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Selling Stock Direct / Selling your portfolio?
« on: November 03, 2015, 12:13 »
Has anyone tried that? To sell their portfolio?

Like, did you have a port on fx shutterstock that you let somebody buy?
and how did you do it?

It looks like that shutterstock portfolios keep selling without being maintained so we do have a question.

Adobe Stock / Extended licences on "Dollar club"
« on: May 21, 2014, 11:36 »
Fotolia just sent me this:

Dear Contributor,

Did you know that Extended Licenses are now available on Dollar Photo Club?

This means that Contributors who opted in to Dollar Photo Club can now sell Extended Licenses to customers from untapped markets, all with a fixed commission of 30 Credits paid on your Fotolia account.

This new license was a popular request from our customers, so we expect a lot of Extended License sales on Dollar Photo Club.

If you wish to opt your images back in you can do that anytime by following this link.

Yours sincerely,

The Fotolia Team

So now  I dont get it. Fotolia is trying to compete with the subscription agencies with a dollar offer, of which I have opted out to not compete with myself at other places. But why do they add ELS to the mix? That will be expensive for the buyer.
What is going on?

General Photography Discussion / What equipment lasts??
« on: January 25, 2014, 13:11 »
I have been a digital photographer since 2005 and contributing to microstock since 2007.
Lately I have been in a couple of equipment debates and it made me think about how quickly things change in our business.
During my time as a microstocker with focus on wildlife, and nische photography I have waded through a lot of equipment such as:
4 cameras, 10-20 lenses, flashes, strobes, neat image, topaz, portrait pro, combine ZM, HDR programs, photoshop elements and photoshop.
now, since I was challenged with minuses in a debate, i took a look and looked at what equipment I have kept going all the time.
And that is interesting.

The most constant factor is the tripod, a manfrotto 190PROB! after that comes the cheap strobes, which I use on a daily basis. The expensive strobes up in the attic are not used much, neither are the 2 sb 600 flashes. Their programming is too japaneese.

Cameras? They always change. My most productive for many years was 2 nikon d 200.
Lenses? Constant is the Sigma 150 mm , 2,8 macro, that I had from the beginning.
Software? most constant is xnview that I still use, and photoshop elements.

What equipment was with you all the time, what was your constant factor?

Let us see if this works. Let us see if we can gather some information, so we might get a perspective considering climate changes.

Let us look at our local weather.
Im here in Denmark, Scandinavia and we have a heatwave. 30+ Celsius, and have had for a month or so, temperatures slowly climbing up. Thats unusual, it only happens every 10th year.
I hear from Greenland that it is unusually warm (+25 degrees) and I hear from mid Canada, Winnipeg, that its is belov average, relatively cold.
I can see on the weather maps, that it is also relatively cold in eastern Europe, Minsk having 15 degrees.
That is not normal. It suggests that the isoterms are vertically spaciated, and thats normal for January in Europe but not in the summer.

So please. Can you help? what is your observation. And please let it come in the form of:
 "Place", unusually cold (or warm), unusual observations of early migrating birds or locusts.
Let us see if we can qualify global warming on a personal level.

General Stock Discussion / The Queen is coming, Advice?
« on: July 21, 2013, 07:14 »
I have an oppertunity here.

I ask you for advice and ideas.

The thing is that the Queen is visiting our  little island.
She is followed by a horde of security and press. Television and all. Its always major when the Queen comes.
On that little island my brother has a gallery and his wife has a jewellery shop. They have been notified by the court that the queen will stay there for 7 minutes. Thats a long time for queens.

I have been asked to produce photographs for one wall in the gallery. 4 images, One meter wide each.
They will be noticed, maybe sold to a high price, but certainly displayed in all media, IF they stand out. Else the cameras will slide away. Noticed only if they are striking enough.
I have hired (persuaded) a model to come, so we can take pictures. The pictures have to be of the island, but I  would like to add a model to the landscape, so it is more striking. Like a woman being worried and look out over the ocean and waiting for the fisherman to come home.
Or a modern tourist, being annoyed. Emotions are important.

So now I post here, to hear if you have any idears, if you can envision the scene and see something I cannot see.
I want something striking, do you have any idears?

Which type of licence do you need to use a picture commercially on FB?
affiliate links and such.


I noticed something strange.
That days with the same number of sub downloads did noy yeild the same amount in dollars if there were ods on the same day.
An example:  march 06 I had 23 sub dls, which payed: 7,22. That is not 0.38 pr download but 0,31 and 1,52 less than 8,74 as it should be. The same day I had both ods and sods.

