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I just had two waterfall pics rejected.  Why?  This is a new one for me....

"Title: Title must be descriptive and relevant to the subject matter and must be in English. Titles cannot contain special characters, spelling/grammar errors, or repeat words/phrases in excess."

My title for both (same waterfall, different angles) was: Name of waterfall, Name of National Park, Name of State, USA

All in English. Completely relevant to the subject matter.  All spelled correctly.  Nothing repeated.  No special characters - just commas.

Am I missing something here??

2 / Did anyone else get an invitation?
« on: December 19, 2019, 13:55 »
Did anyone else get an invitation from Getty/iStock to participate in a brief for their area?  I don't see it on the website, but it popped up when I was on the app.  A friend of mine, who lives in the same area, said he didn't get one so I'm not sure how people are chosen for this type of thing.  I've never had it pop up before.

Image Sleuth / Found one of my images on TIMELINECOVERS.PRO
« on: December 11, 2019, 20:25 »
I was just doing an image search of one of my more popular images and found it being given away for free on TIMELINECOVERS.PRO as a Facebook cover.  Anyone else had experience with this site?  I wonder how many other images of mine are on  there?  Grrrr.

4 / Solved
« on: August 28, 2018, 20:07 »

Software / Upload software and Tracking software
« on: August 21, 2018, 14:08 »

It's been awhile since I've been on and involved with my stock life, but due to recent life changes, I've decided to get back into it FT. 

I have a couple of quick questions....

First, is Filezilla still the main upload software being used, or is there something new and better?

Second, I used to use a software called Cushystock to upload and track my photos for each site.  Is there anything like that out there currently? 


So, I haven't been paying much attention to microstock for awhile for a number of reasons, but a big one was because my house got robbed and all my camera equipment was stolen so that put me out of commission for awhile (and kept me busy on other things like moving, installing a security system, etc.). 

Anyway, I'm ready to get back to working on things and was wondering what everyone is currently using as their workflow for post-processing and uploading?  Several years back I was using a program called Cushystock for keeping track, but have since abandoned it.  Then I was just using FileZilla. 

Is FileZilla one of the better options still or is there something better?

For post-processing, I use Lightroom as my base starting point.  I keep all files under year>month>shoot and retain the original file name (although I read something about changing the file name to further help with searches on your photos).  I still need to figure out how to most effectively add key words to my photos in Lightroom.  After I do my Lightroom processing, I will do further edits with Nik Software and CS6 (just recently got that program so am very newbie to it). 

Also, do you do any noise reduction/sharpening for your images?  If so, what programs do you use for that?

Last time I asked about keeping track, I found most people just used folders to keep track of what they had uploaded (instead of using a commercial program).  Has that changed for any of you?  Do you still do most things manually rather than trust commercial programs?  Also, do any of you use any companies to process/keyword/upload your images?

Computer Hardware / Computer System question
« on: April 03, 2009, 12:52 »
I recently bought a Dell Studio XPS desktop with a Core i7 processor After I got it home, I found that the card reader would only work some of the time, but not all of the time.  I called tech support and that didn't help so I returned the computer.  After getting my money back in my account, I ordered another one.  I got it last night.  Same problem.  I found a forum on Dell with a person complaining of the same problem and it doesn't sound like he was able to resolve the problem.
Sooooo, my question is this.....should I return the computer and find a different model?  If so, does anyone have any recommendations for a good system?  I spent $1,000 on the computer so that is what my budget is.  Oh, and please don't recommend Apple...don't want to switch.
My only other thought is to buy an external card reader so I can keep my super-fast computer....

General Stock Discussion / Photosource International
« on: April 02, 2009, 11:07 »
Does anyone know anything about Photosource International?  I have an internet friend who is interested in getting into stock photography and she mentioned this site and that she was thinking of subscribing to it.  I went to the site and some dumb ad came on my screen so I closed the page.   Are they a legitimate place or just scammers?

I notice that quite a few people post a lot.  Do you ever find that you're talking about photography more than actually doing it?  Do you think your sales would go up if you chatted less and took more pictures?  Do you ever find yourself using the forums as a creative avoidance for doing what you really should be doing?

I know I'll get a lot of smart-aleck responses, but I pose this question with all seriousness.  How much time do you delegate for forums vs. actually taking, processing, and submitting pictures?

Photoshop Discussion / Elements, LR2 or CS4?
« on: March 07, 2009, 20:46 »
For over 10 years, I have used Microstoft's image editing software.  Originally it was called PictureIt, but the last version that they've made is called Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006.  They will not be making any new versions so I know that I will eventually have to make the switch, most likely being to Adobe.
So, I'm trying to figure out what Adobe program I need.

