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PicNiche Toolbar / picWorkflow upgraded, now faster than ever :D
« on: September 25, 2013, 09:23 »
Heyhey :)

Just wanted to stop by and let everyone know that I've finally done a major (and much needed) upgrade to picWorkflow's server infrastructure and we're now running better and faster than ever.

I know quite a few people haven't used the site much the last few months because we were constantly hitting the wall on performance and the site became a total PITA to use, very sorry about that :/ Took me a while to dig up the funds for the upgrade (quite a substantial one, added a meaty new server to the network and redistributed the load better on the existing systems), but we're now running steady and all pageloads (atm) are loading sub-1-second. I know it doesn't sound like much but it's essentially overhauled the feel of the entire site!

The keyworders, captioners and retouchers tell me it's it's made it easier and for them to do their thing too, so we should have much faster completion for those too :D

I also have some plans to bring on a beta platform to test some new realtime UI improvements too (Using Node.js/Meteor for the techies among us), though don't have a timeline yet, I'll be rolling them out over the coming months.

Pretty chuffed (Northern English for excited) that it's grown to this point, thank you to everyone who's been using picWorkflow, delighted to have you aboard :D

Hey All

Looking for more keyworders and captioners for picWorkflow again.

Payment is 90% of the cost to the keyword-purchaser, and is usually around 30-50c per image (paid per keyword at a flexible rate).

If you're interested, take a look at:
Then drop me an email: [email protected] with links to your portfolio so I can take a look at your keywording prowess :)


General Stock Discussion / Model/Property Release Workflow?
« on: December 30, 2011, 17:22 »
Hey all :)

I'm adding Model Release management to picWorkflow very soon, but since I've never shot with models so never had need for releases, I was hoping you guys would be kind enough to run me through your model release workflows, concerns and considerations?

I'm already approaching some agencies about how to streamline the release-management process between picWorkflow and them, and making it easier for photographers to organise. I'm also looking at some technical resolutions to 'lock-in' releases with images to make it an even better long-term solution, though there are some legal concerns there atm.

I really need to know everything you have to think about releases, but specifically, would be great to also hear your thougts on these questions:

  • What format(s) do you prefer to keep releases in, and what format do you upload them as?
  • Do all agencies accept all generic releases, or do some agencies have specific requirements? Which ones? and how do you manage those differences?
  • What data/fields do agencies need to know about each models/property?
  • Do you produce seperate releases for each shoot? (I vaguely remember iStock introduced a requirement for something to do with this in '09)
  • Do you track image-volume/acceptance-rates/rpi/other on shoots/models/locations? If not, would that be helpful to you?
  • Do you find much results from 'More Images from this Model' in some agencies?
  • A couple of agencies have added MR-via-FTP... anyone using this yet? (If so, do you prefer a 1MR-Entire batch import, or would some kind of filenaming (like with .eps) be more suitable?)
  • Anything else? :)

Thanks!! :)

Heya All :)

I'm wondering if anyone is interested in keywording images for picWorkflow? There are about 10 keyworders already (5-6 regularly active and have received payouts).
Demand for the keywording service is higher than I expected (better even than I'd hoped), so before I look at using platforms like mturk (which has the risk of lower quality keywords), I'm wondering if anyone here (experienced in keywording their own or other's images) is interested in becoming a picWorkflow keyworder?

Payment is 90% of the cost to the keyword-purchaser, and is usually around 30-50c per image (paid per keyword at a flexible rate). I've been amazed at how fast it adds up too, I didn't expect to be making payouts so often so early on and really pleased that it's going well so far :)

If you're interested, take a look at:
Then drop me an email: [email protected] with links to your portfolio so I can take a look at your keywording prowess :)

Cheers :) Bob

Hey All :)

I'll be adding a Keywording service to picWorkflow in the next few days.

It will allow you to both submit your images for keywording, and earn by keywording other's images (though keyworders will be subject to approval beforehand and within an ongoing QC process).

I'm wondering how many people are interested in keywording for the system, and how many would be interested in purchasing the keywording process (it's been heavily requested by existing picWorkflow suggestions already but I'd like to get a broader view).

If you want to keyword images, how much would you expect to earn per image?
If you want images keyworded, how much would you expect to pay (and for how many keywords)?

Thanks :)

Edited: 18th Jan 2011

The service is now active, I've tried to incorporate a lot of the suggestions from you guys and gals, and I've added a pricing system which makes it possible to earn more and more for better performance. Info here:


My logo/ad/banner design skills really suck so I'm looking for anyone interested in knocking together some simple banners/boxes for the picWorkflow affiliate programme.
More info here:

Cheers :)

Hey All :)

I'm getting ready to launch picWorkflow for public use in a couple of days and would like to get a broader view of what else might need improving/fixing/changing before I take it live.

I'm inviting anyone from Microstock Group to register at picWorkflow.com using the invite-code "microstockgroup" for a free bonus 100 credits ($1), good for distribution of your files (at 1c per file) to any of the supported agencies, or your own custom FTP destinations.

