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General Stock Discussion / stockphotospot affairs
« on: February 14, 2008, 09:43 »
Stockphotospot is a bad business and I am working on collecting enough info to report them with the Better Business Bureau.

They claim to pay $1-$2, they pay 10c per upload, they claim to provide customer support and guarantee a contact within 24 hours, I have been trying to reach them by email for the past year. Completely ignorant.

I uploaded my photos six month ago, but did not get paid yet. Yet?

Their website will list the same photos under "new arrivals" and "most popular".

By mistake I uploaded my family photos and they should not have posted them without me submitting the model release form, but they did and, of course, since I cannot reach anyone - I cannot terminate, or make any motion whatsoever.

the list is endless. Call me naive - I have a hard time believing that such business is in operation and nothing can be done in this country in dealing with a poor and dirt cheap performance such Stock Photo Spot.

Spread the world and do not deal with a crappy business.

I do my job 100% and expect same from others, drives me up to the wall when it is not the case.

For any info e-mail me to [email protected] ,

including the personnel of the aforementioned company :):):)

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