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At this Sunday afternoon, after uploaded several photos to Getty Images, ShutterStock and Alamy, and before the important match between Beijing Basketball Team vs. Xinjiang, I decided to write something about China stock photo market especially for stock photographers outside of China, to help you understand the market here, and to maybe help me understnad more of you.

I'm drafting and below points come to my mind so far:

  • stock photo market in China
  • Major players of this market
  • Whose works are selling here
  • demands and best selling
  • local photographers
  • piracy

I'll finish my words on my blog at http://www.tukusheying.com/info/es_t_20160221050618.html and then post it here.  You're welcome to reply in this thread with any topics or viewpoints, I'll try to include or discuss it in my words as well, thank you.

according to the latest disclosure from VCG (Visual China Group): more M&A right after the purchase of Corbis Images, this time is Getty Images

file got from stock exchange http://www.tukusheying.com/info/es_t_20160129111259.html

General Stock Discussion / Confirmed: VCG will acquire Corbis
« on: January 22, 2016, 06:13 »
VCG (Visual China Group), a public stock photo agency, and also the sole distributor of Getty Images in mainland China, will acquire Corbis


the file just disclosed in stock exchange website and I made the screen snapshot as shown in above link

General Stock Discussion / 2014 Chinese stock photo survey result
« on: February 10, 2015, 10:21 »
Chinese version only, please use google translation


General Stock Discussion / 2013 China stock photographer survey
« on: January 04, 2014, 09:10 »
To better understand China stock photo market, I start this public free survey today.

And so far in 3 hours there are 53 submission collected.

Some facts are like:

  • 2013 income: ranges from 0 to above USD90,000
  • 2013 new online content: ranges from 0 - above 5,000
  • working hours per day: 0 - above 8 hours

If you can understand Chinese, you are welcome to take this survey at http://www.wenjuan.com/s/bUb6Nb

You will see the survey result right after you finish it.

If you can NOT understand Chinese, please do NOT take it, I will post the result around the end of this month.

Thank you.

With some ads samples of how the stock image being used:
(Chinese version)

They go public through buying a shell -- ticker symbol is 000681, listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Getty owns 20% of its share.

FYI I posted some related information in my website(Chinese): http://www.tukusheying.com/info/es_t_20130817025441.html

For those who are interested in communicating with Chinese stock photographers as well as local agencies, I just set up an instant messenger group, using the most popular software QQ (you can download it at http://im.qq.com/qq/2013/), English version is provided.

The group number is 327188259.


I'm editing the layout...

As I promised, I'll post it out first and then do the translation to Chinese.

my latest interview to Lee Torrens -- the owner of MicrostockDiaries   :)

as well as the one to Jon Oringer

Shutterstock.com / Jon's price today: US$ 415 million
« on: October 11, 2012, 23:29 »
56.3% of US$ 738 million

Both name of Getty's CEO and SS CEO are Jonathan, interesting?


so, the fact is
  • ShutterStock: $100 million in revenue in 2011
  • Getty Images: revenues of about $945 million through the 12 months ended December 2011 (I believe this included iStockPhoto contribution

And according to the figures in microstockdiaries:

iStockphotos Dittmar Frohman presented on the..... Most interestingly were the weekly royalty payout amount now up to $1.9million

Let's say the average royalty percentage is around 30%, and the lowest and highest are 15% and 45%

30%:  $1.9million x 3.3 x 52 = $326 million
15%:  $1.9million x 6.6 x 52 = $652 million
45%:  $1.9million x 2.2 x 52 = $217 million

See, the sales force, or, the sales POWER of iStockPhoto is at least double than ShutterStock.

Correct me if I am wrong, and any insight input is welcomed.

PS. welcome ads in my website (www.tukusheying.com)    ;D

In my previous interview to Yuri, he said Andres Rodriguez was No.1 stock photographer and now No.2.

I did not doubt it until yesterday I visit a pro photographer in Beijing, China.

Now I know two photographers can earn millions per year, are there more?

anybody know?

General Stock Discussion / My interview to Yuri Arcurs
« on: April 13, 2012, 10:41 »
It was made last year end, translated into Chinese


Dreamstime.com / My interview to Dreamstime CEO Serban Enache
« on: April 13, 2012, 10:38 »
It was made last year end, translated into Chinese


Alamy.com / Alamy has sold one image for over $100,000
« on: April 13, 2012, 10:35 »
In my recent interview to Alan Capel, Head of Content of Alamy, one question is
what's highest price a photo has alamy ever sold.

Alan said: We cant show you but we have sold one image for over $100,000.

Does anybody know the photo? Any clue where can I see it? Just for curiosity,
and I won't post it out if you let me know, thank you!

My website is in Chinese, the interview can be seen at

does anyone know how many big event in 2012?

When and Where?

I'm thinking to join one, and considering to follow the news of them all.

Now I know who is the No.2 of the world, I just did an interview with Yuri, he told me the No.2 is Andres Rodriguez.

This is just a follow up to the question I asked here a few months ago, thank you everybody who was involved, and I hope you agree. 


General Photography Discussion / Let's exchange links
« on: October 20, 2011, 05:32 »

Anybody interested in exchange links with me?

My website is http://www.tukusheying.com/

I will put your links in http://www.tukusheying.com/free_photo.html, and you decide the place of your website to put my web URL.

Thanks for your attention.


its revenue is around $400 million this year, I imagine all the rest of iStock competitors summed up may just reach this figure, so iStock take at least 40% of micrstock market.

The figure is from microstockdiary:
iStockphotos Dittmar Frohman presented on the Past, Present and Future of microstock. Despite explaining how he couldnt provide any numbers, a few interesting ones were mentioned. Most interestingly were the weekly royalty payout amount now up to $1.9million,

1.9 x 52 x 4(royalty from 15% - 45%, I used 4 here) = $400million

Market estimation figure is from a owner of stock photo agency.

Shutterstock.com / Why ShutterStock needs BigStock ?
« on: September 29, 2011, 09:00 »
Now ShutterStock has everything its competitors have, subscription, EL, single image, and on demand.

Then what's the use of BigStock?

Why bought BigStock?

What's the strategy?

I'm sorry but I just don't see the future of BigStock.

Just curious about this, anyone know the answer?

share some free reports I downloaded from GettyImages and Corbis

I found the information is useful only for those who are able to shoot them, difficult for me to do it now.

Reports from Corbis (links removed)

Report from GettyImages (GettyImages says this report worth $400 (links removed)

Alamy.com / Alamy: a way to put your micro images into macro
« on: March 08, 2011, 10:06 »
Alamy pays contributors better than other agencies, that's the No.1 reason we should support Alamy.

the No.2 reason is, via Alamy, you can sell your micro images in macro sites.

I was rejected to be a constributor of Inmagine months ago, they said they do not accept micro images.

And I happen to chat with an Inmagine customer service girl, who showed me a few their recent sales, I believe a lot of photographers can shoot that kind of photo, it's just a man's portrait, the price is over USD100.

So I came up with the concept: a lot of micro contributors are good in technique, but just don't know how to get into macro world to earn big dollar.

Until yesterday, I happen to found there are a lot of Alamy images in Inmagine.

So you know the idea now: you can have your micro images both in micro and macro, just via Alamy.

And I even found panthermedia images in agestockphoto...

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