So what does that mean, that some of the sods and ods are subscriptions or taken out of the subsales.
How about you, is it only me, and do you know about this, and am I just late in finding out?

iStockPhoto.com / I need the grease monkey script.
« on: March 12, 2013, 10:56 »
I need the grease monkey script.
Im tired of sitting and deleteing my istock files one by one, it takes a lot of time, as it took to get them up there.
But enough is enough and I have decided to delete it all and only leave a cockroach. But.. Please can someone help me and tell me how to install the greasemonkey script, and get it to work.
Else it will take me 20 hours to deactivate my files on istock, and they are not worth that time.

Help please?


I need help to search certain items used for commercial fishing.
Namely snap clips for long line fishing.


I can find them for sale in America, but since there is a toll barrier its not practical to buy them form there and I want to go directly to the source: The manufacturer in China.
Can anyone help me conduct a search, and come into contact with a manufacturer or distributor in China?

Mostphotos.com / Demeaning use of photo sold via Mostphotos
« on: February 11, 2013, 15:09 »
This morning I found a photo of my son in an online newspaper  article  about a crazy shooter.
I contacted the newspaper and asked where they bought the picture and what licence they had obtained, and told them I was not happy with it.
They informed me that the image was licenced via Mostphotos and also took the image down and replaced it with a generic police picture.

When I looked at my Mostphotos account I saw that the image has not been sold from Mostphotos. It had zero sales. They might have sold it, but I had not registered a sale.

I contacted Mostphotos for an explanation and gave them a short time limit to reply, else  I would take the problem to an Internet debate. Which is what I do now.

Question is: Does Mostphotos sell pictures without paying the content owners?

iStockPhoto.com / Banned from Istock club
« on: January 25, 2013, 18:36 »
These days people get banned from iStock.
is that funny, meaningless or rude?

Well, I think it is significant.

So let us make a list of us who are banned.
It can always be usefull, when we try to understand what is going on.

Im one.
I was banned because I asked istocklawyer questions of the kind that would hold water in court. Like: I have asked this question and you have replied, that means that you have seen the question and it is such not unknown to you and istock.

Now who else is in the club and for what?

iStockPhoto.com / Selfdestruction or sabotage
« on: January 10, 2013, 23:45 »
Things at istock are so out of hand that I almost cannot believe what I hear:

1.. Scam site selling cheaply
2.. Images being given away at microsoft
3.. Images being given away on google
4.. Obscure financial manipulations such as currency hedging and retro payments
5.. Countless lies and unkept promises.

It is almost like the istock HQ deliberately tries to selfdestruct the company in the most efficient way.
OR... like istock is being sabotaged by someone, a group of former employees maybe?

What is going on?

Shutterstock.com / Keyword BETA
« on: January 02, 2013, 02:51 »
Have you tried the new keyword beta on shutter?
I find it excellent, and easy.

And The selected images are SO GOOD.
Not only good but also relevant.
I wonder how they searched through the keyword spam, but they did.

No wonder why Shutter beats them all.

Cameras / Lenses / Nikon d 600, any experience?
« on: January 01, 2013, 13:32 »
Im close to buying a nikon d 600.

But but.
I have examined the d 800 files at 100 % and they are really not that impressive.
But would the d 600 files be worse or better.
Until now I have used nikon d 200 and various lenses.
it works. I get the pictures I want, I get them noisefree and shining despite that the camera is from 2005.
Isnt that amazing?
So if any of you have tried, or have first hand files and want to share, please do.

iStockPhoto.com / 8 minutes. Record.
« on: November 26, 2012, 18:33 »
I posted a critical post on the iStock forum.
It took 8 minutes before it was deleted and gone.
What is your record?

I just bought that lens via ebay, it has not arrived yet.
I bought it because in my small studio, my macro lenses are not really handy, either to long or too short, as istock would say.
Now I wonder about sharpnes, contrast and bokeh, and I cannot wait to find out and therefore I ask. Has anybody had any experiences with that lens?
Would it be good for subjects about 50 cm? Like axes with handles or other tools?
And how does it perform with portraits, especially hair?
I would love to see some picture samples, from studioworks and from outside.

General Stock Discussion / I sit here and upload.
« on: November 07, 2012, 14:40 »
Today I took 167 shots up in the studio.
Of a hunter in a camouflage suit.
You know, You look through the pictures and process the most striking of them.
Like pointing left or pointing right. You choose the most dynamic and put them into photoshop and pop them up.
Keyword them, it takes 10 minutes via dusegard.
Then mass upload some to one agency, others to other agencies where you think they can earn a little bit.
Then comes iStock and you press a button.

