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StockXpert.com / Inflated account as of this morning anyone?
« on: October 17, 2008, 07:14 »

Just noticed that my StockXpert account is showing slightly more money this morning than yesterday. A bug or did somebody buy my entire port overnight?

I'm assuming it's just a dream ;) but did anyone experience something similar after this upgrade?

iStockPhoto.com / "submarine sandwich" keywording question
« on: October 15, 2008, 16:06 »
Does anyone have a good way to keyword submarine sandwich on istock?

Judging by DT downloads it's quite popular term - either submarine sandwich, or sub sandwich.  Unfortunately istock doesn't have such term in their controlled vocabulary and it gets split into submarine (nautical vessel) and sandwich.

Now I wouldn't care much about it if not for the fact, that 1) I'm trying to sell a photo of a sandwich not a boat, and 2) the "submarine" keyword either gets rejected, or marked as inaccurate later on.

Any ideas??? Phrase "submarine sandwich" doesn't really work since you have to put it in the quotes.

I woke up this morning to see two licensed sales on BigStock. Is there any way to figure out which kind of special license was purchased? (I got $13.50 for each)

And to think that BigStock was about to be dropped due to lack of sales :)

I've noticed that if I upload on Thursday or Friday, the images become available on the weekend, and by Monday they are buried several pages deep in their respective categories.

On the other hand it seems that Sunday and Monday uploads take twice as long to review, probably to the onslaught of new images from weekend's shooting sessions :)

So, do you have any tactics that you are willing to share?  Or do you just upload whenever you have a batch ready?

I'm wondering what kind of information is available to buyers when they buy one of our files. 

Let's assume that the buyer wants to credit the photographer - is that name included with the file, or do they have to check the photographer's profile on agency's website?  What if the real name is hidden and only a nickname available? 

I put my name in the file's metadata but doesn't it get stripped by the agency anyways?

The company that I work for purchased a couple of vectors from istock, and there wasn't any information about the artist besides his user profile.

Any experiences?

I was wondering.  When do you consider that all the hard work that went into creating a photo has paid off?

I'm sure everybody has images in their portfolio that didn't live up to their expectations - all the photos that we labored over in Photoshop for hours and that produced 2 sales across all the sites :P 

So at what point do you consider an image to be worth your trouble?

Hi, I'm wondering. I post my food shots into food & drink category only, and leave the second one empty. I'm wondering if I'm not missing out by doing so.  On the other hand I don't want to spam other categories with irrelevant pictures.

Any suggestions? What other categories could reasonably apply to food photos?


Hello everyone!

I have a number of shots of city skylines at night. On many buildings there are neons with corporate logos, hotel names etc.  Obviously the logo itself is never the subject of the photograph, but it is visible nevertheless.

Do we have to remove all those neons when submitting a photo for stock agency? I've got some of my photographs accepted in the past, however recently I get rejections because the photograph contains copyrighted elements.  I'm just a little bit concerned about the previously accepted images.

I'll appreciate the help. Thanks!


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