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Yesterday I received a message from Bigstock that my email address has been updated and a moment later that 'Your Bigstock commission request has been received'.
I responded immediately and undoed the changes.
But the balance of my earnings, in fact my annual turnover since January 2019, had already disappeared.
Of course I hope that this can still be reversed and that the actual payment to the thief has not yet taken place.
I send this message as a warning for everyone not to use a password that is also used elsewhere.
Perhaps it is a reason to check your passwords yourself?

The websites of Shutterstock and Bigstock do not work (for contributors and buyers), at least not from the Netherlands.

123RF / Processing web uploaded images 123RF fails
« on: March 13, 2017, 10:12 »
Processing web uploaded images 123RF fails for some hours already (from the Netherlands). Am I the only one?

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