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Interesting article relating to managing your copyright:


Thanks to Dennis for alerting us to this but wondering if there is anyone else with any direct experience of selling there who could give their experience.

I like this. Confessions of a Microstock Contributor.

I started as a buyer. As a graphic designer I stumbled upon Istock in 2006 when faced with another battle to find an affordable stock image for a client. In those days we were buying complete CDs from digitalvision costing around $600-700 (USD) for 80-100 images. These were fantastic but limited to 1 subject.

Istock was great because we could find individual images to fill all the holes in jobs that would otherwise have had nothing or someone would have had to draw something or create a graphic.

I then wondered if i could sell some stuff as well and started uploading images that I'd shot for older client jobs and i quite enjoyed it. The process encouraged me to improve my photographic skills.

Don't make enough money out of it to take it to a higher level (ie produce more) so i trickle some images in when i'm quiet with client work.


New Sites - General / Re: Moodboard
« on: April 08, 2009, 23:49 »
I've uploaded my very small portfolio but it is a weird process and the shots and vectors they accepted are not my best sellers. They rejected about 40% of what i uploaded including some of the better stuff (but my opinion only). There is no reason for the rejection supplied they just go into a tabbed folder called "not selected".

It is a slow process and i've had about 20 shots sitting there for some weeks until i get the motivation to process. No sales obviously and no way of seeing views as far as i can tell.

I cannot find any way of deleting images once approved which is a worry. You also have to go to my.moodboard.com to submit and there is no submitter link on the main site which i found irritating. Why they don't put in a submitter login below the Artist registration box is beyond me.

I agree it looks a bit Lucky Oliver but it seems to have a groovier appeal and they will do searches for buyers which is more of a midstock kind of service.

I have looked through their site as a buyer for some specific images i couldn't find elsewhere and the material i found was a bit average.

Anyone else bothering with this?

This guy does some interesting ones and has tutorials plus lots of nice stuff anyway


Illustration - General / Re: New to illustrations
« on: March 09, 2009, 20:18 »
The format that Istock requires for all Vectors to be supplied in is deliberately basic (Illustrator 8 eps compatible) to make sure that buyers can open and use the files so you should be able to use something other than Illustrator to create them with.

If you are serious though you need to learn Illustrator.

I think it was me who accused him of being a 12 year old, it was just a joke. It may be a whole group of people who knows?

I don't really think we can ever stop this sort of thing just try and look out for each other and let people know if you spot their images on illegal sites.

It could be worse, the world of stock imagery is at least a business purchase mainly so legit buyers who use images are more likely to pay for them through proper channels because it isn't cost effective or worth the risk to do otherwise. Imagine if you are a small music producer and people just share your files through peer to peer networks. Even the big players can't stop that.

I see heroturkey is still up and running with a bunch of new stuff by the look of it.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Silhouette thief ?
« on: February 19, 2009, 18:04 »
Maybe next time someone gets the "keep this off the boards" response you could post copies of the emails with dates clearly showing when sent.

Bit naughty but might get some action.

I think all we can do is continue to spend a small amount of time each week looking out for sites like this and either posting about it here/agency forum or make contact with istock/getty/veer with a polite email asking them to look into it. (Note, no Shutterstock in that list as they don't seem to care!).

Heroturkey changes his content a lot which must amount to a lot of work, he'd need a lot of subcribers to make it worth his while. It looks like he also fakes up cd covers for the collections that supposedly come from photodisc etc. He's probably a 12yr old nerd.

I buy a lot of images via micro and macro on behalf of clients. There is no way I'd ever consider buying stuff from  a shady place like this and none of the agencies i've worked for over the years would either.

It was difficult enough convincing them to use Istock 3-4 years ago. That all seemed a bit dubious then!

Hi guys

Site is still up and running for me 19 Feb. Running very slowly which might mean he is running out of bandwidth.

I tried to work out who was taking the money for him by clicking on the donate link and you just get a thankyou message. Maybe it is a disguised link from an advertising program so i just gave him some money!

You'd wonder how he makes any money from it though. There aren't that many ads on there and a high traffic site would need an expensive hosting package just to maintain the actual content. I realise the downloads are not via this site. Doesn't seem to be any google based advertising on there. They would have probably pulled any ads as soon as they reviewed the site and saw its content.

I can't imagine there would be too many legit commercial advertising or design businesses sending 20 bucks via any means to some dodgy hero of illegality so maybe there isn't much to worry about. Just keep contacting rapidshare or whoever the links are supplied by if you see your stuff.

Actually in the time it took me to compose this the site seems to have gone down. Hooray

Keep looking

Microstock Services / Re: Managing images on multiple sites
« on: January 19, 2009, 20:10 »
There is also Prostockmaster


I haven't tried cushystock but it sounds similar.

Lighting / Re: Amazing studio flash kits under $300
« on: August 27, 2008, 20:57 »
Thanks for introducing us all to Boling. I had a good chat with Gino via email and ended up buying one of the portable kits they sell and a couple of softboxes. It's a nifty little unit and features 2 x 300w strobes that run off a battery pack. You can plug into the mains as well so you could use in a studio.

Quality of softboxes is fantastic, lights seem well made and use standard flash tubes. Haven't used them in anger yet but they recycle quickly just in a test. The package all fits in a nice little box which was supplied.

Communication was good, paying by Western Union was a painful process but the goods turned up very quickly.

I asked why they don't use Paypal and it seems Paypal impose a few restrictions on them because of being in mainland China.


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