I do not care about cataloging my pictures.  I already organize them the way I like and I don't need a program to change my system of doing this. 
I do not need a program to keyword my photos.  I already have a program for that.
I do not need a program that I can do "batches" with.  Each picture I edit gets individual attention.

What I DO want is a program that can:
Adjust contrast/brightness
Adjust color (temperature, saturation, etc)
Erase elements from the picture (my program lets me just outline something and it makes it disappear)
Clone tool to fix areas of my picture
Blending tool (like the clone tool, but has softer effects)
Make layers and blend them together using a transparency effect
Remove scratches, dust, or red eye
Convert to b&w
Apply various filter effects like diffuse glow, watercolor, canvas, etc.
Cut out parts, copy, skew, distort, etc.

Aside from doing stock, I also like to do some photomanipulation.  For instance, a favorite past time of mine is taking pictures of people at work and blending their faces onto animals.  I'm not a huge photo manipulator, but I like to be able to do it now and then.

SOOOOOO.....which program would best fit my needs?  I don't want to spend $700 on CS4, only to find out that Elements 7 would've worked just fine for me.

Canon / Starting over
« on: March 02, 2009, 16:00 »
I am having to start all over getting my camera equipment.  Our house was robbed last week and all of my gear was taken.  ALL of it.  How convenient of me to store it all in a easy-to-take backpack.  Grrrrrrr! 

I will get some money, but not all, for my camera equipment because they consider it "business property" and only cover up to $1000.  Double grrrrr!  Note to others...if you ever have your stuff stolen, NEVER tell them you make any money using it!

I also had some jewelry stolen, so I will be getting money from the insurance for that.  Of course, I will not buy more jewelry with the money and just add it to my camera fund.

I was already planning on buying the Canon 5D Mark II when I get my tax refund back, so now I will have to buy all the rest.  I know for stock, I don't need a battery grip, but I also do landscape photography and would like to do star trails so I need the battery grip for I'll be getting one of those along with at least one extra battery and more when I can afford them.

After that, the 580EX II flash is on my list, since the camera doesn't come with a flash.  I have 3 soft boxes for my studio, so I think I'll be okay with lighting.

And lastly.....a lens.  I am thinking of the 28-300mm f/3.5-4.6L IS USM.  It will have wide angle and good zoom.  I hate to spend THAT much money on a lens.  I wish it had wider aperature and that it didn't have push/pull zoom.  Do you think it would be possible for them to someday make ONE perfect lens that fits every need?  Probably not, but one can click their heels and pray to the camera gods in the hopes that it could come true.

So, how does that sound?

Cameras / Lenses / Advice on camera upgrade
« on: February 01, 2009, 17:39 »
I currently use a Canon Xti 400D.  The noise on that camera is horrible, even at 100 ISO.  I really want to upgrade BADLY!
My plan has been to get the Canon 5D Mark II (which would keep me from feeling like I need to upgrade for awhile).  However, they seem to be backordered for who knows how long.  If I have to wait 6 months to a year to get it, I feel like perhaps I should upgrade to something else for now until availability and price are better.
So, I'm considering getting the 50D now (with my tax return $) and then upgrading to the 5D 2 next year.
As a side note, I am more a landscape photographer than a microstock photographer....I only do this to make a little money to support my photography/travel costs.
What do you guys think?
Also, where is the best place to buy a camera from?  Price/Quality/Returns, etc.
Oh, and if you want to know what lenses I already have.....
Canon 18-55mm EF-S f3/.5-5.6 kit lens
Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO Macro
Canon 50mm f/1.8
Canon 17-40mm f/4.0 L


General Stock Discussion / Is he a hypocrite?
« on: January 27, 2009, 18:24 »
I just had a meeting today with a man who is designing the website for the company I work for.  I noticed he had pictures on our website that weren't taken of our facility and asked him where he got them.  He buys from Dreamstime and Stockxpert.  Later in the conversation, he mentioned that he has a lot of pictures that he took years ago.  I told him he should put them on the sites and sell them, but he said he wouldn't sell them on a microstock site for a dollar apiece.  Does that make him a hypocrite that he would buy other people's pictures for a dollar, but not sell his own for the same price?

As a side note, he showed me some of his's not very good IMO.

