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Adobe Stock / Adobestock LATAM is selling exclusive briefs
« on: August 05, 2021, 11:32 »
Hi all!
This is my first post on the community, I have been reading and learning a lot from you though :)

Ok, my question is regarding Adobestock contributor LATAM. Recently they decided to make a shift in their strategy and they are now selling their exclusive briefs and private lessons through a third party company (a small company their friends have created to sell 'make a living from photography' courses with monthly subscription).

I have nothing against this third company, it is quite normal that photographers want to sell their courses, but selling Adobestock contributor content is completely different. Somehow we all are part of the statistics that leads to content in need and as a contributor this system sounds unfair to me.
I haven't found anything similar in the English speaking community, so I wanted to ask if this it is also happening in all Adobestock Contributor regions.
As far as I know, stock companies usually give exclusive briefs in case the photographer obtains good results or if they become exclusive, and they provide free workshops. This is the first time that we are being charged for this information, right?

I am still in shock  :(

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