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I think what frightens me from the outside looking in, is that Trump got so many votes after being very open about his racism, bigotry, misogyny, and openly lying about so much, so often, while promoting divisiveness and hate and ignoring a pandemic that is killing thousands upon thousands. It goes well beyond party loyalty in my opinion, this is cult behavior.

Not sure Biden is the right guy, but literally anything is better than what you have now, even Pence would be better. At least they might show up to work.
We always think it's worst but there is always worse to see in furure

New year is coming.. Dont know if I should laugh or pitty for those whose portfolio still up in ss and planning to continue with shitterstock (even my phone dictionary is now adapted to "Shitterstock") 😅

Image Sleuth / Re: Selling POD stuff, are there any rules?
« on: December 30, 2020, 00:57 »
Amazon is complete fraud  ;D they check nothing about sellers before putting up their products in their sites 😂😂

General Stock Discussion / Re: Agencies hiding something from us?
« on: December 21, 2020, 11:01 »
few years back i saw 2-3 of my footage in different ads/movie (in different period of time) 1 was exclusively in getty so i asked them and after few months they replied me with sale report.
 The others were selling in multiple microstock agencies and i emailed all of them and they denied, didnt get paid for them, I was also reluctant at that time as i was busy in my own project so i didnt work much to track them. They were my own because in 1 footage, there was a symbol of an antique objects which was with me. Others were also showing some certain signs of my belonging.
I had a feeling that microstock sites do sell some or many of our files without our knowledge

So it's like.. Share the profit, share the punishment. If its true then it teaches that if you can take benefits of higher commission by uploading in a mass, you will have to bear its side effects too as a group.

Thank you. My husband of 53 years died Tuesday night, peacefully and painlessly with me at his side. It was a relief in many ways, because he had suffered through a long, difficult series of events. He is at peace now, and I am too.

This was not Covid or any normal disease. In 2011, he suffered through two rounds of viral encephalitis (an extremely rare inflammation of the brain). Although he survived that, it left him with brain damage and epilepsy. Managing the epilepsy has dominated our lives these last 9 years, but about 6 weeks ago the medications stopped working. He developed an end-stage condition called Status epilepticus, where the seizures just go on and on and on with stopping. His lasted 48 hours before they finally burned out.

If anyone is curious, Johns Hopkins University has a clear explanation on its website:
Sorry to hear Martha. May his soul rest in peace...

Pond5 / Re: One dollar video sales
« on: December 11, 2020, 23:39 »
Recently I got two sales of HD videos, and my commission was $1.06 each. The price listed for the videos on Pond5 is 40. Shouldn't I get at least 40% commission? How is this fair? I thought Pond5 was embracing fairness toward contributors as its core value in opposition to other agencies like Shutterstock. :(
If you have opted in their LLP plan then videos are sold for that price only. If not then it isn't right

Do you guys have some professional use of your drone or you have bought them just for stock/microstock ? can i see your drone videos somewhere ?

I shoot lots of documentaries for some TV channels!..buying expensive drones just for stock is a complete waste of time!
Exactly.. unless someone's primary earning is from such high end drones why would one buy it specially in current scenario of stock sites

Do you guys have some professional use of your drone or you have bought them just for stock/microstock ? can i see your drone videos somewhere ?

Mavic 2 Pro has a much larger sensor, so you'll get better quality images, less noise and it'll be better in low light.
yes. costly too :)

I am using Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 and Mavic Pro 2.
Have you used mavic air 2? Is there much difference in mivic 2 pro and air 2 to submit for stock?

General Stock Discussion / Re: Fine Arts America.
« on: December 07, 2020, 00:14 »
zazzle is dead for me -- don't think i made $5 all year.  FAA at least has a few more sales
Oh that's nice. I also don't upload to zazzle anymore still make ocassional sales and yesterday only saw that I have made more in zazzle than shutterstock till date. Though I have removed all footage and images from ss long back and it has just handful images there now. Probably I should start FAA now though I don't like shooting images these days

Hello everyone,
Which drone do you use for stock video? I am planning to buy my 1st drone for mainly stock footage shooting but thing is its not available in my country and need to get it from amazon USA I guess. So which drone would you suggest considering it should have 4k footage quality and compact light weight design so that it's easy to carry and also easy to drive with useful feature like anti collide system in it.
Thanks in advance


New account in Adobe is 19 pages?  this guy is busy. where he mentioned his adobe was blocked, in some other video he accepts, his adobe earning is low, it might be other story if he had his 1st account.. i dont remember which video was that

I was reading ss forum, old ones also. some contributors who had disabled their port now again up for sale. i dont know whats the use of crying then.
And 1-2 contributors bragging their earning despite SS made changes and their comments in forum make me feel as if they are speaking on behalf of SS and trying to convince others to keep uploading in SS and like video sale for 1-2 $ dont matter, what matters how you earn at the end and how you have chance to earn big money occasionally in SS hahaha


I'd be suspicious of the YouTube guy, but I know people here will just decide SS is evil and condemn them.

