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Canon / 60D??
« on: July 21, 2010, 02:54 »
I'm wondering when the new 60D will be announced and what it will feature?
I can't imagine it would trump the 7D in terms of features and quality?
I have seen rumours on the net saying it might feature an  APS-H size (1.3x crop) sensor: Digic IV 18 MP, a flip-out LCD screen etc.

What are your thoughts?

Anyone got some inside info? and perhaps a launch date?
Rumours say it may be launched today actually..


General Stock Discussion / Graffiti and releases
« on: June 29, 2010, 23:41 »
I recently did a shoot in the city of Johannesburg.
I uploaded to the various microsites and 123rf reject all of my graffiti images because I need a release?

If it's public property, under a bridge in the slums, how can it be that I need a release for colourful graffiti on a pillar or wall?
It's common property, surely.

Other stock sites (like BigStock, Depositphotos) have accepted these images...

Ideas? Suggestions?


Shutterstock.com / Woohoo! My first EL Sale on Shutterstock!
« on: June 10, 2010, 23:39 »
I've been with Shutterstock now for a little over a year.
My portfolio is quite small (around 230 odd images), and my sales have been on the up and up at Shutterstock.

However, this morning I logged in to check what's happening, and I made a $28.00 EL sale for this image (which I don't think is a superb image anyway):


I'm so excited about it! Oh, and I FINALLY got into iStock a few days ago (after a year of trying) so I'm hoping sales there will be good too!


I feel so sorry for myself.
I've attempted 6 times to apply as a contributor at iStock and been rejected every time.
I'm pretty certain I can sell well there, and I'm so disheartened by my constant rejections.
Not a single photo of mine has been accepted.
I've tried so many different styles, ideas, photos etc

I don't seem to be doing too badly on all the other 8 stock agencies I'm registered with - I just CANNOT seem to crack into iStock at all.

I'm at a loss. I've followed advice from previous posts here, I've tried what I can.
Now I have to wait another 180 days before applying again for contributor status.
I'm bummed. What next?

Hi guys and gals,

Interesting find:

Check out the search trends on google for Al, SS, DT, IS, FT:

I also tried a match with StockXpert,BigStock and CS(Crestock)

Note the trends in time of year too!

My 2c worth :)

iStockPhoto.com / 5 Applications and still no luck!
« on: May 11, 2009, 07:06 »
Hi all,

I've recently tried for the fifth time to apply at iStock.
Put my pics up for crit and got some feedback.
Submitted those too and declined.

I'm wondering if I need to be the world's greatest photographer to even pass an application to iStock?

I feel somehow I must have offended someone or something. I'm just not sure what to do now.
Should I try write to them? Maybe just give it up as a bad idea?

Zymmetrical.com / All Uploads STOPPED at Zymmetrical!
« on: May 07, 2009, 06:54 »
So I registered today on Zymmetrical, to see what the hype is about...

I saw this notice, below.
I'm just wondering when we will be able to upload??

Notice -  May-05-09:

Due to the unworkable volume of uploads from members who are not reading instructions and/or submitting large batches of unedited content, we are unfortunately forced to pause uploads. Uploading is currently disabled for all members (including FTP and the web forms) until we put online a new system with stricter, defined rules and penalties for those who do not 'play fair'.

All files already in the system should be described and submitted to our reviewers as normal.

For the vast majority of members who have been uploading quality content in a practical way- sorry for this inconvenience, however we cannot let a minority of members use up business resources in an unlimited way. Thank you for your patience as we revise the system and the policies.

- Keith Tuomi
CEO Flyerstarter Services Ltd.

General Photography Discussion / Advice on DOF?
« on: April 01, 2009, 04:07 »
Hi all,

I have a Canon EOS 450D.
I'm currently using a Sigma 18-200 f3.5 OS Lens, as well as a Sigma 105mm f2.8 EX DG Macro Lens.
I'm loving the Macro lens, however, I need a little advice on this?

I'm struggling with Depth of Field in general.
My focal points are very sharp, but seems anything a few mm before or after that focal point is blurred.

So, in an attempt to increase DOF, I've increased F-Stop values using Aperture Priority mode.
The problem with this is that, naturally, my Shutter Speed (I hate this term) or Exposure Time (ahh, much better) increases.
So that's ok. I usually have a tripod set up, however, for bugs that happen to be moving, this poses another problem.

Of course, since the 450D is not a full-frame DSLR, I tend to try steer away from sensitive ISO speeds.
I tend to normally shoot between 100 and 400 ISO in an attempt to avoid excessive noise.

I've taken pics of water droplets on a leaf in a garden using f-stop 29 (Av), 1/4 Tv, ISO 200 in good morning light.
The DOF of the leaf (which is probably about 6cm in size) is still fairly shallow.
The middle of the leaf, is perfectly in focus, but the front of the leaf (about 2.5cm nearer to lens) is very soft.
It's a lot better than the same image at f-stop 11, but still shallower than I'd like.

Even shooting a miniature orange (which is about 3 cm in diameter), still shows sharp focus on the front, but blurring on the edges, only possibly 1cm deeper than focal point, using Av of 14-19?

Am I doing something wrong?

Something else I can try for increased DOF?

123RF / Review times - is everyone on holiday?
« on: March 26, 2009, 06:01 »
Anyone noticed that review times at 123 are pretty bad?
Or is it just me now? It's been like 7 days already for me?

Almost as bad as BigStock for me...  ???

Another poll, which I will couple with data from the duration before generating decent sales.

Would be interesting to see the results from these two polls...


Just a poll to see how long it took most people to make their first set of steady sales at BigStock.
I think the results could be interesting.

123RF / First download after only 3 weeks!
« on: March 23, 2009, 05:24 »
I got my first download (actually, two on the same day - one "SUB" and one "U").
I'm quite stoked at this idea!

Hopefully things will pick up nicely!

Just thought I would provide a little motivation for others out there!


Hi all,

I was recently uploading and decided to test what difference exclusive images makes to revenue, search results and acceptance or reviews.

Out of the big 6, which if the sites actually support exclusive images.
I'm not talking about being an exclusive contributor - simply the images.

So far, I can only see that Dreamstime and Fotolia support this?
Any others?

Is there any benefit to the contributor to submitting exclusive images?

Thanks :)

General - Top Sites / Is iStock worth the effort?
« on: March 16, 2009, 00:58 »
Hi all,

I'm new to the stock game.
I've registered and uploaded a few pics to quite a few agencies already.
I've been into this now for just over 2 weeks.
My portfolios are tiny, yet I've made just under 30 DLs in 2 weeks at SS (which I think is pretty good).
Fotolia have made one DL for me (that's  probably because they keep rejecting the photos that are top-sellers at SS)  ;D

Anyway, this is not a soap-box session.

I was just wondering - I have applied twice now at iStock and they have rejected both my applications.
I used my best (top sellers) photos to apply, both times.

I get the opinion that they don't like me or something because I pressured them into processing my application with a support ticket or two.
There was a whole thing about my ID not being suitable and my names not matching (which was nonsense).
So I uploaded the same file again and then my membership was approved.
Then after uploading photos they rejected it.
Then 3 days later I uploaded again and they rejected those too.

So now I'm wondering - do you guys have any tips for me?
I really would like to get into iStock - I've heard great things about them!

Thanks a ton in advance!

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