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Envato / PhotoDune/All Marketplaces upgrade 16/2/12 AU Time
« on: February 15, 2012, 00:47 »
I just thought I'd cross post a forum thread from our site about an site upgrade we're going to be doing tomorrow afternoon (Australian time) as I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys who upload to PhotoDune are checking these forums much more often than ours ;-)

http://photodune.net/forums/thread/ruby-upgrade-around-noon-16212/59473 is the thread about the upgrade. I figure you'll all need special notice, as while the site will be down for a little while, I'm expecting the FTP and item import system to be down longer as the way they tie in together to the main site is more complicated and will take us longer to do the necessary work.

I'll be checking back here in the hours after the upgrade just in case, but I'd really prefer if you're a PhotoDune contributor and you find a bug/problem with our upgrade that you post it against the original thread on our forums (as it's all just a bit easier for us to manage stuff in one place)

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