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General - Stock Video / Re: To 4K or to not 4K...
« on: February 20, 2021, 20:08 »
...unless you only have a camera that shoots in 720p.
Sell it to antique dealer!  ;D

General - Stock Video / Re: To 4K or to not 4K...
« on: February 20, 2021, 15:10 »
it's all about content,not resolution or equipment..btw mobile phones are not the choise if you take stock seriously...even the best mobile is thousand miles away from a crappy camera...
Yes, it's about content. And how seriously can you take stock? Prices are falling so that soon you will have to pay to them to use your work and contributors are leaving by hordes.

I just stop reading when SS called woman of "color".... LOL! You see In Europe, specially in Portugal, that is racist because we are educated that people don't actually have colors but they just different ethnicity. For instance here and in Spain "Negro" is the correct answer because Black is too much racist. you can find this in wiki too: But I know that is different in other cultures like USA where it seems Black is the right answer aside from Martin Luther King, Jr. called his own race as "Negro" in his famous "I Have a Dream" speech of 1963.
SS automatically blocks "offensive" words in description. Not sure about keywords, didn't try after I got the angry red pop up message about Latin word "Nigra" being unacceptable. It wasn't even about a person, there's a 2000 years old Roman gate in German city of Trier that is called The Black Gate or in original Latin "Porta Nigra". I'm pretty sure people would search it by "Porta Nigra" as that's the most popular name, at least in this region. No other agency had any problem with the word.

General - Stock Video / Re: To 4K or to not 4K...
« on: February 20, 2021, 12:58 »
Mobile phones now take 4K, blink and everybody will be taking 4K, probably already do if they know where their phone's camera settings are. Rather ask is it worth going higher than 4K? In stock sites I'm on this is still the highest option but for how long? If you want to upgrade and spend your money take the best technology at the moment, it will get outdated too soon anyway.

Off Topic / Re: stock photo reviewer job
« on: January 13, 2021, 17:51 »

There is no CV for it :-(

CV is something you write yourself. Internet is full of examples and advice how to write one. It's necessary because it tells your next employer what you know and can do.

Hi! Looks like the earnings on 123RF are get calculated "total + last month" which makes the amount shown in M+ unrealistic high. I wish though it was true :)

Those images I uploaded on Dreamstime yesterday are all submitted and accepted and show as online, also got the approval email. True, they also show as Unfinished files. Looks more like their problem not ours.

What is it with Dreamstime now? They were quite user friendly. Actually I submitted a few photos just this Tuesday and they went ok. Would be sad to lose a good agency.

They have replied to a few of those users who have contacted them.
Told them that we should contact them to discuss it further.
We have sent them another message directly to the email address they were replying to the users from. Still awaiting a response.
If you would like to help out you can contact them as well :)

I did sent a message to their support. No answer yet if you don't count the automatic one saying they got mine. Right now submitted half a handful images to all my agencies, let's see what happens.

What is it with Dreamstime now? They were quite user friendly. Actually I submitted a few photos just this Tuesday and they went ok. Would be sad to lose a good agency.

MicrostockSubmitter / Re: Stocksubbmitter acces denied
« on: August 04, 2020, 02:57 »
Today I get "502 Bad Gateway nginx" on two different computers each connected to different network.

123RF / Re: my balance is negative
« on: August 04, 2020, 02:52 »
Ouch. And what does support say? Will you update please, it's important for everybody who is contributing there to know how it happened.

That's really weird.
Could you provide an example of a file ID that you've specified categories for but they have changed?
I didn't pay that much attention, just kept working, but if it happens again, surely, I'll note the IDs. Thanks!

1. No, not really, if I select categories manually then I select all 3 and their subcategories too. If I start with keywords then the machine does the categories and I check them. So if I did them myself I thought that was it, but no, they do change after (during) the keywords are done.

Hi!  :) I love that M+ gives categories automatically when I fill the keywords. I don't like when it overrides the categories I put in manually before filling keywords. Just now resulted in 2 the same, had to change = unnecessary extra work, and it's the best case, possibly I haven't noticed it and some photos have carelessly filled metadata.

Also the pop message "Conformation All uploads have been completed. Do you want to......."  when uploading. I just want to keep doing what I was doing but this message always jumps forward and makes a mess with my work. It always appears exactly when I have a photo half way to "Drop the files here".

 :) Thanks

P.S. I also like that there is a place like this where I can moan and it is taken into account and site keeps improving!

Hi, Niakris! Is there some kind of manual somewhere to read. I see there are lots of nice functions and colourful buttons but have no idea what do they do. The Support centre only has about problems but I mean for normal educated everyday use.

And this is the specific question I tried to find answers to: Can I submit video footage files without using FTP? To all agencies or to which ones? Can I upload a video to M+ and proceed the same as with a photo - title, description, keywords, press submit button? Or what do I do?

I can't figure out how can I attach an existing property release to a photo.  :-\ Found how to attach one from Stock Submitter (I don't have anything there, no account, no releases, no photos, nada) or how to create (I have the release already, no need to create). Present situation: photo on M+, release on computer. How to unite them?

Hi Niakris,

I used today for the first time M+ everything went fine i did the tagging etc, then uploaded/sent the files and the page went blank saying Not Found. I'm using Mac, what to do with that?


The same here - not found, using Mac, tried on iPad too.
 Hope you are ok, Niakris.

MicrostockSubmitter / Re: Red flame?
« on: March 04, 2020, 14:18 »
Oh, good! I thought it was a tear drop!  ;D

General Stock Discussion / Re: Say Bye to Opting-Out
« on: February 25, 2020, 08:51 »
Maybe I mixed up now and haven't opted out of anything. Def got some nice Enhanced downloads. Peanuts is what stock is about. Subscriptions bring even less peanuts. I don't have any real treasures out there, nor anything that can be used as defamatory etc.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Say Bye to Opting-Out
« on: February 25, 2020, 05:12 »
   Enhanced Licenses allow customers to use your content in high-profile projects, such as film and television, incorporation into merchandise for sale, wall art for commercial spaces, and print runs over 500,000.
I get why we opt out from sensitive use, I did it too. But why opt out from Enhanced Licenses? What's wrong with those? Customers pay good money for those and let them use as they want. What is it I missed? It's not a rhetoric question, I really want to know.

Thanks! The more I learn how to use M+ the more I like it! :)

All the fresh Microstock+ news in a single article :)
I like the new improvements!  :) Noticed some already while working.

A quick question: Is there a way to upload a file to the same agency repeatedly? First I made a mistake in description, corrected it, then pressed the upload to checked agency for second time. No idea if it worked because for some files I corrected the descriptions manually in the agency, yes, I'm chaotic.

Also is it possible to reupload in case I want them to reconsider the rejection? The rejections in SS for example seem very random recently.


Clean records have value.

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