to be patient and give it 5-10 years. If nothing has sold by then change it up a bit.
5-10 YEARS???  :o :o
oh my...  :'(

Yeah, I agree. But I also believe that a valuation is necessary to improve.
 Otherwise I can not figure out if a certain type of footage sells or not.
 I do not think so "fatalistic" upload is the best choice.
I just wonder after how many months I can get a rough idea, to see if it is worth continuing the collaboration or concentrate my efforts on another kind of clips.

Before this summer, I started a collaboration with a drone operator.
From May to now I have uploaded more than 500 new clips, some of them really beautiful.
The problem is that my income has increased very slightly.
I would like to figure out how much do I have to wait to get an estimate of the actual sales potential.
Is it too early to say?
I work with p5, vb and shutter.
I need to understand because I have to see if, maybe, I did something wrong with the tags, with the description or, simply, clips sell less than I expected.

Hi everyone, nice to met you.
This is my first post here, even if I read this forum from long time. I'm not very good with english, so I apologize if I'll wrong something.
I'm a videomaker/director and I started to shot microstock footage about an year ago.
Now I work with shutterstock, pond5 and videoblock and I'd like to implement with another site.
I shot mainly drone footage or footage with model.
I'm torn between Fotolia, Motion elemens and iStock. What is the best choice in your opinion? Which one of these (or other)? Or maybe it isn't worth it?

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