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General Stock Discussion / Book Cover - no credit
« on: December 30, 2017, 22:57 »
Part time stock shooter. Rarely check my stock sites. Just recently discovered the "See in action" selection on Dreamtime, started going through my images to see where they have been used. Came across a book cover, apparently a new York Times best seller (although that doesn't really mean much.) Anyway, they credited my image to someone else. I couldn't find a website for a photographer with that name so apparently it was deceit. My first inclination was to just shrug it off, not much can be done now. Would any of you reading this do anything? I was thinking of contacting the publisher.

Maybe this has been suggested before, but I think it would helpful if the Poll Results differentiated between photos and video licenses. I'm assuming Pond 5 ranks as high as it does because of mostly video whereas i'm guessing other sites might be more equally divided between video and photo licenses. I'm also guessing that not all photographers are submitting video, perhaps most photographers aren't? Anyone else concur? Maybe it would be too time consuming / complicated to separate the earnings for some contributors.

All the micro stock sites have been on a decline for me for the last couple years but Fotolia and dreamstime have just tanked this year. I'm just wondering if there is a secret to keeping sales with Fotolia that I'm missing?

General Macrostock / Getty shooters, Moments collection question
« on: January 28, 2015, 21:25 »
I have images with Getty via their "Moments" collection which, if you don't know, used to be the "Flickr" collection. So financially Getty does a lot better for me than all my micro sites combined, in terms of return per image. The caveat is I don't have a lot of images with them, so the bulk of my money still comes from the micros. Getty Moments fairly recently started allowing 50 uploads per month, whereas before it was like 10 per month, then they actually stopped allowing submissions for over a year one time, and six months another time. I know some of you know all this. I had given up on them until lately. Anyway

So here is my question: I would be submitting all my images to Getty and none to the micros but the problem I'm running into is that when I'm doing a photo shoot I usually get a whole series of images from that shoot. Getty will pick only one or two images from the series, leaving me with a half dozen similar images that can't be submitted anywhere else because they are to similar. I look at photographers work from other Getty collections such as stone or the image bank and see many, many similar's from photo shoots from other photographers but I'm guessing the editing is different for the Moments collection? And then, if they select only one or two images, then there is no option to cancel those uploads. Once Getty selects them, you're stuck with those images on Getty, as far as i know. So it's a risk for me to submit my images to Getty unless I have one or two random shots, but a series of images I just can't risk submitting.

Anyone else running into this problem?

General Stock Discussion / Buying full rights
« on: July 10, 2009, 09:56 »
Dreamstime contacted me today explaining that there is a buyer interested in buying full rights for one of my images. I'm curious if anyone here would give their opinion regarding selling full rights to their micro images, would you do it and for how much? I wont share the exact image but here are some basic stats for this image. It was uploaded early 2006, and has generated a total of around 650 downloads across Dreamstime, BIG, Fotolia, Stock Xpert and 123, I'm not sure how to find out how many times an image has been downloaded on Shutterstock but it's in my top 20 out of 1200 images on SS so a guess would be around 200 or so. So a rough estimate would be maybe a total of 900 downloads in about 4 years. I earn roughly a buck per image per month, maybe slightly less, counting all of my micro sites. So a very rough estimate would be this image earns around 200 per year for me. What's the shelf life of said image? I don't know, it's still getting downloaded almost daily on Fotolia and Shutter. So assuming it would continue to earn $150 - $200 per year for the next five years? $1000. I'm thinking no less than $2000 (if I do it at all) but I'd like to hear what others think about this. Thank you for any opinions.

General - Top Sites / How do you delete images from istock?
« on: June 18, 2009, 19:54 »
Dumb question but I cant find a delete option / button, I have done in the past but things seem to be different. Cant figure it out, please help.


been contemplating buying a second dslr (probably Canon 500d) for video and as a backup cam to my 5D. After watching Vincent LaFort vids (not just Reverie) and also stuff by Chase Jarvis (yes i know he uses a nikon)  it looks like it would be fun to try, expand my horizons a little, but i'd like to think I'd be able to justify the cost by licensing some footage. Just wondering if anybody would like to comment on their sucess, or lack of, when it comes to footage and microstock or Pond5. Also is anyone submitting footage from the video capable dslr's? Thanks

8 / Dumb rejections
« on: May 09, 2009, 11:44 »
istock has rejected most of my images lately for wrong keywords and some of their decisions to me seem to defy logic. I could be wrong, maybe i'm the idiot, but one example and you can tell me if i'm missing something obvious.
the picture was of hand cuffs, just a run of the mill still life of handcuffs and the keywords they are suggesting are wrong are:

Human Hand (The Human Body),  Police Officer,  Prison,  Prisoner,  Trapped,  Trapped,  Unlocking,  Arrest,  Criminal, detention,  Bondage,  Fetishes,  Law,  Authority,  Law,  Security,  Security System (Security Equipment),  Security,  Crime

OK, so maybe they want only 100% literal keywords but some of the words they faulted me for seem pertinent. Not to mention these words are used for similar images on many other stock sites. sigh, if it wasn't for the fact that istock earns more for me than the other agencies, i would drop them in a second. For me they are the most annoying and difficult agency of all the micros.

9 / Big up turn all the sudden?
« on: May 01, 2009, 08:45 »
I've had a few hundred images with Can for a few years, and earned 2-3 bucks every month, pay out once or twice a year (at best). Middle of this month all the sudden $20 in sales. Anyone else see a sudden change at can?

Adobe Stock / Fotolia and Pixmac
« on: February 02, 2009, 15:06 »
So what's he deal with Pixmac and Fotolia?  Pixmac purchased an image of mine from Fotolia and while looking over the Pixmac website, I see a whole bunch of my images, are these agencies aligned, is this an affiliate site that I get money from if they sell an image of mine? I was under the impression that reselling wasn't part of the RF license.

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