And you are stuck!
It takes so long time to click yourself through a single picture.
You do it, and it comes to category choices and you have to click many times and try to figure out where your image fits. Is it  nature or isolation or people in love.
Every stupid choice annoys you and feels meaningless.
Then the endless clicking to make keywords pass through. And My Good! the definitions of those keywords. Have they bought their dictionary in a flea market in Kansas? Its so far out. And again lots of choises of half meaningless things, is it a cow or a guitar brand you have never heard of?
You manage to get through with one of your pictures, the other prepared ones, you dont bother to upload. Its is not that it takes time, though thats bad enough, its is more the many impossible choices, because the categories are unnatural and the disambiguation is based on such a primitive data set.. We can always do that if it sells, you think. Then you stop and get a relief since you are not at work and have to do it and the is no boss who looks.
My guess is that iStock thinks they are mighty smart and only get the best of the best pictures that way.
Maybe so.

But they also gets a lot of annoy factor.

So that persons like me builds up such a deep and longgoing frustration that they cannot keep their mouth shot (as you see).

But there are many things iStock doesnt get:
Like variations of pictures in series.
Like the different picture with different keywords.
Like a lot of appropriate keywords its easier to wing out than to qualify.
There is more but I will spare you.
I wont even mention the word rejection.

Point is, There is so much iStock doesnt get.
and take a look, its visible in the searches.

phew rant over. Im sorry. I have now finished my uploading and spread my load of pictures to 4-5 sites. Istock got one.

I have closed my account on desposit photos and such they owe me 13 dollars.
I asked them to send the amount to me.
"It is not our policy.." bla bla.
But funny enough I can give the amount away to a buyer.

If I knew one.
So is there a buyer on desposit photo, who wants 12,96 dollars?

What if we had an agency owned by the contributers?

What if the split was 50 /50 and the profit was shared as a yearly bonus?
Would you support it?

Such companies were common here some years ago, when farmers were tiered of always having prices lowered by the merchants. They then formed cooperative distribution companies. The cooperatives were commercially viable and the shareholders/ contributors were often happy, since they were guaranteed a certain minimum price and did not have to compete on profit.

The companies were usually founded in steps:
1...Having a list of contributers promise they would deliver exclusively.
2...Business plan.
3.. Financing by loans or contributers pay for shares, or both.
4.. Getting the business up and running.
5.. Competiveness set by both prices and the no need for profit.

I think a cooperative would be a serious thread to pure commercial agencies, simply because a cooperative does not need to produce profit, only sales and such it would be more competitive.

Now what IF?
I know Im only fantazising? But such companies would really be appreaciated in this world of internet tycoons.
I mean we are people here, behind every keybord is a human being being exploited.
We should not let the grinding machines mince us in their hunt for profit, based on content, we have produced.
It is US who produce the content. the agencies were nothing without us.

Would you join?

Off Topic / What is TheArtofBusinessCards.com (ABC)
« on: June 17, 2012, 14:50 »
Does anyone know

www.TheArtofBusinessCards.com (ABC)?

Any sales via them?

General Stock Discussion / The Internet
« on: May 14, 2012, 09:47 »
I think it is the first time I start a thread here in this forum. I used to be at shutterstock, but they kicked me out for controversy.

Here comes.

I think the internet is the most important thing that has happend to Mankind in the last 1000 years, or even since fire was invented.
Because everybody can share.
All the information in the world is now at arms length.

Back in the times there were druids who were splendid astronomers and who were the only ones who could make a calender and tell you when to plant and harvest.
Thousand years ago Rome had an information monopoly that lasted 500 years. The dark ages. No news were ever spread, everything was vieled in superstition.
Then came the religious ages, when the local priest interpretated and told you what to know. That age lasted until about 1900.
Printed, wired and other media were a revolution in the 1900. Another group than priests could have their say. And they did. they spoke, typed and printed and broadcasted. Our whole self understanding is based on what the media said between 1900 and 2000.
They lied. They never published the stories of the little old lady who was shot by waffen SS for a chicken.

Now, with the Internet, things have changed. The traditional media has become obsolete, the world is interconnected. I hear about the Egyptian uproar from a friend stuck in the Cairo airport, about Fukushima from a microstocker in Japan and forest fires in California from a photographer in Los Angeles, whose house did not burn.
I check the news every morning, local news and global. But im disappointed. There are more interesting news in the different forums I visit. Both real news from vulcanoes and forrest fires and from the hensyard.
But more news. the media cannot keep up.
And that is good.
Because I believe what my friends have seen and they are trustworthy 1 degrees sources.
Source to source, no middleman. And since we can all read and write, its not a problem.

Whereas the media is full of crap and selling new subscriptions.

Ok end of the beginning as someone once said.
And then a question.

Now what has that got to do with pictures and sales?

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