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General Stock Discussion / old contributor back again
« on: February 18, 2020, 11:26 »
Hello, Let me make a brief introduction to my case:

So i joined microstock back in 2008, back then i managed to have a poratfolio of about 650 images (3d renders basically) i was contributing for some yars but then i had to put my efforts in my job as freelancer and so i stopped uploading for some years.
I was selling really good and despite stopping to "feed the beast" i managed to keep receiving good income for some yeras after i stopped submitting new content. i think it was like 2 or 3 years after that my income started to slow down and kept doing it until now off course.
Today i do manage to make a payout every month in SS but nothing compared to what i did in the golden years. Now i'm back and pretend to increase my port again with new material to reactivate. But i see things have changed a lot i guess.

In those yaers that i was off the bussines i olmost didn't put attention to the changes or i forgot what happen with all the fussions, pages going down, etc. so please let me do a couple of questions so i can get a still image of what is going on now please.

For instance, i was contributing to istock as non exclusive, then it became getty images, now i get my revenue trough there but i see no way to submit new content is that right? is getty not accepting new uploads?
Also was a fotolia contributor (and was one of my top pages) then it became adobe stock. now i see is the second big agency and i'm liking it (i mean the upload process and general design.
Shutterstock was my first one ever, and it remains the same. But some years ago i notice a sudden drop down in the income both in fotolia and SS. did something BIG happened like 4 years ago?
Now i have uploaded some new stuff, my old experience was to once uploaded i could see the images being sold quite fast, off course some better that others, but i could see some movement. Now i don't see that.
Off course there are a looooot more images now that back in the days, but i wonder is that all the difference? do you know if we contributors have some kind o ranking for the serch results according to our activity? i feel like left behind here.
Guess what i am looking is for some old contributors to make me a brief resume of what happen to the industry while i was out. how was the experience for you in these past years thet you kept uploading unlike me?

Hope i make sense, and forgive my english.

It's been a while since i post something, I hope you can give me an advise on something:

I've been asked to sell one of my good selling images, the buyer it's a print on demand service agency, they are interested in one of my images and "probably more in the future" but they can not buy direct from stocks agency since they are reselling the images printed in their products, an so their partners (who also will be able to use the images)
They are proposing a unique payment that gives them the right to use and sell the image as many times as they want and with no limitation on time.

Of course it will all depend on the price, but the contract seems a little over the edge for me, i can see no difference with selling them the rights, appart than the fact that i could still sell the image and they don't want exclusivity.

The image it's quite popular but not a top seller.

Would you sell it? and in what range of prices, hundreds? thousands?

Thank you

I am doing some comisioned work, it's for an english publisher and they have send me a contract to sign.
English is not my main lenguage, but anyway i guess is the contract were in spanish it wouldn't be of much help either, since i'm a little lost in the legal terms, so i wanted to ask you if you think this is a normal clause.

"You assign with full title guarantee (and where
appropriate by present assignment of future rights)
to the Publisher all and any Intellectual Property
Rights in and to the Material or otherwise arising out
of the provision of the Services."

I am ok with the images being exclusive for them, but wonder if the copyright assignment here is not too much? is that like loose the intelectual property of the designs?

I guess i just want to ear your thoughts, this is a big enterprise and this is a contract that they use for the freelance workers in general.
I off course want to do the job, and they allready ask me how i want my name published in the book for the credits.
Thank you

PicNiche Toolbar / some little problems
« on: December 30, 2011, 08:19 »

Here i am again, i'm having a little problem with fotolia poller again, for months now the pollers works fine in the amount actualization but it does nothing when i click on it (it doesn't direct me to the fotolia page) it's not a very important thing and i was waiting for some actualization of either firefox or PN but things are the same after months.
Then on the other hand, i became a Photodune and DepositPhotos contributor this month, i added the pollers from the "get more" list, the PD one is fine but the DP does not show anything, i had some sales but it does not even show 0.00
Just wanted to ask if you think something i can try to fix this, and start the new year with this great tool working 100%

Thank you.

General Stock Discussion / Is safe operating with PayPal?
« on: May 03, 2011, 05:56 »
Hello all:

I have been using paypal since i begun doing microstock, i was under the impression that was safe and that was like a bank but in the internet. (they are not a bank by the way)

Recently i read something alarming in a post and start investigating a litle over the net, i found lots of complains and pages against PayPal, every one of them telling they could basically just freeze you account in any time with no prior notification, they will keep recieving money but you could not extract it.

I didnt have any problem with them (fingers crossed) but reading this made me think that its not a good idea to keep money there as if it was a bank, the latest months i have been keeping my payments there in dollars waiting for a better change for the euro, now i think maybe is better to loose some money in a bad exchange than loosing it all.

