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1)  I'm in the  middle of uploading some of my illustrations and I've made an error on a file or two and now I'm wondering if I'll be able to edit the price and/or description/title/keywords after they are approved?

UPDATE: Okay, it seems I am able to - but am I editing the JPG or the ESP file info?  

2) When we upload both a JPG and an ESP does AYCS simply copy all the file info into the ESP file, because there is no option for keywording/etc. the ESP files?

2)  Also would be useful if during upload (and when buyers are looking at the file) it showed if I'm looking at the jpg or esp file - so that I am sure that, I am keywording and describing my files correctly - I've already messed up because I wasn't sure which one I was looking at once I used the Back key.

3) I tried to place another artist's illustration in a cart (to see what would happen) and it still didn't say if I'm getting a JPG or ESP file (or both), and didn't ask which one I wanted...what's up?..... which are the buyers getting if we upload both?

Thank you for your time.

Take what I'm saying with a grain of salt, since I only have editorial stuff and illustrations up so far - but I think the sea turtle stuff is "interesting" - whether they will find the lighting/focus up to par is anyone's guess.  I think it may be a subject that is not overly-represented. 

Also, I would only upload them once you go onto the forum and ask for a critique - it's a good way to find out what your chances are before submitting.  In addition, I would include the scientific and common names of the turtle species with the submission - "turtle" wouldn't suffice.

I'm having visions of "I am Legend" invents a mutant virus to kill cancerous cells, that then turns people into zombies that eat any survivors....

I'm curious too how the drug kills viruses but not good stuff, like good bacteria which we need to survive.

Veer / Re: 26 days and counting....
« on: May 25, 2011, 19:34 »
This is the second time that I had images approved the day after I posted a thread here.....hmmm......

Veer / Re: 26 days and counting....
« on: May 24, 2011, 22:01 »
Well, I'm considering leaving it at this point - maybe until I have more to upload than one at a time as I create them.

Veer / 26 days and counting....
« on: May 24, 2011, 17:32 »
My goodness - really!  It takes that long to approve one piddly image?! 

I don't know if I can stay with Veer at this rate - I have a small port, and I need my sales as soon as possible not wait a month just to see the images go up.

Anyone have sales here, with a small illustration port?

Cameras / Lenses / Re: Canon SX 130 IS - opinions?
« on: May 19, 2011, 23:40 »
Well, it may "feel" SLR-ish, but at 100iso you can already see noise on a 100% crop - so that sucks.  Also, it has the usual fringing going on - in high contrast situations.  Obviously the digital zoom is useless for stock.  I try to keep all my shots within 80iso (which is a nice option to have), and not too zoomed in.  I use AP for most of my shots.

What I like:

*10MP - good, but not great - and I have to size down for stock to reduce noise, etc.
*Hot shoe (makes up for the useless flash)- can use EOS flash units on it
*20x optical zoom - but remember that this is not an SLR-quality sensor
*macro setting, is at 0 cm - you will have sharpness even when 1mm from lens - I use the macro all the time, and the quality is very nice.
*Takes 4 AA batteries - convenient.  I purchased a batt charger and have 2 sets of 4 batteries that I swap - so I always have 1 more fully charged set when I go out on a shoot.
*The live viewer is huge and, unlike the pros, I use it all the time, especially when needing to take a shot low down - it tilts every which way. 
*It has continuous shooting mode, and RAW, plus RAW+JPG option (I use continuous all the time - it has saved many a bird/animal shoot)
*It has a widescreen option - I love using it for landscapes sometimes for that sweeping look. (obviously you can crop the shots yourself in editing instead.)
*It feels very substantial - solid.
*Full HD video - but sucks up your memory fast.   But, I think it will do a solid hour on an 8GB card.  (I'm considering using the video feature to take some video for stock.)
*Aperture starts at 2.8 which is nice.
*Can move the focus window around for shots where center is not the right place
*Picture review - I use it all the time to weed out shots during the shoot, and to do a focus check.
*Solid strap
*The circular dial for your thumb to change settings quickly is useful.
*Image stabilization 
*Mute mode - I love using it especially when photographing animals/birds
*Most shots turn out exactly like they appeared in the viewer, and the quality is nice enough for semi-formal stuff - in fact, most people are very pleased.  I've done weddings - candids only - engagement photos, newborn and toddler stuff, and pets.  *Quality is "good enough" to look professional to the general public - touristy stuff for example - local scenery, landscapes, architecture - in the form of cards and framed stuff.  I'm guessing this is because the color is very good, and the noise and fringing is really only obvious when zoomed in.  (photographers will see the problems though).

