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Pond5 / Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: July 11, 2013, 08:13 »
Hello everyone,

As we're speeding up improvements in site performance and user experience (at least we're trying to) I'd like to hear your opinion on 3 most annoying things slowing you down while working with Pond5 website.

I'll keep this thread as a reference, so please mention even those issues, that were not yet resolved, but have been mentioned elsewhere. Later on I'll pick stuff from here and put it to our colaboration tool.

thx Vita
UX & Design

Pixmac / 1 million directly uploaded photos at Pixmac
« on: September 27, 2011, 05:45 »
Hi Everyone!

Today we've reached 1 million photos directly uploaded at Pixmac. Sure, it's not a big deal compared to other agencies. For us it's an important milestone and a proof that we attract contributors by sales. Rather than talking about how cool we are.

We've been mostly focusing on driving sales to the Pixmac site rather than being active in contributor focused marketing. We are also reselling photos from other micro agencies. So we could already be behind some of your earnings here and there. I hope that we all share the main target and that's generating revenue to each of you. That's what we're working on every day. 'Nothing else matters'

As it seems today, September is going to be BME in terms of contributors revenue. And I wanted to thank you all for support during these challenging times, when big agencies cut their commissions almost on a monthly basis.

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