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Dreamstime.com / Re: Any tips for good keywording on Dreamstime?
« on: February 06, 2024, 00:14 »
It's no different from other sites.
Embed the keywords as metadata in your images and save yourself the extra work of adding keywords for Dreamstime or any other agency.

I usually copy/paste my keywords from Shutterstock to Dreamstime.

You may need to look at your files in 200% to detect the artifacts or banding they are looking for.

Currently I am now reprocessing files with the stable diffusion upscaler instead of gigapixel and uploading smaller sizes, 2000*3500 etc...and the reprocessed files in smaller size are being accepted.

I really appreciate the much faster reviews. Makes a huge difference, bec<yue I can just process a few test files from a series, see if they get accepted, if not, reprocess and try again until I have a processing that works for the reviewers.

Fast reviews lead to a much happier community vibe because at least now you at least have a chance to get content on line in time and respond to fresh trends.

Cobalt,  Other than downsizing what process do you use: detail, structure, denoise? 

I'm reminded of scams that offer real estate that the seller doesn't actually own.  (Probably not the case in this particular post, maybe?)

General Stock Discussion / Never mind
« on: November 16, 2023, 21:53 »
Microstockgroup's history linked me to my answer after posting.

When submitting to Adobe you are given two choices for file type.
When submitting photo realistic AI,  should you submit as a photo or illustration?
Do you think this is a sticking point that could get an image refused?

General Stock Discussion / What aspect ratio sells best for you?
« on: October 27, 2023, 01:16 »
Guess I've previously been myopic in only uploading 16 X 9 stills and video.  Since many sales are to social media blogs, I've started to upload more vertical assets.  What aspect ratio sells best for you?

End of February, sold one photo for $659.53.  It's a problem, since it will never happen again and I'll alway be disappointed with every day's earnings.

For a second upload, include in the notes to editor "Previously submitted."   If it applies, in the title, description & keywords say: deliberate soft focus, bokeh, shallow depth of field. focus is on ---, etc...   Sky replacement and downsizing are also good ideas.  For soft focus rejections I have had luck with just very minor increases to detail and structure.

Early on, I did reverse image searches and found a couple of illegal uses on commercial websites and got them to voluntarily remove them.  It is an added effort I no longer care to make.  Shooting, editing, getting rejected, reedit and resubmitting takes up enough time.  Searching for my images on the web that are not there is an unprofitable endeavor.  But finding my stolen images, trying to contact the thief and getting no positive outcome is an ego deflating proposition.  I'm not going to hire an international lawyer over the loss of 10 cents.

One of Shutterstock's typical rejections is for noise.  I can usually fix stills by tweaking detail and structure.  Are there similar fixes when submitting video?  (I don't have photoshop, just iMovie and Lightroom.) Thanks.

Yes, you can fix noise with video software also. Sorry, I am not familiar with iMovie,  I am not sure if is possible to do it with IMovie.
.  Have you a software to recommend that cleans video?

One of Shutterstock's typical rejections is for noise.  I can usually fix stills by tweaking detail and structure.  Are there similar fixes when submitting video?  (I don't have photoshop, just iMovie and Lightroom.) Thanks.

Level 4 is an easy reach, but doubt I'll ever enter level 5.


I've never sold anything there but maybe you need more photos than the free account allows to sell there anyway. Any thoughts?

You are probably correct.  They only allow 200 photos in the free account.  But I'm philosophically opposed to paying agencies for hosting on top of also taking a cut of my sales.

Received an email from Picfair stating they were doing away with their free "Lite" plan and that portfolios would no longer be viewable without the purchase of a paid "Pro" account.  I've never sold a single image on Picfair so closing the account is not an issue, but I'm worried Adobe and Shutterstock will follow this example.

And will the payout for this more relaxed review policy remain the same or less?

Something unusual is happening over at Shutterstock.   I usually have a depressing amount of rejections after a long wait.  Today they are accepting my usual type of photos, but accepting EVERYTHING and the review time is nearly instantaneous.   

I'm wondering if maybe so many contributors have pulled their portfolios, that the servers are emptying to a level where robot reviews automatically kick in to a less critical review?   Is this a possibility?

Today I read the future and it is not stock photography!  A young female influencer is using GPT-4 API tech to create an AI chatbot.  Her subscribers pay $1/ minute to talk to it.  She is now on target to make $5 million a month!  (Got to wonder what her costs are, but still... ) Time for all us old dudes to create fake female personas so other old dudes will pay to talk to our AI creations.     https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/influencers-ai-clone-girlfriend-1-121319554.html

Supply and demand.  AI is the future.

General - Top Sites / Deleted
« on: April 11, 2023, 06:18 »
(Found my answer in an earlier post.)

MidJourney pulled the plug on free trials today.
Who still has the best free or trial version?

Also, which stock agencies are accepting AI?

Holy cow! Amazing! Congrats!
. Thanks very much.

Congratulations am absolutely amazed - on the funny side if that was me I would probably have to pay the hospital bill with it after I had a heart attack from shock haha!
. Ha.  Stay healthy.  Thank you.

Congratulations.  SS remains my poorest earner, but it's good to know that even here, someone is willing to pay (and SS is holding out for) $2-3000 for a license.
Thank you.

I bow to you, Master of Microstock! :-O
. You are too kind.

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