Microstock Services / Managing images on multiple sites
« on: January 19, 2009, 13:10 »
I started doing microstock this past March.  I had several years worth of photos that I could upload that had not been taken with stock in mind, but felt they could still be used.  I am still going through all my photos, but have processed over 800 of them thus far.  After being accepted to my first site and doing pretty decent, I decided to try other sites.  I got a bit frustrated because each site has different uploading policies.  Some are unlimited, some are based on your acceptance percentange, etc.  I found that I couldn't get everything uploaded to each site in the same timely fashion, and the review times also varied.  So, I went back to just using the one site. 
Now I am back to trying to use the multiple sites, but was having a hard time figuring out how to keep track of which pictures have already been submitted/rejected/accepted so that I'm not duplicating or missing any pictures.   Most people seem to keep track with a spreadsheet, but that seemed time consuming.
With such a large database of pictures to work with already, I was overwhelmed.  Until yesterday.
I was on Yuri Acurs site reading about his keywording program and I saw someone had mentioned Cushy Stock.  Not knowing what it was, I looked it up.  It's a program that does it all!  Organizes, keywords, and does FTP!  There is a free version, but I chose to just buy the program and so far I am thrilled with it!  I put all 800+ pictures into one folder and let it scan the folder.  I entered all my login information for every microstock site I belong to, and then I tested out one photo.......first I added a title, description, and key words.  Then I marked it ready to upload for each site, and then told it to upload.  I sat and watched it log on to every site and upload the picture to each one.  Then I went back to each site and finished the process of adding categories and doing the final submit.  Now when I click on that picture, it shows that it's pending for each site.  And the pictures that I've already uploaded can be marked as either accepted, rejected, or pending. 
Why aren't more people using this program or talking about it?  It's going to save me a ton of time!  Granted, I still have lots of work to do, but I am just amazed at how much help this program is going to be to me.  For once, I can't wait to get home tonight and start working on my stock stuff.

Most of my photos are of landscape and animals and I was wondering which sites sell best for those types of pictures. 

16 / My second EL!
« on: May 22, 2008, 16:39 »
Last month was my first full month on SS and I got one EL for what I consider one of my best photos.  Yesterday I got another EL for another photo.  I was kinda surprised that THAT photo got an EL, but hey, I'm not complaining!  ;D

Adobe Stock / My first sale(s)...FINALLY!!!
« on: May 22, 2008, 16:36 »
I have been uploading onto Fotolia for about a month now and I finally got my first sale(s).  Yay!  I was just about to forget about the other sites and just focus on SS since that was the only one that I was making any money on. 

18 / Total Rejection
« on: May 08, 2008, 21:07 »
I was totally rejected by SX.  I received a message saying:

We regret to inform you that your artist application was rejected. We are very sorry but at the moment we are not looking for pictures like the ones you uploaded.

When I applied for SS, I had 9/10 accepted.  iS rejected 1 of my 3 and I uploaded another shot and was accepted.  I find this type of rejection odd.

Should I try again in a month or just forget that site?

General Stock Discussion / Keeping Track
« on: May 08, 2008, 16:42 »
I have a question for those of you who upload to multiple sites and have a lot of pictures:

How do you keep track of what you've uploaded to each site? 

I just started doing this 2 months ago and was initially only on Shutterstock.  I have three years of pictures on my hard drive that I am processing and uploading, as well as what I am currently taking.  But some sites only allow so many pictures to be uploaded in a given time period so I can't upload equally to each site. 

As a side note, I find it a bit frustrating that pictures that were accepted on SS are being rejected at other sites...particularly ones that are selling well. 

General - Top Sites / The Big 6 from a new user's POV
« on: April 30, 2008, 17:52 »
I've been on Shutterstock for the past month and a half and have done quite well in the short amount of time.  I already have 179 pictures in my gallery.  I really enjoy their site and the generally quick response for reviews (usually 1 business day). 
So, I decided to try another site.  I picked iStock and was told it could take up to two weeks to be accepted!  Jeesh!  But at least they were up front about it.  I had two of three images accepted so now I am uploading a new third picture to be accepted.
Next, I decided to try Dreamstime.  No acceptance period...just upload pics.  So, I submitted 37 pictures and was told the ETR was 24 hours.  Well, the next day it was still 24 hours.  The next day it went up to 175 hours!  what?  Not too impressed with them at this point. 
Today I decided to get on the other three. 
Fotolia only had the option to upload one at a time....will have to see if I can do multiple files.
Stockxpert is a bit hard for me to navigate.
BigStockPhoto is slowwwww for uploading.  I uploaded 10 pictures and it says it could take up to 20 mintues for my thumbnails to show up. 

Basically, I find it interesting how some sites are more user friendly and have faster response times, whereas other sites are not so user friendly and slow as molasses.  If it weren't for the fact that I'm out to make money, I'd just stick with Shutterstock.  It was very easy to get signed up and I don't have any problems navigating the site. 

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