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MicrostockSubmitter / Best stock photo submitter and video
« on: May 29, 2020, 16:38 »
Hello guys, whats the best stock submitter for multiple sites? Stocksubmitter recommended? also what about for video? Is Blackbox the only multiple site submitter?

Newbie Discussion / Editorial vs Commercial
« on: May 08, 2020, 12:16 »
What is the difference? What makes it editorial and what makes it commercial? Trying to figure out if my clips would be considered EDITORIAL or Commercial? Thanks in advance.

The real money for musicians lies in touring

A $9.99 download on a program like iTunes nets artists a modest 94 cents, less than a 10% cut. The record company takes $5.35 and Apple keeps the remaining $3.70.

Artists get nine cents for each individual song downloaded on Napster and iTunes. You would need to get about 13,000 downloads a month to equal minimum wage.

Being a musician is worse than trying to be a digital photographer. Anyone with a pencil and paper can be an artist and draw. Musicians work hard and study for years to get underpaid because honestly, really good guitar players are on every street corner. That's how some make a living. Singers are even more common. Buy a camera and make 15% is better than what musicians in the real world make. Sure there are some stars and then the other 99%. Same for Microstock.

Dare to dream and hope you make it, but a dose of reality is also good for the soul. Don't expect that the world will come to you, expect that you need to be different and the best of the best just to barely make it in the arts.

Absolutely not! You are incorrect. It costs a lot of money to tour. Only the biggest artists in the world make money touring (and they of course make a lot of it). Most struggle to break even and most often lose money. That means most artists that are not Avicii/Kygo/Ed Sheeran. Even bands with several albums out that are somewhat famous don't make much money touring.

Your iTunes numbers can be anything from 0% to 70%. It all depends on the contracts. There is no normal. An indie artist gets 70%, and there are more and more of those making decent money. A big new artist with upfront money from the label makes 0% until the upfront money is paid back. This can be a couple of hundred thousand dollars.

The good money is in licensing for non-superstars (and sometimes merchandise if you are good at branding).

It is much easier to make money (licensing/stock etc.) with music than photography, trust me on this one. Sure, there are lots of musicians in this world, but you can't write, record and produce a selling track by accident. That is indeed possible with photography. And there are countless more photographers than musicians in the world.

There are many more opportunities for a track to make money after the sync fee in the form of YouTube money and PRO money (broadcast). This is not available for images/footage.

A placement in a commercial can easily get you an extra $1,000-2,000, and sometimes MUCH more. A bigger commercial that runs for a while can mean an extra $20-40k.

I've had major publishing deals for TV, had my music on MTV, ESPN, TSN, NBC, ABC, all major TV networks. Never got close to 20-40k per commercial.

Hey guys, for all you drone 4k video stock creators or video creators, just wondering if anyone is removing digital noise and frame flicker that we get from alot of the DJI Mavic Pro drone shots that is avoidable. Also is everyone stabilizing there footage as well to make extra smooth? Please advise. Thanks!

Awesome. Thanks for the great tips and advice. Will do.

Hi there,

Shoot, trim, remove audio, color correct, light grade, render upload, add keywords etc, pray :P

Top agencies? Most of them in the same row (perhaps i am wrong)
 Top (i believe) might be Vimeo, Filmsupply etc.

I think 5sec is the minimum accepted.
Length goes with the action. You cut to the pauses
Boy offering flower, cut, girl smiling with flower, cut, boy kiss girl holding flowers, cut, etc.etc.

In my case i don't live from stock by any chance.
But other people with better ports do. Take your chances!

Read the related threads and try for yourself, the only way to have correct personal results.
If you want a subjective opinion, avoid agencies that offer to do your homework for you.
Read the aggrements every time before rushing to upload.

Hope it helps :)

General - Stock Video / Newbie stock video footage questions
« on: April 22, 2020, 23:06 »
Hello good day guys, great forum with tons of experienced stock photographers/videographers. I'm sorry for the newbie questions, just getting started with stock footage.

I have a couple questions:

What is the optimum workflow for stock video? Edit usable clips, than color correct, than metadata(keyword) than upload to multiple sites?

What are the top Stock Agencies you recommend in uploading to? Is there any to stay away from?

Does the actual clip length matter? Is there a recommended clip length? Better longer or shorter? Is there incentives to longer clips. I see a lot of short 4 second clips. Seems like the minimum amount of clip time.
4, 10, 20 second, 30 seconds? Should I be cutting to a certain second? I assume there longer clips are worth more and can charge more?

Can you make a living of stock footage?

Is there any best site or recommended Stock Agency to upload your videos and photos? I see a lot on Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Vimeo Stock, Pond5? Is it best to upload all pictures/videos to all sites?

Thanks again and any input would be much appreciated.

Microstock Services / Re: Is Stocksubmitter safe?
« on: April 21, 2020, 20:12 »
Thanks, great info.

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