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General Stock Discussion / Ethics of photo synthesis
« on: February 06, 2017, 21:38 »
I'm curios what people think of photo synthesis algorithms, and how this will impact [stock] photography in the future.

Although still far from perfect, photo synthesis algorithms are starting to be able to generate photos in interesting scenarios (for example, given an input sentence: https://arxiv.org/abs/1612.03242). These algorithms are "trained" on huge collections of photos (e.g. imageNet). Depending on the algorithm, they will create completely novel images driven by some mathematical costs, or they will be semi-copying small parts from other images.

What do you think is the ethical (and legal?) situation for using images created by these algorithms. In some sense, they can generate completely novel images, but they are trained from existing photos. Better, yet, what happens if this algorithm is trained on photos from an artist that are under a non-commercial license, and then generates brand new photos in that artist's style?

I believe these algorithms are coming, and some very deep conversations need to be had :). If anyone has any links to other similar conversations, they would be appreciated.


iStockPhoto.com / 4 years of statistics [very small portfolio]
« on: December 04, 2013, 12:15 »
Hi all,

Just in case this is useful for anyone, here's my istock selling stats over 4 years, for a *very* small portfolio (28 photos/videos).

- Adrian

Hey all,

I'm selling a very very slightly used HV30 (it's really new condition). I used it a grand total of 3 maybe 4 hours.

Canon HV-30 HDV CAMCORDER with all cables, manual
same model, new on amazon - Corrected link
same model, used on b&h - B&H used

Some Accessories specific to HV30:
Camera bag --- Lowepro EDIT 120 CAMERA BAG (BLACK)
Extra Battery --- Pearstone NB-2L22
LCD Hood --- Petrol PMH-A1U MINI HOOD F/2.7" LCD

Asking 350$ for everything, OBO.

Thanks for reading!

iStockPhoto.com / Photo/Video review time?
« on: October 03, 2011, 16:12 »
I really apologize if this was discussed, but i haven't been around here for a while and haven't seen anything about this via searching.

I was thinking of adding some vids from a recent experiment to my port, and decided to gauge the time i'd have to wait for approval decision. I looked at the 'recent uploads' at istock and found that video exclusive files getting accepted now (Oct 3rd) were uploaded at the end of June - i.e. over a 3 month wait for exclusives. Am I understanding something wrong? I haven't uploaded something recently, but it used to be ~2-3 weeks for exclusives last I uploaded anything...

Images also seem extremely slow (most exclusive images are from july/august)

- adijr

iStockPhoto.com / Single best income download [iStock]?
« on: June 10, 2011, 10:30 »
Out of curiosity, what's your single best income ... download? No exceptions (i.e. include any type of sale)
I guess we can also include lowest :)

I'll start:
highest - 55.20$ 720p vetta video sale
lowest - 0.19$ xsmall pic (I think)

Although I have a v small port.

Out of curiosity :) We probably have a diverse group of people?

I'll start: I'm a graduate student in CS.

Photo Critique / PHOTO: CG Xmas Tree Rejection
« on: October 30, 2010, 12:28 »
Hello all,

Noobiness here, I'm hoping some of you can give me some pointers. I've had the following CG Christmas-tree shot rejected at istock for the standard composition reason: "We're sorry, but we found the overall composition of this file could be improved."

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
http://depo.fotozygous.com/stock/forCritique.jpg (large image!)


pretty cool that they are finally putting it into photoshop :)

General - Top Sites / How we could all post our numbers...
« on: February 04, 2010, 09:10 »
Hello all,

I'm pretty new here, and I really enjoy this site.

Inspired by Leaf's 5-year comparison of sites, I thought we could all show our comparison of the top 6 (or whichever we're part of) each month as we could see the variance between people that way. I think one reason people don't necessarily show their graphs is because it is alot of annoying work - put the data into excel or w/e, graph, upload the graph, etc. But we could all just use google charts - all you need is your 6 numbers for the month (say, downloads), and then the charts are made automatically with you just putting them in the img link...

For example, my numbers (say, downloads, or income) for Jan'09 are 39 for IS, 5 for SS, 2 for DT, 0 for FT and 5 for SX. Then, all I do is type:
[ img ] chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=bvs&chd=t:39,5,2,0,5&chs=200x200&chl=IS|SS|DT|FT|SX&chds=0,40 [ /img ]
(the 0,40 at the end of the address is just the   min,max   of the graph).

:) no pre-uploading or w/e necessary. So, with this simplicity in mind, can we all compare our top 6 monthly quickly for this month?

-just an idea

Newbie Discussion / understanding copyright on tech design
« on: September 06, 2009, 21:18 »
Hello all,

I'm pretty new to this whole business and I'm trying to understand something:

How does one know what you can take a picture of in terms of technology (laptops, monitors, etc)? I would have assumed that most brand names have some sort of design copyright (e.g. apple) yet there's tons of images of the obvious brands (with the logo taken off, but still). eg:


How does one know...?

thanks :)

p.s. should this be in the general microstock discussion? if so, feel free to move it...

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