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Tax update on web site currently not working.
I just filled it, but I had to disable my adblock.

Got the answer from iStock support: I need to submit a new US Tax form (W-8BEN). I never got the info from iStock the previous one has expired.

Shutterstock.com / Re: SS sales January
« on: January 28, 2021, 04:03 »
for IS you can see the number of sales for the current year in the profile tab

I don't seem to have such a tab. (I think I asked about where that can be found here before, because someone mentioned it, but got no reply.)
I only have Overview, ESP User Info and Performance as tabs. Peformance has more tabs, Recent Activity, which shows views, and Download, which only shows me downloads up to Decmeber 21.

Here is the direct link to the Profile tab : https://accountmanagement.gettyimages.com/Account/Profile
To access it, you can also click on "account management" on the high top right  of iStock page (between ESP and Contributor Community links)

I hope you'll be able to sort things out and that your account wasn't hacked, though I would assume, if someone changed your payment info, you should have gotten an E-Mail about it?

I didn't got an email; but I am not sure iStock send an e-mail when payment infos are modified. I will have to wait for the answer of the iStock support to know what has happen.

Shutterstock.com / Re: SS sales January
« on: January 28, 2021, 03:48 »

 January just isn't a good month for microstock anywhere for me, especially the first half of the month. But it's starting to pick up and I am optimistic for February.

For me, the  volume of sales on SS is normal (similar to January 2020). The issue is the number of $0.10 sales (around 80% to 90% of all sales, but I was Level 1 for 3 weeks) and the consequence on the RPD. Low RPD is new compared to 2020 and I don't see why it would improve in February.
I can't compare January 2020 and January 2021, because I only started microstock around 2019 and my portfolio was much smaller last year. But comparing December 20 and January 21 my download number is down by a almost 300 and there are only 3 days left in January, so my sale numbers are definetely down in January. They are also down on Adobe, though the difference is smaller (But Adobe hasn't been performing well for me since around August last year) and on iStock I can't compare sale numbers before next month, but my views are down by a lot and at least for me, that's usually a good indicator for sales. Last month my most viewed image had around 200 views, this month it's less than 50...

Every portfolio is different.
In my case, number of sales for January 21 is similar to December 20 for SS, AS and IS (for IS you can see the number of sales for the current year in the profile tab). I have a lot of sales on the Covid-19 subject this might explain why a have a good number of sales and a low RPD (costumers for these images are medias with big contract and low prices).

Shutterstock.com / Re: SS sales January
« on: January 28, 2021, 02:30 »

 January just isn't a good month for microstock anywhere for me, especially the first half of the month. But it's starting to pick up and I am optimistic for February.

For me, the  volume of sales on SS is normal (similar to January 2020). The issue is the number of $0.10 sales (around 80% to 90% of all sales, but I was Level 1 for 3 weeks) and the consequence on the RPD. Low RPD is new compared to 2020 and I don't see why it would improve in February.

Thanks for the info Firn.

In my account manager I have the following:
  - Payment date Additional information Monday, January 25, 2021
And no "Payment carried over to the next month".

If you received your payment on the 21th, I probably have a problem.
I sent a request to iStock support. I hope my payment information's on iStock  was not hacked.

Shutterstock.com / Re: SS sales January
« on: January 28, 2021, 00:40 »
For January, my revenue on SS has fallen to the 5th place, far behind Adobe, Alamy, iStock and even Dreamstime. My RPD for January on images on  SS is $0.12  >:(
Of course, I stopped uploading to SS. The question now is to delete or not my SS portfolio.

I didn't receive my iStock payment on January 25th. Royalties to be payed is above $100, so I should normally get payed. Last payment from iStock on my Paypal account was in November 2021.
Anyone having the same problem ?

I finally got the official answer from the iStock support on this issue:

Thank you for your message and I sincerely apologize for the delay in my response. Regarding Promo.com, Getty Images makes a subset of iStock content available within their video editing tool. Any licenses of your content will appear on the Connect statement under the Price Per Image Product Type (https://contributors.gettyimages.com/HelpArticle.aspx?article_id=5176)

It's important to note that you are receiving royalties for this use - your content is not being given away for free. Also note that the usage is restricted, it is not the same usage permitted on a standard RF license.

We work with these Partners to ensure that your content is right inside their End Users workflow, exactly where and when they need it. In this way we can reach new, non-traditional customers at scale. For more information, visit: https://contributors.gettyimages.com/HelpArticle.aspx?article_id=6252

So, PROMO.com is legal and we get fabulous Connect royalties when our work is used on this website.

iStockPhoto.com / iStock exciting news : $0.00 royalties
« on: January 17, 2021, 07:21 »
Hi all,

Royalties report for December is available.

I was surprise to discover two sales with $0.00 royalties at "China FotoPress VEER / Porta".  It is not the connect royalties, it is not refunds; it is subscription sales with a $0.03 price; and 15% of $0.03 result in a $0.00 commission.
I already had $0.01 commission but I never had $0.00 royalties (excluding Connect).

