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Hi Everyone,

I have not logged into my fotolia account for years now. I just noticed that fotilia is now adobe stock.  ;D
Therefore, I tried to synchronize my fotolia account with adobe-stock. However, after providing my fotolia log-in data I just get a message saying that I should contact support. (The error message in german language: "Wenden Sie sich ber dieses Formular an das Team unseres Kundendiensts, um Untersttzung zu erhalten.")
Does anybody else have a similar problem? How do I contact adobe stock support without having an adobe id? Any ideas how to proceed?  :(

Thanks for your help  ;)

Adobe Stock / How to upload a font at fotolia?
« on: August 25, 2009, 15:34 »

During the last weeks I uploaded 2 different fonts at FT and both times they rejected about the half of the alphabet (font) and accepted the other half.
Are they kidding? 
I think its ok if they reject all images of the font or if they accept all images, but why only 50 %? This makes absolutely no sense to me.
The letter A has same quality than the letter Y for example.

Do you have similar experiences????
May be I should put them into a collection???!!!

Well at least its funny  ;D ;D :( :( :( :'( :'(


I am interested in the ration between your microstock-returns and the amount of money you spend for microstock-shootings.

I try to reinvest about 15% of my microstock earning. Camera, lenses and other equipment is financed by this 15 %.

The problem is: I am not sure whether 15 % is a good amount or not.

From an economic point of view is there an optimal level of investment? Which investment quota maximizes the earnings over the time?

Solow (a famous economist) would say the optimal level of investment is at the point where investment equals amortization, but I think this is not practicable for this issue.

I guess it depends on many variables.

Thanks a lot

Cameras / Lenses / what macro-lense should I choose?
« on: March 26, 2009, 18:42 »
I am going to buy a sigma macro lense these days... but I am not sure about the focal length.
what would you prefere.. 50 mm or 105mm? and why? I am not sure about the advantages and disadvantages...

I think that I will have more deepth of feeld with the 50 mm version, but what are the advantages of the 105 mm version?


5 / Rush of these 5 cent Backup CD sales at SS
« on: March 26, 2009, 16:08 »
today I had loooots of these 5 cent Backup CD sales at SS.  I sold so many Images today like in the whole past 3 months (I know, the BackUp CD thing is not really a sale).
Is this just me? Do you experience the same phenomena?
Or is it just a coincidence?



General Stock Discussion / Image Download Density Factor
« on: March 22, 2009, 08:35 »
hi,  :) :) :)

Inspired by a thread in the shutterstock forum I calculated my download density factor.
But I never heard before about this index.  ???
The download density factor is calculated this way:

(all time # of downloads/# of months of membership)X (1/# total # of your images)

for example, you have
-50 images
-been a member for 1 month,
then your IDD factor is:
(50/1).(1/50)= 1, which means, on average, you get one download per image per month.

another example
-22 images
-member for 5 months
then your IDD=(500/5).(1/22)= 4.54 which is superb (ie, you are getting 4.54 downloads per image per month off your gallary)
the higher your IDD, the more popular you are.
notice that this number will change over time. If it continues to rise, you are improving, if it starts to go down, you need to start thinking of new strategies/better quality pictures

Since I never heard about this factor, I would like to know your opinion.  ;D
What exactly does it measure?  ???
What are the pros? What the cons?  ???
 What is your download density factor?   ???

by the way.... may factor at SS ist 0.83  ::)


Off Topic / Where does the Euro Dollar Exchange Rate go?
« on: March 19, 2009, 03:16 »

yesterday the US Central Bank (FED) deiced to repurchase large quantities government bonds. As a result there wars a considerable change in the exchange rate between these two currencies. Now I get a little bit less euro for one dollar.

I know that this will be only a small chapter in the history of the exchange rate, but I am curious about your opinion:

Where does the exchange rate go in 1 year? Even if this topic is not directly related to microstock, it will be a point of interest for those photographer (like me) outside the US (especially if you live in the euro zone).


General Stock Discussion / Is a photo of a map legal?
« on: January 22, 2009, 12:53 »

as a cartographer I know for sure that maps are protected by a copyright. but sometimes you can find images which are showing parts of a map.
this is an example:

I dont know whether the photographer created the map or not, but if not I think such images could possible contain a copyright infringment.

I just want to know your opinion: is it legal if the main subject of an image is protected by a copyright?


