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Off Topic / Looking for a videographer in New York City
« on: November 09, 2018, 04:13 »
Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a videographer based in New York City, who would be willing to shoot a ~45 seconds clip at 4 to 5 very specific locations throughout New York for a reasonable fee. Simple pans, using a tripod with fluid head stuff, afaik no permit needed. I will need the source files, no editing or post required.

The clips will be used in a creative brief and short trailer for a historical documentary.

Please send me a DM if you're interested.



Checking the recoupment CSV iStock sent me, I stumbled upon something I concider to be far worse than the pretty unusable list of affected filesthey sent me.

At least two photos, which appear in the list, have been deactivated from iStock in February 2013 (the Google Drive deal), but are apparently still active on thinkstock.

Deactivated iStock file
Active photo on Thinkstock

According to the download history on iStock, January 2014 PP sales are still reported. I think it's completely unacceptable, that these files are still online, 13 months after deactivating them.

You might want to check the file numbers in the recoupment CSV if you have any deactivated files, too.

We've just started with building a symbiostock site, and ran in to an issue with the current  (pretty lean) registration and login pop up screen. It doesn't comply with EU tax laws, as it lacks, at least, the following information details:

- No company details
- No Chamber of Commerce numbers
- No VAT numbers
- No identity verification?

Then there are (a minority, i presume) of personal-use clients, for which the current system is sufficient.

I think a system, which allows a business client to fill in a complete profile is extremely important for the success of the symbiostock network. Especially if a centralized login can be implemented as well.

Also, creating a plugin which adds a VAT percentage to the sales price, based on a client's location, is essential. It'll open a business market, as it will allow them to deduct VAT from their purchase.

I'd like to probe you about your local tax requirements, in order to find a common denominator  or symbiosis (pun intended) - about your national tax requirements. 

For us, the Dutch tax laws apply. This means:
- For all sales from the Netherlands, we need to add a 21%VAT.
- For all sales from within the EU, a 0% tax applies, only if it's a business, and all business details (Spokes person, address and contact details, Chamber of commerce details as well as VAT numbers) are known, and displayed on a printed / printable invoice.
- I need to ask our tax guy about specifics about all sales outside the EU.

In order to access what changes are needed to the client registration, as well as  to the file-pricing part of symbiostock, I think it's useful to create an inventory of as broadly as possible.


What client information do you need to properly report taxes (if any), regardless of where you live?
What changes to the current symbiostock theme would be required to meet those requirements?

From what I've seen about the Symbiostock network so far, I don't think it'll be an easy hack, but if successfully and effectively implemented, it might provide a significant added value. Most of our clients require a proper invoice, so a PDF printable / downloadable receipt will also be necessary :)

See also

123RF / New Limited Extended License?
« on: August 30, 2012, 05:50 »
It seems 123RF has a new licence type: Limited Extended Licence, or LEL. Has anyone heard anything about this? I don't suppose 123RF has issued a statement about this?

I wonder how much discount they're going to offer to promote this  ::)

Cameras / Lenses / Speed Graphic 4x5
« on: December 08, 2010, 17:20 »
A completely non-microstock related question:

I'm doing a bit of research on my uncle, trained in the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps in 1944 as combat photographer. Their standard issue was a Graflex Speed Graphic 4x5 camera, which he used during the end of WWII, and in Indonesia as front photographer, prior to shooting for the Walt Disney Corp.

I'm currently looking into buying one, with the sole requirement, that it's in working order. I've located an antiquarian, who has about 15 of these cameras in stock (!). Being an antiquarian, he has no clue about whether they still work or not. Although I have some experience with vintage cameras (Medium format - Hassy and a Yashica Mat 24 gold) I wonder if you guys can help me out a bit:

- what are the specific parts you would check when considering such a historic camera?
- Would 350 for this camera strike you as a steep price? (they seem to be pretty rare, although I've found one or two on e-bay in deplorable state for less)
- How would you go about assessing a cameras quality without being able to shoot a test roll?
- Does any of you know anything about this camera?

A long shot, I admit, but I'd appreciate your help!

General Stock Discussion / Lego bricks no longer a trademark
« on: September 14, 2010, 04:25 »
It seems we're free to shoot lego bricks without having to be afraid of copyright infringement.

The European Court rejected the copyright claim by Lego:

Would be interesting to see whether the agents adapt their policy in regard to lego bricks...

Computer Hardware / Online storage - does anyone use one?
« on: March 11, 2010, 18:13 »
Storing a backup of my photos on a different location is something I've been toying with for a while now.

I came across, and they seem to be reasonably priced. Does anyone have any experiences / alternatives for storing backups online? How reliable are such services?

ETA: changed the topic into something more generic. Original title: - Does anyone use them

123RF / 123rf culling images
« on: October 26, 2009, 15:17 »
FYI, I just noticed 123rf is starting to cull images for various reasons (mostly "possible copyright issues"). They do not send out notifications. However, culled images appear on the history --> Rejected page (

I noticed, because a buyer sent me a site mail, asking where the image had gone he selected...

Oh, well, it's all for our own protection - but a email informing us of their decision would've been nice.

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