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Wondering if anyone else has some experience or advice on this, it's never been an issue with other agencies. I am a US citizen who lives in Canada as a permanent resident but I do not have Canadian citizenship.  I also do not have a US address as I haven't lived there for many years.

On the DepositPhotos tax center I cannot fill out either the W-9 form (the one I should be using as a US citizen) nor the W-8BEN form which they keep telling me to fill out despite that not being correct.

The W-9 form won't let me input a non-US address and the W-8BEN has a citizenship drop down which does not include US citizenship as an option. So it's literally impossible to complete either form on their site with accurate legal information. 

I have been back and forth multiple times with support and they keep telling me to enter my US address, when I tell them I don't have one they say to fill out the W-8BEN, when I tell them I'm not a Canadian citizen they tell me to .....enter my US address....in a never ending loop.

My situation is not all that rare, when a US citizen moves abroad you are a) Still a US citizen b) Not necessarily a citizen of the country you live in and c) Still file taxes with the IRS so I can't be the only one that's ever run into this?

Kind of at the end of my rope I just want to get paid and close the account. :(

Hello all, I sent out a new version of CleanTheme last night but it appears there was an error that wasn't appearing on my test environment or demo site. (The joys of coding!) If you got that email please disregard and keep Cleantheme 1.0 until I send out the new update (hopefully tonight)  Very sorry for any inconvenience, if you had already upgraded and need help please feel free to email me amanda [at] creativembers [dot] com.

Hi All!  I have been working to set up a clear step-by step guide for those who want to get started with Symbiostock and may be newer to WordPress.  I also thought it might be handy to have a searchable Knowledge base with a lot of the questions that are popping up on the forums for when you need a quick answer. 

This site is still very much under construction (please excuse any typos and content shifting around over the next few days) but Leo has shared the link here and there and it appears on the awesome http://www.symbiostock.net so I thought I'd do a formal introduction.

The Getting Started tutorials can be found here: http://www.symbioguides.com/getting-started/

You can search the (tiny but quickly growing) Knowledge base, or browse all categories here: http://www.symbioguides.com/knowledgebase/

I have two video tutorials up so far, I do have a few more recorded that will be added over the next week and I do take requests so let me know if you find anything confusing that could benefit from a real time walk through: http://www.symbioguides.com/section/video-tutorials/

If you wish to suggest articles for the database, submit a change to one other tutorials or request a video please send me a message here, email me at amanda [at] creativembers [dot] com, or feel free to leave a comment on the article in question. 

I hope this is helpful for the community and maybe even enticing to those that might still be on the fence to jump in and try Symbiostock!

I'm ready to put Clean Theme for Symbiostock out as the first official third party Symbiostock child theme!  You can view the demo here: http://www.creativembers.com/symbiothemes/

As this is a first on several levels, I humbly request your gentleness if I need to work out a few kinks.  I'm super excited to get some themes out there to start promoting Symbiostock and the principal behind the project.  Hopefully people who are on the fence about jumping in due to lack of design knowledge or customization skills will be happy to see some plug and play options.

I've set up a support forum for the theme itself to deal with specific questions directly, (trying to keep MSG clean, and support streamlined) but if you any questions feel free to message me here. I have plans to add more themes in the near future, and will be adding features/patches to this theme as details in the parent theme get ironed out.  Free updates are included as upgrades happen.

My road map for future development is taking shape, one of the first things I hope to get added is a working custom options panel that would allow you to choose colors without having to edit any CSS. I'm always open to suggestions and requests.

Soooo......here's where you can get Clean Theme 1.0.0:

Customizing a Child Theme - TUTORIAL

If you want to make color changes or edit fonts etc:


Do you have something totally different in mind for a theme? Send me your ideas.  Also I'm getting ready to do some video tutorials tomorrow, (on general Symbiostock topics and/or customization) please send me your requests!

Symbiostock - Technical Support / Setting up PayPal
« on: March 28, 2013, 02:42 »
I am attempting to test purchasing, but I am absolutely stumped by PayPal IPN... my test payments are going through but nothing is happening after that.  Can someone more technical maybe take a peek at the IPN file provided and give us an idea of what needs to be changed/added?  Also what page to put in our PayPal settings as the page it's supposed to be "listening" to? That'd be awesome :)

On another note...I have my PayPal (verified business account) set up to take payments from one of my other sites so all of that site's information is appearing on my checkout page.  I was wondering wear the logo we upload for PayPal comes in and if anyone knows of a good way to set up different branding depending on which site customers check out from?

I've been perusing my Google webmaster tools today to see if I could figure out a bit of a traffic drop I'm seeing on my ktools site and I see it's come up with over a 100 Duplicate meta descriptions.

It appears that when I've adjusted a title for an image another page is generated with the updated SEF url but the old one is still seen by google and flagged as being duplicate...forgive me I am an artist first and SEO is new to me...is this something anyone else is seeing with your ktools sites, or is there an obvious fix I am missing?

Veer / Veer?
« on: September 29, 2010, 16:56 »
Question answered (very quickly!) by Veer support. Nothing to see here, sorry!

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