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Hi Guys,

Please give comments on the following images,which 3 i should submit for initial review to Istock, already got rejected 3 times and waiting to complete 30 days waiting time.

All these images are approved at SS. infect i got about 100 on SS but got stuck on istock.they keep saying "impress us" lol

any help to the above matter will be highly appreciated.


Newbie Discussion / How to add watermark in flicket photos?
« on: March 13, 2012, 13:10 »
Hi Guys,

how i can add water mark to flicker photos,i want to offer some of my photos for getty/flicker but not making is public because there is no water mark option from flicker.

Please guide me if some1 know.


Newbie Discussion / Alamy initial Submission for review
« on: March 11, 2012, 08:42 »
Can i submit illustration images to alamy for initial review?such as this image?

how to keep record of photo submission and downloads/selling?


is there any software which can keep record of all the submitted photos and illustration,file sold,pending,rejected and online.

Please help

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