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Just recover this thread to update you people how things are going in terms of using AI human realistic 3d models. I found this on youtube ( and it's pretty amazing what we can do already if we merge SSGI plug in with in Blender 3d software.

I think in a year or two most this will start to be a common practice for at least commercial photos.

Lina, I am sorry to ear your case. Probably you need to be in the same "page" as them.

Anyway just let you know that you can import psd files into Affinity and also convert to be open in photoshop.
There are tutorials around internet and youtube that can help you with that.

Oh! One other thing... Affinity is now 27,99/lifetime but you can try it for free too.
Maybe you can see if this can work for you. 

I unsubscribe yesterday.
i had all apps but i was just using it for after effects. I find Davinci real better for editing.
But now I am going to try Fusion. it seems very good,  its free and it's more used here for commercials and movies.
I think there is no point of spending 36,89 a month when i can get better for free now.

starting cut somewhere.
love you too adobe :-)

Hi, Lets read this from other point of view, ok Matt?

Today Adobe Stock announced Pro Edition, a new plan for Creative Cloud for Teams and Enterprises...

1) which supplies UNLIMITED downloads from OUR WORK collection of photos, illustrations, and vectors.
2) Adobe TAKES 67% of the sale.

Adobe Stock DOESN'T DO ANYTHING besides giving us storage and cannot really justify why is taking 67% of it.

My remarks: I will never buy anything from Adobe until i can download UNLIMITED TIMES your software too.

Best regards

Have account on mintable, opensea and rarible. For mintable and opensea you don't need to pay gas upfront now. There is a lot of hype and to be honest i did not put on sale yet. Last year I just register and put some of my work for fun there but not available for sale.

I did not try the invitation yet for Superare, foundation or nifty gateway. the invitation process requires an interview video, website and/or a lot of social media accounts (more is better). I heard rumors that this last three takes a cut from your sale but i could not understand exactly how much.   

For Stock Photo & Video Marketplace there is a site that is being build for NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens). It's not launched yet but you can joined the email list so you know when it will be launched. I know this from "photerloo" youtube channel 2/3 weeks ago... the site:​ 

There is other one called where you can mint with different coins instead of Ethereum with BSC and xDAI. Never tried...

In my opinion nowadays it does not really pay shooting models for micro stock. I don't do that for at least 4-5 years...

If you read model release carefully It exposes the model to be used for a lot of undesirable things and you get paid to little for it. Sometimes cents...
People use the closest ones like family and friends to this but please don't forget that we should be the first one to protect them. 

But to get the idea... An agency with a specific client work using an (simple person) model pays around 75-150 /day depending the media type (book cover, tv, magazines or web). This is an controlled environment. Both you and model know the purpose of the shoot and where will be exactly used. It can't be used for anything else.


NFT's are here since bitcoin and your work is already copyrighted by law.

I will sum this talk for you with 2 questions...
Are you an well known artist? Do you want to spend 60-80$ for gas to buy NFT's for your digital work?

If you respond yes to these questions than this can be for you and maybe you can win 1 million dollars like Beeple 3d artist did a couple months ago.
Otherwise continue creating work and do social media so one day it justifies to buy nft's to sell original copies of your work.
Beeple also did that for 10 years before buying an NFT last year.


i don't know if this suits your will/needs but nowadays you have the option to token your work with an NFT (non-fungible token).

This means cryptoart.

Non-fungible token is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique; NFTs are thus not mutually interchangeable. This is in contrast to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and many network or utility tokens, that are fungible in nature. see

Anyway If this interests you try maybe site.  Forget Superare or Christie's which are more for gallery works. I remind you that It's expensive to token your work and this measure not prevent copycats but only the actual exact image. See this Guy tutorial about this

Hope this info help you.


General Stock Discussion / Re: Quality of stock photo
« on: March 08, 2021, 16:25 »

all the best for your article! cheers

According to shutterstock these Consolidated Statements of Operations, balance sheets and so on is data unaudited.
This financial report could be better or worse. We will only see if this correct after audit certification. right?

Pond5 / Re: Unusual rejection reason
« on: March 04, 2021, 08:39 »
Hi! this happened to me too in P5.

If you're resubmitting the same clip you will get the double detection. Double detection reads metadata of your file. So the workaround that i found was to render it again. That will create a new metadata ID for your clip and will be good to go.   

When you edit your 8mm clip before submit to review you got at the end "curator note".
Just write there "Native format 8mm 4:3" and use some tags like 8mm, old film, archival in the description.
Sometimes It will pass but others not really. I suspect not all curators read the notes that I put in the clips.

Anyway after review simply send the reply with your justification in case of rejection. That worked for me.

In terms of sales it didn't match my expectations. But each case is one case... GL!

I do agree in Polite and be constructive even if it is bad feedback. And you always can use humor to point that out.
This reminds me of how two state figures used it in my country while one defined the government's work to fight COVID.
 "your work looks like the fine flower of the rubble" - which is also a title from a book.

I am sorry... but who is Jon Oringer?
I thought it was Devil character in the movie Devil's advocate... ;D   

VideoBlocks / Re: Is Storyblocks worth uploading video to?
« on: March 02, 2021, 06:14 »
OK.  Don't know what decent money really means...
I suppose each one of us as its own value for that. please let me know if you buy a Ferrari with that.  ;D
Wish you well with that "system". 

VideoBlocks / Re: Is Storyblocks worth uploading video to?
« on: March 02, 2021, 03:05 »
Storyblocks... pfff!

