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Adobe Stock / Adobe stock Account Validation issue
« on: June 08, 2021, 20:58 »
I usually log in and check my account every day, for years.

Started from 1 Jun, a "Validation issue" page block all pages in my contributor account, and I could not access anything.

The only button I could click is CONTACT US on the blocking page, and that's just an email form. Adobe did send me 1 mail that said "unusual events regarding your recent sales", with no details No more follow-up email afterward, even I have emailed them back several times.

I have also tried to post a HELP in adobe official community, but the admin just said it was not allowed to talk about this topic in public and locked the post......

My photos are all over many other stock agency with no problem for years, and I was very upset about this situation.

Anybody experienced similar issues here? Could you solve the problem eventually?

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