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Zoonar releases powerful WordPress picture search plug-in

Hamburg, 05/25/2021
Hamburg based picture agency Zoonar has released a plug-in that allows bloggers and webmasters to use the Zoonar picture search tool in WordPress. With the plug-in you can search for and license photos and illustrations in WordPress, purchased images are directly imported into the media library. The tool has direct access to the RF library of the Hamburg based picture agency and licensed images can be used for multiple projects.

WordPress repository:

Further information:

Microstock News / Zoonar is launching Zoonar.Express
« on: August 24, 2020, 07:43 »
Picture agency Zoonar is launching new RF licence portal Zoonar Express

Hamburg based picture agency Zoonar launched the beta version of its new license portal Zoonar Express today. This new site makes purchases of royalty free photos faster and simpler. The new portal features a high performance modern responsive design.

Zoonar wants to reach new groups of buyers with the new site. The purchase process on Zoonar Express is simple and fast and only a minimum of user data is required on the site. For example, it won't be necessary to create a user account, you can pay with PayPal. The licensing agreements use easy to understand language, prices are identical to those on Zoonar. Photographers receive a fair 50% commission rate, which is well above the average for stock agencies.

There are currently 7 million RF photos, vectors and illustrations available on Zoonar Express. The agency has plans to gradually expand the number of available images.

New Sites - General / Zoonar now offers DDP Images as partner
« on: November 29, 2010, 08:25 »
Zoonar presents a new partner in the partner management. After Picturemaxx, AGE/THP, Alamy and Fotofinder you can now also distribute your photos via DDP Images. DDP Images is the picture agency of the renowned news agency DDP which has its headquarters in Hamburg. Zoonar will supply DDP Images with stock photos, as an addition to already existing press and event photos. The photos will be sold in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmak and Norway. We will not supply DDP Images with press and event photos, because DDP already has an extensive selection of these photos. DDP Images will sell photos from all Zoonar price categories. We are very pleased about this new partner from our own hometown of Hamburg, and we might cooperate with them on some other level in the future.

we also have a new special submission upload route for event- and press photographers (no microstock, just RM- and editorial Content). More informations here:

Microstock Services / Zoonar offers Alamy as option
« on: September 23, 2010, 03:44 »
Just to inform you: Zoonar now offers Alamy as a new option in the partner control for photos in the price categories normal and premium. A new partner for all microstock photos is also in the implementation process. We will communicate right here when we have finished the inclusion.  

Cash bonus for top pictures!  
Zoonar and Polylooks are launching an new content offer...

The official countdown begins on Wednesday 15th April 2010 from 24 p.m. onwards. The first 200,000 images to be uploaded to Zoonar and then also accepted as image content for Polylooks will receive 0.15 (15 Cent) per image!

Make money immediately and make use of the many advantages we have to offer:

- Accepted image material will be placed and marketed on both platforms without giving you any extra work

- We will provide cost-free German keywording for your images, if required

- Accepted images will also be added to our Picturemaxx sales channel (Picturemaxx provides image buying software for publishers, agencies etc)

- Every accepted image will receive 0.15 and the cash bonus doesnt effect your future earnings

- Your images are provided on a non-exclusive basis, that means you can still make them available through other channels/platforms  Theres only one condition to get your cash is: The photographer details that you give to Zoonar will be passed onto Polylooks image portal. Also the images are to be sold on a royalty free basis. The offer will end as soon as 200,000 images are accepted by Polylooks. You will be able to follow the daily update of the running total by visiting the Zoonar website.

Heres how it works: 1. Register with Zoonar 2. In your Profile area, click to accept the partner Polylooks 3. Upload your images with the cost-free Media Manager from Zoonar 4. Activate Royalty Free Licence for all your images 5. Assign clearance to your images that have successfully passed the Zoonar editorial check

Please note: You can start submitting photos to zoonar right now, to find out if they pass our quality control. But please set them free for polylooks earliest 24 p.m. Wednesday (04.14.2010) night.

Finally, the partner Polylooks will also perform a brief quality check on your images. This second quality check is necessary due to the fact that not all images can be sold under a Royalty Free Licence. Also its important for Polylooks that the images they have on offer are of good quality and can be professionally put to use by potential customers. At the same time, the images, when required, will be given German keywords (a service that we are offering free-of-charge). This can take from 2 to 7 days to complete depending on demand. Fortunately, you can be assured that as soon as the images have been accepted by Polylooks, you will receive your 0.15 per image accredited to your Zoonar account.

For more information:

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