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My latest earnings report shows the earnings for the main stock agencies I submit to (including 500px). So that will give you an idea of the bigger sellers (as does the poll on the right). But I have 12000 images, so your earnings with 5 will not be huge!


thanks steve for your advices that was very helpful for me...

Is 500px exclusive?  If yes, then no.  If no, then yes.
thanks for you reply pics are not i guess i m gonna try my chance on another imagestock...but a little bit confused which one to begin with...any advice??
thanks a lot

hello everyone...i m an amateur photographer... new here...
i ve a portfolio on 500px with 7 liscenced images RF no sales yet...just want to know if i could sell the same images on shutterstock or other microstock agency considering the price differencies...
and please tell me your opinion about my 500 px portfolio...i m not specialized in some category is the link:


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