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Just throwing it out there.  How much do you think MicrostockPhotography.com would be worth if I sold it/had an offer?

So we are now upset with iStock.

Problem is, other agencies have done this before also.  So who do you trust (or at least do not hate the most)?

Who really is looking out for the best interest of the agency AND its contributors?  Which site is going to sell to the sharks as soon as some money is tossed at them?

If we really are going to start telling buyers what agency is best; who is it?

Think about this before you vote.  We can maybe use this information to start some kind of movement or use as leverage.

I just received 2 iSyndica emails at my very specific Fotomind email addresses.  Why would iSyndica be emailing me at email addresses used only for Fotomind?

New Sites - General / Anyone submit to Media Bakery?
« on: September 12, 2009, 15:26 »
I have seen the site before, and they say they have over 800,000 microstock photos available.  I see many photos from micro submitters, but the copyright on the image pages say Media Bakery.

Anyone using them?  Anything selling?  What's the word on the street.


I found this posted on slickdeals.net @ http://forums.slickdeals.net/showthread.php?t=1502317.

I have used this before and have seen posts here about it.  If you want it, get it soon.  It's only for 7 days I think.

I am new to using Adobe Lightroom so if this is simple, please don't hit me hard.

I am having trouble finding out how to change the sort order from alphabetical to "as typed".

Can someone help?  I have been looking all over the web for this answer.

I am using Lightroom 2.2.

General Stock Discussion / Do categories matter?
« on: January 13, 2009, 15:56 »
Ok, so here is what I am wondering:

There are microstock sites that do not use categories.
There are microstock sites that have categories but do not enforce you to use them.
There are microstock sites that have categories and do enforce you to use them.
Then there are microstock site(s) that make you use categories and make you categorize your keywords.   :'(

So for the sites that have them but do not enforce them, do you use them?  Does it matter to your sales?  Do you use categories when you search for images?

I use to use them in the past where ever I could, but now I find it just slows me down.  Honestly, I don't think it matters that much.  But I want to know what you think.

Adobe Stock / Fotolia Down?
« on: November 18, 2008, 20:18 »
Fotolia down for anyone else?

I found this not so new site when searching google for something else.  It looked ok so I tried it.  I have been very happy so far with 7 downloads in just over a month which included an $8 ext download.

The site is http://www.bnpsworldwide.com/?affiliate=6faa8040da20ef399b63a72d0e4ab575.

The link has my affiliate id in it (so if you hate that, just remove it, but if you don't, please use it).  They have an ok affiliate program also, so why not include it.

I searched the forums for the site to see who else is on there, but could not find anything here about it.  Strange since I seem to find out about most of my sites here.

Anyway, in just a little over a month that I have been with them with only about 100 images online, they have pulled above BigStockPhoto, 123rf, and Fotolia for me (and many others of course that are not worth listing).

The site says "Stock Photography Website Since 2003."  I had not heard of them until about a month ago.  The site is ok and they read image data, but they only have a web form for upload.  They have been updating the site, so I hope ftp is something they are working on.

I have been pretty happy with my results so I figured I would share.  Other than having my images there, I have nothing to do with the site.

If anyone else here is on there, I would be interested in knowing how you have been doing there.

Enjoy.  They seem to have something the other "new" sites don't have; Buyers!

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