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I just came home from my local gallery where a co-op of photographers run their own gallery. While I was there, I chatted with this week's exhibitor about her experience as an artist, and my own as a stock photographer. And the end of a long  and insightful exchange of our own experience, and our common aspiration ie. passion in photography, we were interrupted by a couple who asked the exhibitor if they could see her on one of her exhibits. As I was browsing around in the meantime, I overheard the couple arranging to buy one of her exhibits. Not the original one on the wall, but a copy . Priced - $400 .

As I left , I couldn't help asking the exhibitor why a buyer would pay her $400, while another buyer would pay us "stock photographer" 30 cents. Her insightful response was , "I suppose because they (the couple) know I won't be selling it for less than 400 dollars, and the buyer of your stock photos know that they can buy it for much less.".

This profound answer made me think about our "career" as stock photographers.
We have heard that during this recession, no one has the money to pay us the highest price of stock photography. Yet, someone just paid this lady $400 for her photograph. There is a recession here in my city as well, and the couple I am sure is not an alien who is immuned to the recession.
I suppose she is right. Why would anyone want NOT to pay $400 for our photograph? When they know we will sell it for 30 cents.

Something to think about, the next time we call ourselves proudly "stock photographers".

Dreamstime.com / DT going editorial? too much !
« on: July 01, 2009, 09:08 »
Frontpage is showing something "editorial" as contrived as someone holding up a sign for Michael Jackson.  And other images that are no doubt less newsworthy than many that editors used to call news unworthy.
Crowds standing around, is not newsworthy. Picture of me holding up a sign for michael jackson, can be done outside my house even if it has nothing to do with me being outside Michael Jackson's wake,etc...
How can DT justify this when other more related to news have in the past been passed along as not newsworthy enough.
An image of M Jackson's corpse is newsworthy, but someone standing in line at his funeral, which is easily portrayed half a million miles away, is not.
Has DT gone extreme over Michael Jackson's death. How about me holding up a sign for Farrah Fawcett ? would that be accepted too as editorial.

Be objective? It's editorial and I think DT has gone off the rocker.

You remember that thread here by Mr Arcurs, and another one by Ellen B in DT forum, talking of new ideas ? They both said we must think "out of the box" to succeed in this "new" micro of 2009+ .
So, how many of you actually believed them, and uploaded these new ideas?
I am not even sure if the reviewers and editors of the Big 6 agreed with Yuri and Ellen, because I still see the same ole same ole as Featured Images.
Same thing for my downloads, I am still getting downloads from my "same ole same ole". Not that I am b!tching, a sale is a sale is a sale. But if I had believed what the gurus told us earlier in 2009, I would have ended up with less downloads.

So, who is "behind time" here? Reviewers? Buyers?  Or is this "thinking out of the box" idea  just another flash in the pan for writing an article.

Off Topic / Oops, she forgot million US dollars in matteress
« on: June 11, 2009, 13:06 »
How heavy is $1 million US ?
You able to forget $$$$$$?  How an old woman got $1millionUS?  For sure , big mystery!

extract taken from Lee Torrens newsletter:
Garth Johnson Joins Fotolia
June 3rd, 2009 by Lee Torrens

Fotolia have recruited their second ex-iStockphoto executive. Fotolia appointed Garth Johnson as SVP of North America

Is this a good sign for Fotolia contributors?

Since it appears that most of us are lining up for the new flavour of the day, Veer Marketplace ( both transferee from SV and new applications), I would assume it 's a good day to upload to the Big 6 too, since the review time should be shorter.

Has anyone seen a change today?

Off Topic / the real bat mobile
« on: May 23, 2009, 12:08 »

In one of the old thread lee torrens and batman were discussing the ultimate car.
I think they will like this one. Much spiffier than the Lambo with Armani interiors that Lee mentioned. This one's a Ferrari with truly bat mobile qualities that even a non batman fan would die for.

Enjoy , and stop wagging your tongue  8)

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