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Thanks all for your opinions.
I re-submitted without any change on 2-November and I finally got review details only yesterday 12-November.
Although it wasn't accepted to publish, the reason is very resonable this time ;) Not "Unreleased people".

What was it then !?  (?_?)


Thank you for pointing out !  1 & 2  are very helpful.
As I am a newbie to iStock and easyrelease, pls excuse me to post these questions. ( I might miss something)

  • I still wonder if iStock really won't accept MR without DOB ?
    easyrelease can't keep original signature even after i edit ?

As easyrelease doesn't quite require "birthday of model", I didn't ask her BD because I just met her and she is definitely a grown-up, which is what easyrelase says, you know "as long as shooter can choose if model is either adult or minor, DOB is not mandatory" something like this.
However, iStock wouldn't accept MR without DOB.
The biggest problem of easeyrelease is signature will be gone if MR is edited, so I can't add DOB now.
Luckily I had gotten her phone number and asked her DOB when my submittion requested me revision but how can I add the DOB because I have no plan to meet her in person. I somehow added her BOD manually ( in JPEG, drawing) . Does iStock accept that ? I re-re-submitted anyway with personal note.

phew,, this is so tiring.....

3 / Revision Reasons - Release: Unreleased people
« on: October 23, 2018, 09:30 »

I found a similar topic but it was rather old and microstock recommended to post a new topic.
I am a quite newbie to iStock. Recent submission was rejected because "Unreleased people".
It is a 4-series-photo and each phoco includes only a man in it (the same man and absolutely no one else) and I attached a release. 4 of them were required to revision.

I wonder if reviewers are robots ? (I quickly read those topic in here, too !) 
Should I re-submit without any change ?  If anyone has had the same situation, please share your experience. I might be missing something.

Thanks all !

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