In the other hand this pages collecting negative stories about PP, also promove an alternative way, a "Real Merchant Account" so they are not to be believed at 100% as are not a desinterested part on the story i guess.

What do you think.

Image Sleuth / This time im really pissed off
« on: April 06, 2011, 19:57 »
I usually see some of my images in sites like heroturko, i dont like it off course, but have learned how to live with that. But this time looking for some of my images in TinEye i found 4 of them beeing sold by another user in the3dStudio web, i also contribute there but have not uploaded this files (or anyone in some time) there.

here are some of MY images being sold by this "imageart" thief.

And here my SS port

I can see he/she has some other stuff from others also, so go check if you want.
I have send an email to t3ds site, i realy wish something more than taking down the image could be done in this cases.  >:(

PicNiche Toolbar / Fotolia has gone to Zero
« on: December 21, 2010, 14:55 »
Today my fotolia poller went to zero, now it doesnt update anymore.
anyone else has the same problem?

Ok, don't take me for an arrogant.
I don't know if i have a super sales photo or not, but i recently did an image that took me more work than usual, and i that i think is going to sell pretty well. This makes me think of what could i do to try make the most out of it, and the macro possibility came to my mind. I'm contributing to several micros and Alamy with the same port as RF.
Do you think it's good to bet for some special images that maybe took more work or we feel are special in some way or the most we can expect is that become good sellers in micros?
Being allready in Alamy, could i upload just one image (at the moment) as RM? Should i do this by another alias maybe?
Maybe i should try to sell this as print or something like that, can we do this with an image allready selling in micro? where can we do this?
I would like to know your thought on this matter, and if you sell both in micros and macros would appreciate experiences.
The thing i like most when i think of RM is the more control i could have on the particular image, knowing the use and everything about it.


9 / payout times
« on: September 10, 2009, 08:00 »
I asked for my last payout the 1st of september, and still nothing. if you look the payout calendar this past tuesday 8 was a paypal payout day, it was exactly one week after i send the ticket, so how much time prior to a payout day one have to send the tiket in order to get paid in that day? isnt a hole week enought time?

Just out of curiosity, how often do you request payouts there? i was asking once a month in every site just to see at first galnce in the picniche toolbar how i was going for the month, but im starting to think would be good to ask a couple of payout for month (in the sites i earn enough of course)

Todey i recieve this email:

"Dear Pablo ...

Congrats!  One of your designs has been selected by Googles to be used in one of their new blog templates.  Please
read this entire email and send us back your approval if you want to
be included in this great opportunity for exposure on

Here is the image selected to use for a template design:

.... may also want to include additional images as blog
templates or backgrounds. They want the rights to modify,
redistribute, and use your image in commercial blog templates.  Please
let me know if there are any additional images you would be willing to
include in this program.

Whats in it for you?  Blogger will provide your credit on all
templates containing your art.  Also, every blog that uses a template
with your image will have a link back to your Shutterstock gallery
URL.  The images on will be displayed at a size larger
than our current license allows of 800x600 pixels. may
display images as large as 1600x1200 pixels.  In addition,
cannot guarantee that bloggers will not attempt to alter the template
HTML to remove the links to your gallery. gets hundreds of millions of pageviews a day and has
millions of active users.  We see this as a great opportunity to drive
traffic to your Shutterstock gallery.

Please write back to confirm your approval to be included in this
program along with the images you are approving.

Best regards,"

So... what do you think of this? Im not shure wht are they asking me the permission, couldnt they just purchase an EL and use it for that, or is there always a limitation on redistributing the image on blogs.
Or maybe they are just ting to get the image free, i dont know if this is really a good oportunity or just a way to get your image copied millons of times with no payback.

Any thoughs or experiencies on this?


Today i went to the IRS just to ask out of curiosity how would i declare my microstock incomes in the end of the year. Well, obviusly they were not put to day in this bussines, but they seem to think i have to be registered as an economic activity or enterprise as any other activity that makes me win money, here in Spain it means also to pay about 350$ monthly for the social security. Is this correct, i cant believe it. These agencies advertise them selves as anyone can upload and sell images as a particular.

Espero que haya por aqu algn espaol que est informado al respecto, porque en Hacienda me dijeron que debera darme de alta como una actividad empresarial, lo que supone en mi caso darme de alta como autonomo y pagar la seguridad social, unos 250 al mes. No me lo uedo creer, yo intent explicarles que no vendo directamente a ningn cliente, y que no tengo que hacer factura alguna pero por supuesto no estn muy enterados al respecto. Alguin me puede informar y dar datos o fuentes concretas para demostrar (espero) que no es necesario darse de alta y que se puede hacer como particular.