SS IS evil, and yes, they should be condemned. But I agree theres more to the story. Clearly.
May be you guys are right, i dont know. Because in one video he mentioned that his adobe stock account was also blocked so he made another new account in adobe... what can be the reason according to you for his ss account ban ? You are right that we become biased when we hear only one side but its also true that SS is an evil now

Its beyond my understanding that how one can not show his OWN earning... he was not showing someone else earning. Its what he earned.  These sites are just mediator and once they pay the contributors their share of income, the stock sites role should end here. After that what someone is doing with that money, if he shows it to others or not its out of these sites' control criteria.
In fact that guy was promoting SS and he said in video that many others joined SS watching his earning videos.
It literally means that SS wants to hide from others how low they can pay or something else.
     In getty forum also when someone asked that he wants to sell rights of one of his file and that how he can remove it from getty, the moderator started enquiring him that how the buyer finds his file and the buyer should have come to getty to get that file as that file must be available with getty only.
That contributor then politely reminded him that he still possesses the Rights of his own files and he can do what ever he wants
These kind of stuffs really force me to just stick with sites like Alamy and Pond5. No matter if i dont sell that often but at least it will assure me that my work is not helping these greedy stock sites earn more ...

General Stock Discussion / Re: Fine Arts America.
« on: December 05, 2020, 11:18 »
Is it safe to give credit card information there? earlier i got few warning in google and my bank so i removed my card info.
How is everyone doing in zazzle these days compared to FAA I get occassional sales there

I got a contributor's survey a few months ago after stopping uploads. Filled it in explaining why I wasn't contributing any more.

Have also had a couple of emails asking me to start upoloading again, looked pretty automated. Of course hell no, not until they change their comission structure.

BME across the other agencies.
;D Possible ss missing some of great fresh contents uploaded regularly by those who have stopped uploading / removed their port.. If its so then its good

anyone else got the survey page for contributors in ss recently ?
Shutterstock_survey" border="0

21 / Re: Anyone still getting big sales on Alamy?
« on: November 26, 2020, 09:06 »
I see "Recommended" before RF license in Alamy manager, is it new or I have not noticed yet?

22 / Re: Anyone still getting big sales on Alamy?
« on: November 24, 2020, 14:47 »
last 3 sales were $$ range.. 3 sales $$$ this year. all RM $$ and RF $ range.. I like alamy.. at least more than microstock I mean- SS

Video Equipment / Sofware / Technique / Re: stock footage
« on: November 24, 2020, 14:35 »
haha I have sold many video from my mobile phone.. in fact last month one video from my samsung s10 plus brought me about 120$ (getty)

I'm doing average in alamy.. 100-200$ for 800 images, occasional big sales contributed to reach about 500$ marks. though i stopped uploading new content everywhere  in around 2015 but still alamy and getty give me monthly pay out.
But i respect alamy and like agencies not because of i get monthly payout but how much they give me for a sale.. same for pond5. i always had respect for these fellows even in 2012 when i started and hated SS at that time also for 0.25$ sales and when i posted a thread here about SS and price I was criticized by others... i know people were earning much at that time with SS even with small portfolio but i never liked them and left my 200 images port but stopped getting a single sale as soon as i stopped uploading and nothing so far, so deleted my 200 pix and videos few days back
I will remain my new images confined to Alamy and videos to P5
ps- I have not opted for novel uses and other sub programmes in alamy/p5

it's fine, there was some kerfuffle last year when they changed royalties and contributors were super annoyed, so they allowed up to create a second account that was exclusive only.
sorry for my late reply. Yes my wife is exclusive with pond 5 and her account has been re-activated. Though i also reactivated my p5 account but our most of the work will go through her exclusive account and images to Alamy (opting for image exclusivity there too) as we have less time for all stock work now. More over though i know many people earn most from shutterstock but dunno i dont want to give my work to them.. may be I'll do upload mobile photo and some generic stuffs to SS but I'm pissed of SS now....
Yes around 2012-2015 I uploaded actively there and for footage sales SS had major role that time.. I dont know how footage sales there now.. i see in youtube that people still earn ggod amount from footage sales in SS...
what do you guys think ?

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