Getting unlimited downloads does not get us anywhere!

Besides there are people who use it to promote Affiliate marketing products almost for free on ytb. Recently Storyblocks join vidnami (video editor online) where people can use for 14 days trial and make videos. For 47$ a month the client create unlimited videos with a few clicks among 790,000 Storyblocks Video Clips

Imagine how much someone can produce/earn by promoting products of clickbank or other affiliate marketing agency while doing video almost for free....

This fractal that you claim is The Mandelbrot set fractal. It's called "The thumb print of God" and it was not invented but discovered (
In other words... fractal geometry.

Don't get me wrong but your work is based on a zoom magnification picture of a well known fractal shape called Mandelbrot. Not only is it easy to copycat the idea as i think the picture itself is from Mandelbrot loop with a circle in a middle to cover the continuity of the shape being formed.

Can someone claim copyright of that? i doubt.
Maybe if you produce a unique shape and not the actual spin. Which is originally made by Mandelbrot shape itself when an infinite loop of the fractal is mathematically performed.

You can find what i am talking about exactly in Art of Code here:  ( time: (15:42 to 16:45) )


Image of dunes with different background skies are very poor to my standards. I mean the images don't even respect the light at all. it seems like a copy+paste of 2 images in one. This guy have skills... but probably not related all to photography. ;D

SS blocks automatically a lot of things....

Personally i find this site behavior like a bot "being" a bot in almost everything.
i already see some companies here start to go more for adobe instead SS for video.  When i ask why there were a lot of reasons:  "no personal assistance" for some of purchases, licenses clearance specially for subscriptions, double payments, lack of feedback in time....

i smiled.   

General - Stock Video / Re: To 4K or to not 4K...
« on: February 20, 2021, 15:46 »
Hi, I share the same view: Content is king! not resolution or best high tech camera.
In my case.... almost 95% of portfolio is hd. Rest is 4k or 8k.
I also having the sense that there are much more sales nowadays with content made with smartphones HD than with last big cam (even set in HD). I think this is due to fact that smartphones are very portable,  less intrusive,  ready to shoot everywhere you go and some with even water resistible. Despite i love big gear i must say that can't beat this daily life advantages of smartphone.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Future Of Stock Photography
« on: February 19, 2021, 16:11 »
will start?! its been already happening since at least a year or so.... even i already sold image made with ai gan.
I think its pretty obvious that will boost microstock companies in some categories. But I doubt that will be for all industry specially for news and documentary stuff.

"Please change your labeling of your photography on shutter stock as it is it is not even kinda racist.  You referring to a woman of color ...."

I just stop reading when SS called woman of "color".... LOL! You see In Europe, specially in Portugal, that is racist because we are educated that people don't actually have colors but they just different ethnicity. For instance here and in Spain "Negro" is the correct answer because Black is too much racist. you can find this in wiki too: But I know that is different in other cultures like USA where it seems Black is the right answer aside from Martin Luther King, Jr. called his own race as "Negro" in his famous "I Have a Dream" speech of 1963.

So it depends actually of the culture background. I know that "Afro Hair" is the exact term in Guinea West Africa since I lived there for a year. Also is the same word in Portugal. Probably is an offensive term in USA. In this case you should delete for something which can not give you so much trouble like "African Hair Style".

22 / Re: Anyone get paid from SS yet?
« on: February 16, 2021, 18:58 »
Kind strange to see contributors not being payed and same time SS claims better income wins...

Shutterstock Q4 Investor Report February 2021 is already online here:  (

Anyway i do find interesting in investor plan the idea of start to monetize data assets too... did i get this right?


There is another way of think this:
upload your video in youtube and use music from someone.
creating an audience to artist is the flaw of microstock sites but the key to success for any artist.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Shutterstock acquires Turbosquid
« on: January 27, 2021, 06:52 »
hi, do you know ? i think this will answer half of your question. there's a lot of lifestyle, business etc. Some are rigged and some are posed. you can buy one for 39$ or a bundle for 279$.  My last post was the workflow process to match the needs of changing/create new face or body for 3d model.

So my point is this: 3d scanned models (photogrammetry)  combined with machine learning Ai can build a lot of humans in poses that doesn't exist. Roughly same process of face generator but you have to scan T-poses of body instead of just face. So you only have to pick the one you like more in thousands made in secs.  During october 2019 I already saw some tests of AI Gan but were made to create characters and not real people.  Therefore these renderpeople companies will be the new microstock agencies since they can offer better solutions that single photo of "Young family with children having fun in nature" can't if a client wants this people having fun but in different park or even now at home because of pandemic. 

General Stock Discussion / Re: Shutterstock acquires Turbosquid
« on: January 26, 2021, 21:05 »
For example, Nowadays you don't need real people you can use some GAN Ai services and create a face that doesn't exist. Photo shoots are much more easier and cheap than rent studio, hire people and real models.  We can do it almost everything in a Pc with a 3d environment.

I think photo-realistic CG models in lifestyle shots is still a bit of a long way off. I don't think I've ever seen one, let alone enough for it to be commonplace.

There's already plenty of models 3D scanned with fotorealistic details selling for less than 10$. you can find that in tbsquid, cgtrader and others. Also you can buy cloths or create them in marvelous designer.  In terms of body positions you can use Mixamo or rokoko to make the mocaps. And if you use Ai Gan to make a new face  like this . Just apply to new body with zbrush to retouch model and match/tune color with substance sw.

For animations i think improve needs to be made but for photos? - I bet you won't tell the difference between real and Ai. 

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