What I don't like:

*Price!  It cost more than an entry SLR - but I bought it because it was an all-in-one (though the quality of the shots is not worth this price).
*sucky lens cap - like all the other Powershots - doesn't fit - I use an old Tamron one I had with the spring action
*sucky lens hood - very flimsy design
*Noise at 100iso (when zoomed in 100%) and up
*Fringing is very common
*The continuous shooting is very sluggish at the highest MP - 10, with RAW+JPG turned on.
*Tons of useless features that I never use, like all the specialized settings for people that don't know how to take a picture - I'd rather have paid less and live without them.
*It doesn't take regular Canon lenses - need to get ones that fit this model exactly - and/or an adapter (Lensmate has stuff for it though - but I don't know if it's any good)
*Doesn't fit regular filters either
*Quite heavy to lug around.
*It's very easy to press the wrong button while shooting - b/c they're so sensitive
*not a CCD sensor, though it's supposed to be a better-quality CMOS
*I'm not impressed with shot quality at this price.  It's better then a P & S for shots you want to crop, and the quality is better due to the larger lens and higher MP, but it's not SLR-quality by far.
*The feeling that you "basically" have an SLR wares off fast when you try to see if your shots have the technical quality for stock.

So, there are more positives, but the negatives are more serious.  If you want it for stock you may be disappointed, though with careful editing and careful picture-taking you may be able to squeeze in okay (forget Alamy though - they don't allow it).  Keep in mind, the HD video may be another option for stock.  On the other hand, if you want to impress your friends and family, or to sell images to the public - it's a very good, though expensive, option.

Cameras / Lenses / Re: Canon SX 130 IS - opinions?
« on: May 19, 2011, 00:26 »
I have a Canon Powershot SX1 IS - if it's similar, I can tell you my experience with it.

That is sort of what I was assuming - plus I guess they figure that those shots are more likely to sell, though mine have 0 views so far...

I can't join Alamy any time soon - they don't allow my camera - it's a glorified P&S.  So, editorial or not, I have to stick with a couple sites in the top tier, four in the middle, and a couple of low earners as well.

Do you guys mean that they give you slack with editorial, or all images?  I thought SS was getting increasingly harder to get photos into...

I'm just curious, because I've just had my first 2 photos approved on SS (only did illustrations before this) but they are editorial.  I'm now wondering if they only got through because they were timely, or do they in fact have the same standards applied to them as regular photos?

I don't want to get overly happy, and now think that my stuff is good enough just because these got through.  :-\

12 / Re: 666
« on: May 09, 2011, 15:15 »
Once I was giving a customer her change back - $6.66, and she insisted I give her $6.65 instead. :D

What if "she, her" was used the same way (meaning either sex in certain contexts) - zero men would complain, right? :D

I personally don't care.

Just came on the tv.  They killed him in Pakistan - he was living just outside the capital of Islamabad.  The US has his body...


I set up an account there and specifically upload a certain genre, with the idea of pointing certain buyers to it as my "portfolio" (really it's only for local buyers though).  It's a work in progress, and not professional, but it's easy to use.  I leave all family and casual stuff out of it on purpose. 

I too fear that my small copyright watermark is not deterrent enough for a thief.

I get very few views, and I've never had a request for an image, so perhaps I should redo some of my keywords...and images too  ::)

Okay.... I guess I should not be so proud of my researching skills.  ::)

Thanks you guys!

Pixart - I'm just trying to be a courteous visitor.  ;D

Perhaps I'm misinformed - I thought an EL meant that you lose the rights to continue to sell that file on any other site, forever.  So, I guess I don't want to have an image sell for $4 and then lose the rights to make money with it....

.....that's how I'm understanding the 20 credits for EL's at my level, but you only get 20% of that, so that is $4, no?

Please tell me if I have it wrong...

Is this possible, or even one by one - I can't seem to find the option anywhere...

Also, any other sites you guys would recommend that I remove the EL feature from my files - sites that you're glad you don't have it on?

20 / Nice to have a fair price for your work
« on: April 26, 2011, 23:56 »
I am just happy that I sold my first $5.00 image on Canstock, after being up with them since end of Feb (with only 24 files).  That would make 20 Shutterstock sales - so I am supporting them religiously from now on.

(I know it's not crazy sales, but it's only a few files - and was only a couple images at the beginning - I have 24 as of last week).  Would I prefer $25 or $100 for the work, yes, but in micro this will do just fine.

Do you give lessons?  I would take a class from you on setting up proper lighting for animals - you have it down to an art. 8) 

I was going to tell you to submit to calendar agencies as well as greeting card companies, besides stock.  They do take submissions directly - you would need the PHOTOGRAPHER'S MARKET book (sorry if I shouldn't list it here) - it lists all agencies as well as their submission guidelines.  But, that's only for US and Canada - not sure where you are...

Again - fantastic shots!

GLStock / Re: GraphicLeftovers - any good news?
« on: April 23, 2011, 22:41 »
ah! good to know.  ;)

GLStock / Re: GraphicLeftovers - any good news?
« on: April 22, 2011, 22:48 »
I have - with a small port of 20ish images, and 2 months or so on there, I have over 300 views and no sales.

Veer / Re: How is veer with vectors?
« on: April 20, 2011, 22:57 »
2nd Follow up - finally approved after 17 days - boy, that was the longest I've waited yet to see if I can be a contributor...

(I know some of you are with sites where it takes much longer)  ;)

Veer / Re: Unacceptable review times at Veer
« on: April 19, 2011, 21:15 »
Finally -  I guess 17 days was the right number for me.  10 out of 10 approved.  I guess I was worried for nothing.

Now, lets see how it performs...

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