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just got this in the inbox:
Quote from: FREE business cards for Fotolia's (Silver/Gold/Emerald/Sapphire/Rubis) Contributors.

We thank you for being a valued contributor to the community.

50 Customized Business Cards:

Using MOO's Printfinity technology, you can upload a different image for each and every business card. Then, enter all your personal contact information for the other side. Show off your work as you make new business contacts. Since each card is unique, it's like carrying your portfolio in your pocket!

The cost of the cards is free - pay only shipping. Valid for Fotolia contributors only - please do not forward this message. This offer is valid until June 15, 2010, or while quantities last.

Ready to start creating your cards? Click here and start creating your cards now!

and then on the side column it says:

For our top contributors: 50 FREE Business Cards with free shipping.

Limited quantities are available. This offer expires June 15, 2010, or while quantities last.


so... the free shipping is only for top contributors? (i'm sure I'm not one of them)

btw, the links on the email send me to a 404 page  :-\  ::)  so I guess no cards for me...
Oh no! It's a 404!

The page youre looking for isnt here. Were so sorry. Hopefully one of these might be useful:
Go to
See our lovely products


Always worrying on your behalf.

Image Sleuth / stolen vectors on
« on: December 03, 2009, 13:50 »
hi, I just found two of my images for sale by someone else (from sri lanka) at a site I've never heard of before.

stolen: (btw, badly screwed up color profile)

stolen: (again, screwed up colors)

thief's gallery:
you may want to check if there is any of your vectors there, i know i've seen this one on ss for example:

has anyone heard of that site? is it legit?
any ideas? (besides contacting them)

ps. this is the first time i found an image of mine stolen... I should be happy i'm worth stealing from, rigth? ::)

Adobe Stock / Changes on vectors? (prices and formats)
« on: March 18, 2009, 19:08 »

after reading in other thread (link) that Fotolia now accepts EPS and AI files only (instead of svg), i went to FT to (try to) find how the eps should be uploaded (eps only, or eps+preview a la ss, or eps+full size jpg, etc): I couldn't find any info on this, but i noted that their website says vector files starting at 4 credits, and having different prices according to complexity ( 4-6-8 credits for non exclusive files, white to gold ranking)



i haven't found any info on what's basic, detailed or elaborate, but here it says "Vectors shall be creative with a lot of details, and the work has to be clean (simple vectors without any creative detail will be refused)" so i guess basic is not really that basic...  ;D (or they are contradicting themselves)...

i checked my gallery and all vectors are still at 8 credits. i haven't seen any description on the complexity levels, but mine are most likely not "elaborate", so I guess the change hasn't come into effect yet or the pages i'm seeing were posted before time...

so.. basic math: instead of the 0.37 x 7 credits (=$2.59) i was making a month ago for a vector, now i will be making:
 0.34 x 4 (=$1.36) for a "basic" vector, or
 0.34 x 6 (=$2.04) for a "detailed" vector, or
 0.34 x 8 (=$2.72) for an "elaborate" vector.

on the other hand, the EL prices for vectors are going up (from 20 to 40 credits for base level, and 100 to 160 credits for silver ranking).

does anyone found more info than this?
will we receive any communication from FT on this changes this time?

Adobe Stock / fotolia subs. Poll: first thoughts.
« on: May 30, 2008, 10:41 »
well... I don't post much (practically never i think) but usually read this forum (great work Leaf), and usually (try to) take the things with humour... so:

what was the first(s) thing(s) you thought when you read the fotolia email or this thread:,4784.0.html

(max 3 votes per user)

ps. i apologize in advance if some of the options are a bit "out of place", i just woken up that's how my mind work (don't) in the mornings...
ps2. yes, my english is bad and i have a weird sense of humour, i know
disclaimer: no, it's not meant to be a serious poll

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