However my RPD on iStock is much better than my RPD on Shitterstock : $0.62 vs $0.14 (in January). So, for me, SS is really the worst stock.

Any updates?

I wrote to iStock, but did not get any answer to this,. But they answered another request already. That alone is already interesting.

Very interesting: iStock seems react on my request about promo.com! I wrote them that many contributors proving now a law suit against them, if that is not legal offer all images for free on promo.com.
Yesterday I checked again my images there and it seems like all my iStock images disappeared now. That is for me a sign that it was illegal.

I know many other contributors here alos wrote a request to iStock and Getty. Any answeres yet or same experiences like me: images disappeared oon promo.com?

I made a request to iStock the 23th of December to remove my images from PROMO.com. No response from iStock now till now and my images are still available on PROM.com.

I also posted a message on iStock forum. Here is the response of an iStock employee:
   Question: ... do you have the official 'spin' on this site? How does it benefit us, the content producers?
   Response: Not a site I was aware of but will ask

But no update from iStock on this site till now.

ALL either >:(

But I couldnt find any of my Shitterstock portfolio.
Can I do it the same way: portfolio name+keyword like Bali?
This work for images only (not for footages). For me, all images from PROMO.com are coming frim iStock and all footages from Shutterstock.

We contacted Promo.com already, but does anybody already contact Getty/iStock/Shitterstock about this? And what were their answers - also in case of a law suit? Any terms again that allows them to do it and we didnt read or didnt understand about the consequences for us?

I sent a request to iStock to remove my images from PROMO.com. I guess it will take some time to get an answer; and I am not sure to get a positive response. We would have more strength if every contributor send such a request to iStock.
I also posted a message on iStock forum.

About SS, I only saw my footages on PROMO.com (all images come from iStock). And I understand we get some (very) small commissions from SS, for sales on PROMO.com. This is probably an explanation to the $1 commissions I receive from time to time on SS. So I guess all this is legal for footages. This is why I stopped publishing footages on SS (I am now Pond5 exclusive for my new footages). I will probably remove my footage from SS in the future to avoid this.

On PROMO.com you can find some of your images by entering your iStock contributor name as a keywork in the search field.
If you only enter your contributor name you will only have a subset of the your images on PROMO.com. You need to had another keywork (for exemple "canada" or "paris") to see all your images on a subject.

With this method I saw PROMO.com got ALL my images on iStock  >:( >:(

Here is the final response of PROMO.com to my request for more information's: "Thanks for reaching out! To follow up on your questions I would suggest you reach out directly to Shutterstock / Istock . All content provided to our customers by Promo is licensed for use so best step would be to reach out to them on that content's use."

I tried to know if they reported images/videos uses to IS/SS so that we can get commissions. They refused to answer and send me back to SS and IS.

The only way we have: Closing the portfolio totally!
I am not sure ours photos will disappear from PROMO.com if we close our iStock portfolio. This depend on the terms of the contract between iStock and PROMO.com. Maybe iStock received a one time payment for an unlimited use of ours photos.

I send an email request to PROMO.com to have some more information's:

I write you because I am a contributor to both iStock and Shutterstock. I saw some of my photos from iStock and some of videos from Shutterstock on your website.
My question is about the commissions for these videos and photos:
   Will I receive a commission each time my videos are used by your costumers?
   What about the free photos library; will I receive a commission each time one of my photos is used by your costumers?

Here is their response: "If you don't mind I will post a note to our Team regarding your request, and we will follow up with you on that via email."

Hey that bad photos from me: There were 6 sister shots - all to bad in my mind to upload to Adobe or other better agencies!
I found some of my photos that are not "bad photos"; they sold over 100 time in the last 6 months.

It is unbelievable that Getty/iStock & SS can give my photos for free without a financial compensation. Adobe created a free library too but they claim they had pay the contributor for this.

I send a request to iStock to remove my photos from Promo.com.

And they offer "free photo" too.
The FAQ it say "We provide over 1.4 Million photos in our FREE image library. There are no limits to how often you can use these images."
I found some of my bestselling there :'(. They come from iStock. I wonder if I get paid by iStock when  they are used by promo.com costumers.

I found some of my clips there too   >:(

And the only copyright is "Shutterstock"; they don't even indicate my name. Is this legal ?

If you do a search with Google and "aerial flyover small town beaufort", the first result is on Shutterstock. This is how Pond5 found it.

It look like SS keep the footage available from Google search but not from it own search engine. Clever way to say it is not their fault.

123RF / Re: Security breach - change your password
« on: November 15, 2020, 02:02 »
Maybe this explain the SPAM I receive since September on the email address I use for 123RF.

I found my images too on this site. But it look like ALL images are watermarked with "Adobe Stock". Maybe they have a distribution agreement with Adobe ?

The best is probably to ask MatHayward.

Same here

Pond5 / Re: Enterprise custom license for pennies?
« on: August 20, 2020, 23:08 »
You are lucky with your $3.20; Today I only got $1.17 for a 4K timelapse  :(
It look like Pond5 is not beter then Shutterstock for the commissions you get.

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