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I recently got both of these lenses as part of stash of lenses I bought off of Craigslist.org recently.  I don't see why I need both, so I decided to run some comparison tests using my new 7D.  Here are the first sets of results: http://newells4.blogspot.com/

Does anyone have any advice regarding these lenses?  Do you have and/or recommend one over the other based on your own experience?  The Sigma seems warmer and softer.  It also has Macro, which I haven't had much experience with.  I'd appreciate any thoughts.  I know they are both fairly cheap and are both older models, but I intend to keep one of them for the time being.

I am interested in uploading more video to each of these sites in the near future, but notice that each of these sites have their own specific releases (SS has one for video, and another for stills).  Has anyone used a generic release (such as the Getty one? or a generic version of either of the releases available from these sites?) wit success at both sites?  I a hoping not to need to create multiple releases for each model at each shoot.



Hey everybody,  I am seriously considering a camera upgrade soon (i currently have a Nikon D50), partly to take advantage of the video features of these newer cameras.  I would like to focus on creating video for stock, in addition to my still submissions.  If you were in my position, with a Nikon and only a couple of lenses, would you upgrade to one of the Nikons or make the leap for 1080 on the 7D?  For those of you with any of these cameras, is the video output good enough for submission to the microstock agencies with video (ie iStock, ShutterStock, Pond5)?

I am seriously considering converting to the 7D, but am anxious to figure out if the additional price (for camera and a lens or two to start) is worth it.  Any thoughts would be very helpful.  Thanks in advance.

This event looks like an amazing opportunity.  Are any of you going?  I wish I could (I am in NorCal after all), but I am in law school, scraping by on financial aid and microstock earnings, and have kids to feed.

I'd love to hear about it from anyone who attends, please post your impressions.  If you have tickets and can't go, i'd be happy to take them off your hands ;D


Adobe Stock / Fotolia sales? how have yours been lately?
« on: November 26, 2008, 00:08 »
I liked the IStock poll like this, and since my Fotolia sales have been rising like crazy since May, i wondered how everyone else was doing?

**i just realized this is in the wrong forum, can an admin please move it to the Fotolia section?  Sorry!***

Panthermedia.net / My first payout at PantherMedia
« on: November 01, 2008, 17:44 »
Just got my first $50+ payout at PantherMedia.  I have only had a few images (65) there for about 8 months.  It's hit and miss but might be worthwhile for some of you who haven't tried it. 

If you are interested you can use my affiliate link if you care to:


I usually just read what you all have to say, but this has been a good week.  I have had a few images up on each of these sites for a few months without any results until this past week or so.

The substantially larger earnings have encouraged me to spend some more time with both of these sites.

I had two sales at PM and one sale at Alamy that exceeded my average monthly total at either IS or SS.

Good luck to the rest of you waiting patiently with these sites - luck can happen!

I signed up there a few years ago and uploaded like 20 photos, and i haven't gotten any response from them after asking multiple times to have my account closed.

Anyone had the misfortune of dealing with them?  How do i get away with my photos?


p.s.  Please don't even check the site out if you've not yet been there.  terrible.

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