I hope it does not sound like a cockfight, but I would like to know what your acceptance rates on the different agencies are.  I am just curious about it. Its difficult for me to evaluate whether my acceptance rates are good or not.
These are my rates:
Fotolia: 70 %
Dremstime: 78 %
Shutterstock: 75 %   :'(
123RF: 95 %
Stockxpert: 93 %

So, how many percent of your images get accepted? ???
(sorry for my English. I know its not the best englisch  ;D ;D )

hi  :)

as far as I know there is a connection between the acceptance rate and the search position of your images at dreamstime.
did you notice a similar mechanism at shutterstock?
usualy I have an acceptance rate of about 95 percent at SS. but a few days ago they rejected  nearly 50 % of my last batch. in the following days (until today) I had an heavy drop in sales.... sales went down by about 40 percent for me.  >:( ;D since I got this rejections.
could be just a coincidence... but what do you think? do you know something about an link between acceptance rate and search position at SS????  :) 8)

thanks a lot


11 / dissapeared images from stockxpert
« on: October 18, 2008, 15:11 »
hi,  :)

since the update at stockxpert most of my images don't show up in the search. if I go to "my account --> my images" they are still there, but you can't find them with the search-engine. I think that especially the newer images from the last 2 months are effected by the bug.
I just like  to know whether some of your images also dissapeard???? can somone tell me something about the bug? :) :) ??? :o
I am just a little worried since several hundred of my images (about 80 % of my portfolio) are gone. If nobody can find my images... nobody can buy the images  ;D :'(
so my sells nearly have been gone since the update.  :'(

would be realy great if someone could tell me something about the issue  :) :)

12 / why can't I find my images at dreamstime?
« on: October 04, 2008, 18:45 »
hi,  :)

I just noticed that I cant find a lot of my images at dreamstime. if I search for some of my images...  they do not show up. even if I search for the words in the titel of the images.
not my whole portfolio is affected, only some... about 100 images. they are online for 2-3 wooks now. they all also have no views.
any ideas?  I am astonished....  ??? ???

thanks a lot  :) :)  ;)

General Stock Discussion / When do I need a property release?
« on: September 23, 2008, 18:48 »
Hi,  :)

I  have la little questionen today :-)   
when exactly do I need a property relesase?
in the past I avoided to make stockphotos of buildings because I was not sure about some legal issues. I have some nice images of the local power plant. do I need a property-release for such a picture? I tooked the image from a public street.
I just checked some stock agencies... there are lots images of industry facilities. do they all have a property release ??? ???

thanks a lot  :) ;)

General Stock Discussion / Legality considerations
« on: September 13, 2008, 05:51 »

I just checked some stock-agencies for pictures containing bicycles. I wonder that you can see on many of these images brand names (like Scott, Kona, Giant...).  Even at the parts of the bike (Fork, shifters, breaks...) you can see band names.
whats your opinion? is this legal? what is the worst thing which could happen to the submitter of such an image? any other thoughts?  ???

thanks a lot...   :) :) :)


Adobe Stock / The importance of the forst seven keywords....
« on: September 05, 2008, 03:55 »

I read severeal times that the first seven keywords at fotolia are more important.
But I just tryed to search my images with keywords from the end of the keywordlist of these images. I found my images even with VERY good results.
so my question is: is it true that the first seven keywords are more importent?
do you  order the more important keywords to the top of the keywordlist at FT?
I just viewed some keywordlists at FT, and usually the words are in alphabetical order. does fotolia order the words alphabetical? or is this a result of the keywordingsoftware you use?
me for example... is use iTag for keywording... and iTag made automatical an alphabetical order the keywords. I never change this... so at FT (and other sites) simply the words starting with "a..." or "b..." are at the top of the keyword list.

oh, sorry for the spelling mistakes even in the titel....  ;)

General Stock Discussion / Lifecycle of a Stockphoto
« on: August 31, 2008, 16:59 »

I have some little question about the "lifecycle" of a stockimage today.

1. what do you think is the total earning of an average stockimage during its life?

2. how does the monthly earning of an average stockimage change during its life?

3. How long can a stockphotographer expackt significant earnings from an average photos`?

4. Do you have any other thoughts about the lifecycle of an image?

thank a lot, I am curious about  your thoughts.....

17 / Do you categorise you images?
« on: August 31, 2008, 05:18 »

I have just a short question: do you categorise your images at stockxpert? is this necessary? do you think that categorising is important?

Until now I categorised my images, but its a lot of work and I am not sure about the benefit of doing this.


General Stock Discussion / focus my work on isolations
« on: August 26, 2008, 11:14 »

I do stockphotography for about 2 months and until now I tryed different types of images. I think that I am relatively good in isolating simple objects on a white background. So I think about to focus my photographic work to isolations.
my questions now:
1. do you think that these kind of pictures sell well? is the RPI of such pictures higher or lower compared to the average RPI??? whats your oppinion?
2. have you made an experiance that isolated objects sell relatively better on some sites?
3. do you think that it is an good idea to focus in one niche?
4. any other suggestions????

would be great of you let me now your thoughts...

thanks a lot
(and sorry for my bad english  ;D  :-X )

19 / verify my identity on SS
« on: August 24, 2008, 13:47 »

I am with 5 of the big 6 now, but SS is missing. When I register on SS I have to verify my ID. So I uploaded my (german) identity card AND my driving licence (I am from germany). But they rejected my ID with following reason:

"Please upload a passport which is valid for international travel.  We only accept international passports.  We do not accept national identity cards."

So my question is: what exactly do I need to verify my ID? I am not sure about this.

would be great if somebody  tells me what I should do. thank you a lot.
(and sorry for my bad english, I should improve it ;-) )

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