I'm really after your feedback on what's missing and what could be improved, would be delighted to find out what you think :)

Hey all :)

I just wanted to give you all a bit of follow-up info on my previous thread about the new picWorkflow service replacing iSyndica.

I've finally pinned down the core of the site, and have a massive todo-list going ahead. I will be releasing the site soon, and was just hoping to get some feedback on the setup before I do the final launch.

The rough cost guides in my initial thread were a bit off what I was manage to arrange in the final site so managed to get much much better pricing than I originally thought.
The site works like this:

  • There are currently about 20 sites supported for export (ie. syndication), and you can add your own too (you can also earn free credits by submitting new ones and allowing them to be used by others)
  • All distribution and storage tasks are priced per file at 1c ($0.01) (per 22mb block), so cost is based on usage.
  • The base storage unit is 3 months (ie. 1c for a file smaller than 22mb). And can be extended upto 2 years max.
  • Illustrations and footage files are supported (they must be accompanied by a jpeg preview for now until I can figure out what is involved in generating those from the source files).
  • Files larger than 22mb the cost increases per additional 22mb, so a 40mb file (or jpeg preview and accompanying movie/illustration combined) would be 2c base.
  • If you let storage expire, only the source file is deleted (the thumbnail, stats, destination and task history remain for your reference)
  • The system supports IPTC editing, and keywording will be up before it goes live too. I'm also working out a way you can purchase keywording/etc as a normal 'task' so you don't have to do it yourself if you choose.
  • Detailed statistics will run via the picNiche toolbar, and will be free. They will come shortly after launch along with portfolio promotion tools.

I'd like to keep responding to your needs down the line, and would very much like to hear what you think about this and what questions you may have before I get it out the door for v1 :)

As I mentioned in my thread the other day, I'm working up a replacement service to iSyndica.

I now have the infrastructure setup, and although I'm still working on many of the front-end functions of the site, I have the nuts and bolts running and capable of securely storing files.
I know that the iSyndica service officially ends on the 10th (this Sunday) at which point any files still there will be deleted. Soooo I'm offering for anyone who still has not exported their portfolio at iSyndica some free storage on my service whilst I finish building the site.

This is of course not exactly altruistic of me, because it would be in the hope that you'd continue to use it later when it's up and running. Though in exchange for being an early adopter and providing feedback about the site as I finish building it (over the next week or so), you would have a voice in how it develops and I'll drop some free credit on your account when it does switch to a 'live' paid service.

The site is at picWorkflow.com

I'm not sure how many are interested, but if you are... PM me here, DM on twitter, or email me at [email protected] with your email address and a rough estimate of how many files you want to store for an invite code so you can register.

Hey All

very sad to read about the closure of iSyndica today, but hey, I like problems to solve :)

I'm considering setting up a simple service to replace iSyndica, and I need to know whether it's something worth my time away from other projects.

It will be a simpler tool, and work like this:

  • You upload to a 'picNiche' FTP
  • You login and review received images
  • You set the destinations via unlimited 'custom FTP channels', and will add support for others via http upload in future
  • You pay per task...
for example: each file transfer will be about 2-4 cents depending on file size, storage will be priced about 1-2 cents per day per file so you can use it as a backup if you want.

It will be primarily for microstock, though i may add 'social' stuff if there is a demand.

What do you think? Please let me know cos it's quite an upfront outlay I need to know if it's worth it.

Cheers :)

Heya all :)

I'm planning on bringing the picNiche Image Deck out of beta soon. I've had some great feedback over the last few weeks, but would like to get more eyes-on and more suggestions to check it's really ready for general use before taking the leap and removing that beta tag.

If anyone is feeling a little adventurous, I'd appreciate you taking the time to give it a go :)

Here's the info:

Let me know if it gives you any problems (either here or through the built-in issue-reporter)
Cheers :)

Hey all :)
Have just setup a simple survey (10 questions) about the picNiche contributor toolbar.
I really need your help to figure out where it's going next, what needs to be improved/fixed and added in future.

It takes a lot of time to develop, and will always be free, so please please help me out :)
If you use it, give me feedback :)


Thanks :)

PicNiche Toolbar / Thanks Tyler :)
« on: March 08, 2010, 05:54 »
Thanks very much for moving the picNiche topics to their own area.
I'm hoping by gathering them together, I can deal with new issues asap and have a good reference for anyone experiencing old problems :)

Cheers :D

Adobe Stock / Big drop in Fotolia sales, only me?
« on: June 15, 2009, 07:21 »
Hey all

This month so far I've had only 1 downloaded file on fotolia (on the 4th) which seems strange as according to the statistics section on the site I've had the roughly same no. of Views as all previous months (for an equivilent time-period)
Usually sales for the same period is between 8-10 (FT is now officially my worst performing agency, even 123rf earn more)

I'd guess it's the start of the summer slowdown and I've just caught one of those bad months, but I'm Just wondering if anyone else has seen a massive drop?

Cheers :)

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