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Do you have your portfolio somewhere other than SS?

If we can see it, maybe we can identify the reasons why you were removed from SS.

I have already mentioned that I do not want to show my portfolio for security reasons. I was mainly looking for help on how to contact Shutterstock so that they communicate with me.

So that no one really has any advice on how to help me? Any advice how could I contact a particular person at Shutterstock to help me? My 6-year work ceased to exist day by day even though I am not aware of any violation.

Unfortunately no one here can help. Only SS will be able to give you specifics on what happened. 😞

I did find this:

You're probably right, I'm going to wait, thank you.

Yes, I'm about to call Shutterstock, I am waiting for my friend which can speak English very well.

Do you have a link to your portfolio on another website so we can check if similar videos come up? Also, it's a bit strange that it was your first post here after 6 years of hard work.

After what happened, I am afraid to present my work in any way. I believe you will understand.

I did not know this site, the site was recommended to me from a forum in my home country.

So that no one really has any advice on how to help me? Any advice how could I contact a particular person at Shutterstock to help me? My 6-year work ceased to exist day by day even though I am not aware of any violation.

I think youll have to wait for a reply from infringement claims email address mentioned in the email.

Other than that, could it be that youve submitted the same content to blackbox, or youve submitted public domain content?

I do not understand so much. I don't know what a blackbox is. Public domain content is not available at Shutterstock, at least in my experience. All content is royalty-free. I don't offer any of my videos for free.

There are some long and tematic videos on my youtube account edited from my videos, but if someone steals these videos and sells them, it is a scam and must be punished, not me.

likewise, if all your work is original - perhaps someone stole your content, and is submitting it as 'their' own...

in which case I would ask them about that. easy to prove, etc.

I do not upload the work of other authors. If what you write happens, they should block the author who uploads the video a second time.

I started experiencing my biggest nightmare since Tuesday night (30.7). I was unable to log in to my contributing account, and when resetting my password, I was told that the account was disabled. My account with approximately 21,320 videos has been disabled and no video can be found on the site. I only received this message after I contacted Shutterstock.

Hi Lukas,

Thank you for contacting Shutterstock Contributor Care.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and would be glad to assist you with that.

Shutterstock has discovered that you are submitting images that were previously submitted to Shutterstock. As this is a violation of the Submitter TOS you agreed to upon signing up as a Shutterstock contributor, your account has been disabled. 

If you believe this is an error, please contact [email protected] by opening a new case with an explanation for why you are submitting previously submitted images, along with any proof of your ownership to the images.

For more information, please feel free to visit our Support Center.

Shutterstock Contributor Care Team

I'm not aware of any intentional offense. I don't upload my videos twice or upload them to two accounts. I'm not uploading videos of another creator. It seems unlikely to have very similar videos with another author at website. I have an antivirus on my computer. I'm not aware of a computer attack.

It's been 6 days since the last time someone at Shutterstock answered me. The email above is the only communication.

I'm very helpless and I don't know who to contact anymore. I have contacted Shutterstock several times without answer. I do not understand this behavior towards authors. Shutterstock account is my main source of income.

I hope the videos aren't deleted, I'm really desperate. Every minute is frustrating. Anyone have any experience with the same problem? Does anyone have any advice?

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