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I am reading the above on their author tutorial site and cannot comprehend it... Are they for real? That must be THE lowest cut for independents in the industry?

And how come is photodune at no.7 for earnings on the right? Does that mean that many people here on MSG are exclusives for photodune, or are they doing some unbelievable traffic to be able to earn serious money at 25% commission (more than canstock, veer and even BIGSTOCK, which is, personally, a serious earner for my portfolio)?

Any thoughts appreciated :)

Since the Mods locked the previous topic with the same title (thanks a bunch!) I am posting the conclusion here in the interest of the truth and integrity.

SS issued the replacement checks and they cashed successfully.  The timeline was as follows:

Jan 2011 - Original checks issued and bounced
Feb 2011 - promises, promises from SS to send the replacement checks ASAP (funny)
Jun 2011 - SS stops responding to emails or any other kind of inquiry
Sep 2011 - replacement checks are issued

So there you go folks, draw your own conclusions.  And egomaniacs, please refrain from apologetic comments in which the contributor and not SS is guilty. Not interested.

As I am sure it isn't news, the SS contributors who are paid by check got their checks bounced in January/Feb this  year because SS used some naive check issuing company which went belly up. 

To all affected SS contribs out there: did you get the re-issue check including the 'bounce' fee charged by your bank?

I have got big, fat NOTHING from SS!! They don't reply to emails, there is no phone support and there is no money.  I posted on their forums with questions about this, but my posts get instantly deleted.  What is going on here??? Is it possible that SS is a fraud and trying to cheat us out of our money? Is a legal action the only way to collect the money???


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