Thank you

I was asked by an Istock client to make some custom modifications on an image. Its a 3d render, and im willing to do what he is asking for, but i dont have experience on this.
He ask me how much i will charge him. Could some of you give me an aproximation on this field, i dont have any idea in this matter.
I have an CG architectural visualization business, so delivering custom imagery for a client is my job, but of course the prices dont have anything in comon with microstock, so im a litlle lost here, because i cant charge him hundreds of dollars as i would do in my bussines.

Another thing is, how you recieve the payment, via paypal for example?, is this made apart from the micro site? etc.

Please some experienced in this field enlight me because im a little lost here.

Thank you

13 / IRS withhold_Veer Marcketplace Vs SS
« on: June 09, 2009, 14:01 »
Well: I just complete my personal information at veer marketplace and was very surprised when i saw this in their US TAX information.

First of all i only had to fill an on-line form, and second, it says that if you are the rights holder, you DONT need an ITIN.
So what . is SS doing all this all the sudden, are they badly informed or legal advised or what?

I am from spais so my earnings in USD has to be converted in euros at some time.
This is often sad since all the work put in my portafolio to increase my earnings month after month, gets often buried by the Dollar/Euro change price.
For example, last month i made the exchange at 1.29 (1 euro=1.29 dollar) so for example for 1000 USD that would be 775 Euros. But right now the price is like 1.35, that means for the same case 1000USD= 740. Seeng this i started to look for information and found a helpfull page where you can find the variation expresedd in a simple graphic, this is the link (in spanish sorry):
Right now i decided to wait a litle to pull out the money from Paypal, and hope the price of dollar will rise again in the next days.
Do you european people check these numbers often to figure out the best moment? or maybe know some page where we could chek for a futuristic especulation on this tendencies?

Also i found that Paypal retain the 2.5% of the money for their services, Is there another way cheeper to get the payouts?
Im thinking That Yuri Arcurs for example can loose a lot of money if he dont look close to thise things, so maybe allready is an optimized way to do this testes for you guys?

Hope i made myself clear enough.

15 / Why DT is not working for me?
« on: March 07, 2009, 13:27 »

Since I've started in this business, i have an eye on the poll results here.
I decided to upload to the big 6 and was expecting DT to be a very good earner, but I'm earning very little there compared to other sites that are lower in the poll (FT, StockXpert, ISP) the only one earning less is 123RF.
So I'm starting to think maybe I'm doing something wrong.
Do yo believe that the kind of work one have, can affect drastically the results in different sites?
I was thinking NO, my guess is that clients are all the same for deferents sites, but maybe I'm wrong.
So my question would be, do you do something special in DT for have good results? maybe some kind of image? maybe keywording in a particular language? don't know I'm lost.

Thank you for your insight.

Photo Critique / critique this IS submission rejected
« on: January 15, 2009, 12:42 »
i can't get in ISP, they have rejected my application twice, these are my 3 last images I've submitted, please give me some indications on what type of image they want, or if you are kind enough, go check my port in the last link and advise me on what of the images i have so far,  you would upload next time, I'm confused.

this is my port at SX, they are the fastest reviewing so it's the only site i have all my images accepted so far, but ignore the photos, since i want to concentrate in the 3d renders.

Thank you all for your time and help, your advice will be very estimated for me.



I'm new here and in this bussines, just started a month ago to submit images to stock agencies.
Well the truth is that in SS i was rejected the firs time JUST BECAUSE THE KEYWORDS where written in Spanish (when i see the interface in Spanish it says TO PUT THE KEYWORD IN SPANISH) so after asking for help to support, having no answer at all and uploading to other sites, i just had to wait the month of suspension, then my 10 images where accepted and after that in just one week in SS i earned 3 times the amount of the other sites, i was shock on how well this site works compared to others  :o.
in this week i have a sale average of 10 images (when my Port has 14 images i think it's OK) now i have around 20 images and hope to improve this number soon.

Anyway, I'm sellling in SS, DT, FT, SX, and 123RF, but i could not get in ISP, i was rejected 2 times with this reason:
"At this time we regret to inform you that we did not feel the overall composition of your photography or subject matter is at the minimum level of standard for iStockphoto."
I'm lost with this site, don't know what to do to get in. would be nice if you could give me some indications, Can i post here some links to the images i have submitted to evaluate them? (they are allready selling in other sites, and i could post some links if it's allowed)

Well, thank you in advance.

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