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MicrostockSubmitter / sales stats
« on: March 11, 2011, 15:28 »
how come you can only see sales stats for shutterstock and fotolia??

 I thought I'd give this program a try, it sounded good.. BUT I had quite some issues with this program.. I uploaded a batch of 23 images to give it a shot.. Here was my experience..

1. It crashed 3 times while uploading, gave some errors about deposit photos..
2. Then it put some wierd string of letters and nimbers in the title at deposit photos.
3. A couple of my photos were downsized to less than 4mp it said too small for shutterstock (us old timers still are able to upload 2.5) and it wouldn't let me upload those..
4. it did not upload any of my model releases to any of the websites.. I will have to either manually edit the sites that allow it and the others I will have to delete or get them rejected and send again..

 Seems pretty buggy to me, at first I was thinking this could really help my out, but it seems like it's not well tested and has lot's of issues still. I imagine I'll stick to manual at this point..

General Macrostock / Inmagine / Iris
« on: February 28, 2011, 11:32 »
So I just thought I would bring up this topic again since it's been a couple years since I've seen anyone talk about them.. But any new experiences with Inmagine?? It seems REALLY slow for me there, and they don't have a stats area to see views, so I don't even know if stuff is getting looked at or not.. Just curious if anyone has any insight? Is it worth it to give them more images? or is it a wats of time? I pretty much give them what I give to Alamy as they are not exclusive..

General Stock Discussion / Thoughts on Travel Location photos
« on: February 17, 2011, 21:25 »
So I have a bunch of images that I took on a trip to Europe, that I have been meening to get to, but I'm wondering about where to place them.. Traditionally I would send all my travel stuff to Alamy, and the trendy commercial stuff for micros as the sales weren't there and it wasn't a mature enough market for that stuff.. My question is, do people here still feel that still applies or are travel photos doing better with micros.. Take in mind these are location photos not people. I have a few images w/ Getty and a Some with Age as well.. But I don't see them as being markets for this stuff (or even wanting them for that matter)..

Shutterstock.com / New submissions and initial download amounts
« on: February 14, 2011, 12:34 »
So I had taken a break for almost a year from submitting as I was busy with my design business and a new kid etc. etc. So I hadn't uploaded anything for a while, but I have been taking pictures all along.. So over the past couple of weeks I have uploaded and had accepted a couple of batches a shutterstock.. But the initial downloads I was expecting is not happening.. I remember when I would upload a batch, and there would be a pretty high volume of dl's in the first few days, and then it would slowly taper off and then only the real good/lucky/popular ones would continue to get dl's.. I am not seeing that initial jump over these last couple batches, I mean they are getting downloaded, but only a few of them and even then it's only a couple of dl's.. I am just wondering, if this is me, or a bad timing thing, or if this is getting to be more normal that the big thrust of new images is not there anymore.. Anyone have any insights?

Am I overlooking something or am I blind? I do not see a place for checking sales stats..

Just wondering if Veer has a referal program??

Hey Guy's
 I have a few images with Inmagine, but no sales.. I was just curious if anyone has anything with them or has had anything with them in the past and would like to share their experience.. Any sales? Is it worth uploading more to them?

 Anyone have any good Macro sites other than Photoshelter, Alamy, Getty, Corbis? Just curious if you have a particular collection that might be not as mainstream you thought was worth giving a shot?

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